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EA has partnered with the NHL and the National Hockey League Players’ Association to announce the NHL 17 cover vote. Eight superstars from the NHL, one from each of the eight teams competing in the World Cup of Hockey 2016, have been selected. Voting begins today on NHL.com and Twitter and fans can vote as many times as they like.

To participate in the EA SPORTS NHL® 17 Cover Vote, visit NHL.com or Twitter, and Tweet your vote using your player’s hashtag above. Fans will also be able to double their vote for their favorite picks when using the player-specific hashtags every Thursday for “Twitter Vote Thursdays.” The winner of the Cover Vote* will be revealed as the EA SPORTS NHL® 17 Cover Athlete at the 2016 NHL AwardsTM in Las Vegas.

For more information, including full player descriptions and dates, visit the NHL 17 Cover Vote Feature Page.

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# 1 kariya05 @ 04/26/16 11:07 PM
Definitely not Voracek, Barkov, or McDavid. Any of the others would be an alright choice.
# 2 giantsharks @ 04/27/16 01:41 AM
Im guessing McDavid wins, they seem to be putting him front and center on some of their ads. I hope its Pavelski, being a sharks fan. If you are American you better vote for him!!! jkjk
# 3 Madwolf @ 04/27/16 07:48 AM
The cover vote is like anti-hype for me. Slap someone on there and give me real news.
# 4 ASUBoy93 @ 04/27/16 09:03 PM
I will never vote for a Shark player... guess I have to root against America.
# 5 edwing @ 04/27/16 10:01 PM
It's likely going to be McDavid since has the most name recognition out of all the candidates. Plus he's the only candidate from a Canadian team.
# 6 headzapp @ 04/27/16 11:07 PM
If Tarasenko wins, I'll have to get this game. Even though I said I'm most likely skipping this year. Have to rep my Blues. Especially my favorite player that I marveled over since he was drafted.
# 7 Cossin75 @ 04/27/16 11:54 PM
Jamie Benn is my choice.. Pavelski could be a good one too
# 8 Gotmilkman24 @ 04/27/16 11:56 PM
GO PAV! Cleanest hockey player there is that gets the job done.
# 9 peter21 @ 04/28/16 05:20 PM
I think it'll be Benn or McDavid. I'd prefer Benn. Guy is damned talented.
# 10 MizzouRah @ 04/28/16 10:31 PM
# 11 bwiggy33 @ 04/29/16 02:45 AM
The Big Pavelski
# 12 redsoxfan31 @ 04/30/16 05:07 PM
I think even if he doesn't win the vote, McDavid will somehow wind up being on the cover. The NHL should look to build around one of the next great players in the NHL and who better to start with than McDavid. Only thing that would be better would be a dual cover of McDavid and Eichel
# 13 Sheba2011 @ 04/30/16 06:52 PM
It will be McDavid whether he deserves it or not. Personally I would give it to Jamie Benn but to me the cover is something I look at once and never think about again so it's really not a huge deal.
# 14 calegarrison22 @ 05/02/16 03:23 PM
If mcdavid is on the cover I won't buy the game, he needed to be drafted by anybody in the league but Edmonton. Seriously like the kid but the Edmonton Oilers ruin every prospect they have had. If there was promotion and relegation in the NHL the oilers would have been buried in the ahl for years. Good luck to jamie benn of dallas

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# 15 Smutka @ 05/02/16 06:46 PM
Official news from EA NHL: 2ND ROUND STARTED


# 16 adayinthelife @ 05/03/16 12:38 PM
Wouldn't be surprised to see McDavid. I'd like to see Benn on there - I love McDavid, but he'll get on there eventually anyways.

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