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Now that EA Sports has been out for a couple of months, we can take a bit of a breather and really re-assess how we feel about it.

Our review of EA Sports UFC 2 was pretty glowing, as we gave the game an 8 -- which is a great game on our scale. Looking back, most people also thought EA Sports UFC 2 was pretty good in our previous poll.

So what about now after a couple of patches and new content? Is EA Sports UFC 2 still everything you hoped for? Vote in our poll and leave a comment below on how you are liking the game!

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# 1 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/02/16 01:21 PM
The game is severely lacking compared to THQ's UFC 3 game. Only good thing this game has got going for it is it's incredible deep roster. Other then that it is way too many little things that are missing from the game. EA UFC 2 is too fast paced and too highlight reel oriented.

IMO it gives people who don't watch MMA fights a bad representation of the actual sport. I give this game a solid 6.5 out of 10. Sure it is fun, but it isn't realistic and true to the sport.
# 2 oakevin @ 05/02/16 03:21 PM
Patch in some A.I. and we might be on to something.
# 3 Roguegiant32 @ 05/02/16 03:56 PM
Career mode severely lacking. Give me media days, weigh ins, ect. Just more interactions to balance between fights and training... Also a reputation system with other fighters or something to have rivalries.
# 4 Haz____ @ 05/02/16 06:27 PM
It's good enough that I play it pretty much every day.. But there are so many things that can be improved.
# 5 tempman1000 @ 05/02/16 08:03 PM
Its gotten better since the last patch, undisputed still has the crown but not by much. They just need to keep paying attention to sim elements and continue to add them in with patches
# 6 Find_the_Door @ 05/03/16 05:54 AM
Originally Posted by Lung444
They patched it and ruined it. It was better at launch. Ultimate team is an unfair joke half the time, no balance whatsoever, pay to win and delete and repeat exploiters.
The truth. Patch made this game a k1 stand-up fest because people refused to learn how to defend the clinch.
# 7 BSchwartz07 @ 05/03/16 09:46 AM
Honestly one of the worst sports titles that I have purchased in recent memory. I was a big fan of the UFC games on previous gen systems, but have always felt that EA is more concerned with locking up license rights for games so they are the only game in town. Then they half slap together a game that has the features of a similar title ten years ago. That is exactly what they did here.

Other than a deep roster there is really no reason to play this game. It would make an ok arcade game I guess. There is nothing to career mode at all. I played it for a weekend and honestly lost interest to ever play again.

I'm not sure why I had high hopes for this, I blame the Amazon Prime discount, or I would have waited to see how bad this was before buying it.
# 8 mosdef328 @ 05/03/16 02:40 PM
I really love Event mode and would love it to be expanded. Actually, it's the only mode I've played and I play all the time since launch.

On a somewhat related note anyone else suddenly getting a weird bug where during title matches the introduction for the champion is messed up. It cuts to the 2 fighters at the center of the ring while Buffer is still announcing the champ... it was fine before I hope this gets fixed.
# 9 Darkcasio @ 05/04/16 02:40 PM
Knockouts are the greatest
# 10 balljonesjr @ 05/04/16 10:16 PM
Career mode is bland ... Once you get an A on your training it's simulate fight and there's not much to the fight if you have fast and power hands coupled with the right perks, a fight can actually be shorter than the time spent simulating your training ... even deeper I have an issue with the random training boost and short sessions they are random and also have no effect on the fight ... to top all this off once you win the championship if done at a slow pace not jumping ranked fighters you'll be fighting 100 overall 45 year olds I thought there was an age limit in the Ufc but if the cpu can fight till 45 why can't I Oh that's right the flawed damage meter ... but aside from all that it's really just a simulate training and fight for 3 minutes and repeat there's nothing else the game offers in career mode that is *hops off soap box*
# 11 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 07:00 AM
Biggest joke going if u want my opinion
It was better at launch than it is now
My ultimate team fighter is 90 overall and should have no problem dispatching of basic cafs in ultimate team yet that's not the case were as my quick match car for unranked online fights is slightly lower with a stand up of 94- but my it car is 99 all 100% except right leg power at 93%
Clinch power is only 83 for ultimate team and the clinch grapple is 97 & clinch throw 98%
My ut cafs top game is 94% GNP is 98%
Off the back is 94% while ground defence is 97% aswel
How do stats matter when my dude fails to deny or gets denied by basic caf opponents that only have 100 stand up and basic for everything else
My car is a heavyweight and athleticism is maxed except chin which is only 87% but yo be honest
Everyone I'm fight just exploits body jab body straight
They don't even mix it up and if I'm being brutally I honest
I've been playing these games for about six years and am pretty good
Plenty of times timed strikes don't connect allowing for these spammers to connect a few times to no apparent drain on their endurance
Throwing 10 punches - 5 one twos over and over they should have harldy any endurance but kiks are a disgrace in comparison
Not sure what u was thinking with these patches but I've harldy played this the last week or so and it don't look like changing but the biggest disappointment is how my car with great stats holds no advantage what so ever against a basic fighter
Complete joke really and a major major put off
Can't even believe I joined this thread to voice my opinion considering their was actually a forum called ea sports ufc forum but obviously ea trying to distance themselves from all the issues and complaints and I personally don't think they've got a clue what they're doing or how to balance it out as they're obviously catering for peoe with no skill or concept how to play digital ufc games ??? Big shame
Anyway twitter was a waist of time aswel as no responses or quick brush offs to divert from the real issues
Nice one ea,I'd never of said this before but I really hope ufc pulls the license for ufc and gives it to a an accomplished games designer

Hell I'd settle for thqs ufc undisputed 3 re invented if their was a working online mode but as far as eq goes I won't get anymore of your games again
All you've done since the game was released is fock it up
PS any dev wanna challenge me I'm on Xbox one and the o in cog is a zero all capitals with spaces like my name on this forum and like the ea sports forum before being closed ???????????? That says it all really
# 12 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 07:03 AM
I written all the above while signed in and upon submission it told me to log in which I redid after copying the text above to paste as I would of lost all my comments if I hadn't been cleverer than the people who obviously tried preventing me to get my message across of how pants this lame games become because thee don't know how to make good games
I just turned forty n have been playing 35 years so I know more than u do before u leave a snotty comment mr protectorate
# 13 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 07:11 AM
Oh yeah PS the main selling point was every fight will end different
I knocked down one opponent over twenty times in one fight refusing to just complete the
Jump on top finish the fight animation
Utter joke and solidifies all my points above
# 14 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 08:34 AM
Remove the running auto punch animations on rocked opponents so they can stay rocked longer able to take enough of a combo were u flatten them KO'd with a super timed shot at the end of a combo rather than no control what so ever
# 15 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 09:07 AM
Any explanation why if my opponent hits me a handful of times compared to my calculated combos and stamina management they inflict more cosmetic damage even though they're strikes are from sub positions or in modified
Please fix all the crazy stuff in the game so its a lot more realistic than its currently playing please
# 16 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 09:53 AM
Just had to pause it
I'm playing my caf v werdum in quick fight
All ai CPU opponent is doing is staying away
Backing up or constantly circling with no endurance drain at all
I connect with a few strikes and have less endurance than them
When they spam then for takedowns before repeated denials is just not fun
PS my car in ultimate team is better than my car in quick fight either offline mode or quikf fight online mode v superstars or 100% cafs and they will quit as I dtae out their beating yet standard cafs in ultimate team have no disadvantage to my 90% overall rated car which is utterly obsurd when u take into account my standup is 99% only the right leg power letting me down for a full 100% for everything which is high enough at 93%

The tactics also being exploited with jab n crosses to the body since the last patch is terrible and so underhanded I would never do it
Fair enough it was funny sometimes seeing people on fight night spamming body jabs while eating full mike Tyson uppercuts that would have no effect while the body jab spammer would destroy their opponents stamina metre but that was when it was just punches, so many aspects of this game have become useless since this was transferred to ufc 2 along with punches elbows not stopping an escape from the muay Thai clinch,against the cage it was deadly but escapeable
If u wernt learning how too ?
# 17 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 11:16 AM
Its only fair that when something positive is experienced that should be shared an I must say,not sure when but I just noticed lits of great new ground moves
That was a cool fight I just had then and that preferrabley needs to remain sound
Good game that also the last few fights albeit in online quick fight seemed a lot better ?
It seemed a lot more solid to be fair,I've not tried ultimate team yet as my fighter I'd created stands at 68 wins 20 losses which I remain overly in impressed about and had decided to wait till the game seemed more rounded as I would lose to fighters my fighter had a hell of a lot more stats too in the craziest of ways on reflection but them last few games seemed OK ,maybe ultimate team is more exploitable in regard to stats not reflecting correctly or something ? But my dude should be owner the people he lost too as he hasn't really got any weakness apart from takedowns but clinch throws or knock downs work for me and I ain't fussed for takedown defense as my man is eighties in submission and nearly 100% for GNP and top game
# 18 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 12:20 PM
Just receiving an update 22% complete (England)

Sorry writing so much before I just wanted to give feedback but hoping them new ground moves I just noticed before as advanced for sub fighter
Really neat
# 19 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 01:01 PM
Looks like that's the end for my ufc 2 playing fays as I ain't agreeing to all them terms mate I just quit it without deciding so no way do I agree to any of that
Not sure if its a game up date or a threat from ea but either way that's the nail in the coffin for me an that game as that was ridiculous
# 20 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 01:20 PM
R these new terms & conditions that are part of this update related to the new live events I'm reading about just now,not sure if it was just a mandatory disclaimer but it felt like I was being told my ex box would melt upon acceptance ?
Would like feedback for this if anyone apart from is actually on the forum

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