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Does NBA Live have a future as a franchise?

That's the question you can't help but ask after yesterday's new release from EA Sports.

EA has announced that they are committed to consoles but their main focus with the Live series will be on developing a mobile gaming experience. While the mobile space has grown quite a lot -- there isn't much of a path forward for more intensive simulation sports games outside of text simulations.

This raises the obvious question: Does NBA Live even have a future as a major AAA sports gaming franchise?

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# 1 Gotmadskillzson @ 05/11/16 02:23 PM
Nope. It is a shame really considering the potential is there. But after 3 years, they are WAY BEHIND other sports games. Hell even UFC 2 made a bigger leap then NBA Live has.
# 2 micole @ 05/11/16 02:37 PM
No serves them right it's called Karma Easports made Madden exclusive to the NFL because of fear that NFL2K would take over. Well looky now? Which proves my point 2K always made better games than EA.
# 3 HenryClay1844 @ 05/11/16 03:11 PM
I only ever laughed at this game when I tried it on Access and I'm not a basketball fan, but it is sad to see that there are so few choices right now for sports games. Competition is good and variety is the spice of life. Pretty sad the state of sports games on current gen. Why would 2k spend too much or make risks if they won't have any competition in basketball?
# 4 shadow2201 @ 05/11/16 03:22 PM
This game is a joke! Which is too bad, because I loved the series back in the day! 2K has taken over, Live would have to make a drastic improvement to even get close to what 2K has done. 2K has taken such a leap forward it's crazy to think EA could even get to that level, let alone pass it.
# 5 Crunky @ 05/11/16 03:35 PM
I can't see how live future can be relevant because of their lack of manpower and resources compared to their competition and other AAA titles. If the higher ups had more faith in their product they would hire enough employees to take on such huge task to recover and gain a share of the market. Like the old saying goes NBA live was 2years away from being 2years away and that's a fact.
# 6 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 05/11/16 04:08 PM
The writing is on the wall. NBA Live is done on consoles. As much as we all want competition, let's face it, EA doesn't have what it takes on the basketball front. They're better off going strictly to mobile which is what they're doing. Heck the mobile version of Live plays better than the console version anyways smh. How long have we been waiting/hoping for Live to get better......? RIP NBA Live. Just go away already.
# 7 veguss2001 @ 05/11/16 04:28 PM
I'm a big 2k fan but I was rooting for Live to get better. Last year's game improved drastically with the patches but it still wasn't close to what 2k16 did. Yet, I still enjoyed Live 16 for what it offered. Maybe I'm nostalgic for the times when we had choices in sports games. I miss the options and the overall competition.

I think Live is done on consoles. I play mobile games but I'd take a good old couch and controller set up any day. Oh well.
# 8 Junior Moe @ 05/11/16 05:11 PM
I think that it could as an online play now with updated rosters and a Pro Am focus. That's about it as far as consoles are concerned, though. I could see them doing well in mobile. From what I hear the mobile Live is decent.
# 9 Grey_Osprey @ 05/11/16 06:13 PM
Only way this title becomes relevant again is if they go the Madden route and get an exclusive license.
# 10 snc237 @ 05/11/16 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by micole
No serves them right it's called Karma Easports made Madden exclusive to the NFL because of fear that NFL2K would take over. Well looky now? Which proves my point 2K always made better games than EA.
Ya cause there NHL and MLB games were soooo good
# 11 kadzier @ 05/11/16 06:37 PM
let's not jump to conclusions, it's possible they may be taking two full years to build the next NBA Live game

which, to be honest, is the only conceivable way they could ever catch up in quality to nba 2k.
# 12 The_Gaming_Disciple @ 05/11/16 07:24 PM
To see NBA Live go down like this is truly sad. I remember playing Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs as a young kid. I bought all the iterations of NBA Live up until Live 10'.

EA did this to themselves. You reap what you sow.
# 13 jb12780 @ 05/11/16 07:25 PM

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# 14 Pappy Knuckles @ 05/11/16 07:28 PM
Close up shop and bring back NBA Street. Nobody wants to play what they keep offering in NBA Live. They've shown they don't know what they're doing when it comes to sim basketball.
# 15 Hustle Westbrook @ 05/11/16 07:58 PM
I really enjoyed the Pro-Am. Much more than 2Ks MyPark.

The regular 5 on 5 Live gameplay with NBA teams is a joke though.
# 16 KennyJ1976 @ 05/11/16 09:05 PM
Its over for NBA Live, we saw what happened last time the series went on hiatus, NBA Live 14 was the result. Just give up EA Sports and bring back MVP Baseball or Fight Night or even NBA Street.
# 17 Bionickle @ 05/11/16 09:05 PM
I've had this discussion with friends a bunch of times. I'd gladly pay $30 or $40 for a digitally remastered release of the first 3 NBA Street games, than waste money on Live. The effort is there, but they always seem 3 steps behind 2K in terms of making major improvements or additions to the franchise. They can try the Street series re-release and depending of how well it sells (which could do really, really well) use that to at least entertain the possibility of bringing the franchise back and carve their own niche on the basketball gaming world again.
# 18 ianlast @ 05/11/16 10:02 PM
Done like dinner.

The Elite fiasco set them back five years, Live 15 represented where the series should've been at in the fall of 2010. And it's a damn shame, because I've always loved the feel of NBA Live, and thought they narrowed the gap considerably with NBA Live 10.

Saying that they're going to focus on mobile is a PR-saavy way of saying the series is DOA on console.
# 19 Badasi12b @ 05/11/16 10:13 PM
Wait... why are people acting like 2k16 and 2k in general is perfect? Are we really doing this again? People on 2ks forums HATE that game! Stop calling it perfection as a means to bring Live down. The more you hype 2k the more that they will will be reluctant to fix... can't even freaking save your game offline!
# 20 life4eva @ 05/11/16 10:39 PM
They took away our NFL 2K , only fair we destroyed their Basketball game which forced them to quit.......

NFL 2k has and ALWAYS will be my favorite video game series, ever since the Dreamcast days it was imo what redefined the genre. I bought every year and ESPN NFL 2k5 was/is a masterpiece. We lost the license and made APF 2k8 which was barebones but the gameplay even to this date in many aspects is unmatched.

I haven't played a "good" football video game since 2007 and it's because of EA........... NBA2k is the King now that no company will ever touch, people just don't understand how amazing NFl2k was..............

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