Madden NFL 17 News Post

The first bits of Madden NFL 17 info hit the internet yesterday.

Instead of re-posting the entire first details post, you should just head over to the link and check out what Madden NFL 17 is bringing to the table this year.

So with that, what info of the first release has you most excited or intrigued? Vote in the poll with your choice and comment below on what you liked most out of the first bits of info!

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# 1 Sheba2011 @ 05/13/16 09:21 AM
I am cautiously optimistic about the new franchise.
# 2 charter04 @ 05/13/16 09:50 AM
I voted for the gameplay improvements with the franchise stuff being a close second. Franchise mode is huge too for me but, if the gameplay isn't good then it wouldn't matter as much. For me gameplay is and will always be #1.

If gap play, force defenders, and zone play works as advertised it will be a huge game changer and Madden 17 will be doing something no football game has truly ever done. If they also have true zone blocking and realistic OL/DL pass rush interactions this my be the best Madden ever as far as gameplay.

I really excited to see real gameplay and see if it all works right.
# 3 snc237 @ 05/13/16 10:27 AM
I thought madden 16 was great however on Defence the A.I. Wouldn't realize threats in zones. You could be in a cover 2 with only one receiver running a drag route and everyone else blocking and the receiver will still have chances to catch the ball over the middle. So I'm happy to hear something about the Defense, hopefully they are not as generic and can react to certain things
# 4 Grey_Osprey @ 05/13/16 10:32 AM
I'm really curious about Franchise improvements. Hopefully it includes coaching staffs, a coaching carousel, vastly improved contracts and scouting, improved cpu AI, and more. They already have all the pieces for a good foundation to start from - 05, '07, '12, and HC_09. They just need to take the best parts of those franchise modes and expand upon them. And for the love of football, it needs to work out of the box.
# 5 brza37 @ 05/13/16 10:36 AM
The gameplay improvements should really be divided into offense, defense and special teams. I'm really excited about the defensive improvements. Cautiously optimistic about the special teams improvements. But the offensive 'improvements' really made me cringe. More on-screen prompts and "path assist" are definitely not things I'm looking forward to.
Because of that I can't really say I'm looking forward to gameplay improvements the most because one-third of that is a huge negative for me.
# 6 Cowboy008 @ 05/13/16 10:36 AM
Even though I'm interested in what they have improved with the gameplay and the presentation. It's definitely the Redesigned/Revamped Franchise. I only play Franchise mode and even though I played 16 longer than any other Madden for the past few years the franchise issues and lack of depth to the mode brought the fun way down. So I can't wait to see what they have done to Franchise. Hopefully we don't have to wait long to find out.
# 7 BlackJack_Williams @ 05/13/16 11:06 AM
I voted for gameplay improvements. Personally, at the end of the day, that's what decides if I come back or not.
# 8 asu666 @ 05/13/16 12:19 PM
The presentation needs the most work imo. I'd like to see scores from other games and good pre-, half-time, and post-game shows, with a menu radio show and news, stats, and scores, ticker.
# 9 Shakes @ 05/13/16 01:25 PM
I want to know more about the new franchise mode. I hope they actually have an actual draft (I assuming it going to be similar to the CFM from previous years) if you choose to be a player. It annoyed me to no end that you were forced to picked your team. I wanted an actual scouting combine. Hopefully that is put in.
# 10 sirbri32 @ 05/14/16 09:09 AM
I wish they would just add teambuilder for franchise instead of letting that go to waste with no NCAA.
# 11 Ruben2424 @ 05/14/16 01:36 PM
I'm a huge franchise guy, but I feel that if the gameplay isn't improved, there's no point in adding new features to franchise mode. I want to see player movement improved too. They move way too robotic in 16! I also want to be able to return punts/kickoffs on special teams. In 16, the player movement makes it almost impossible to return a kick! Hopefully this is the year Madden gets back on track!
# 12 Junitman @ 05/14/16 03:14 PM
I am also huge on franchise mode, however, I feel like the hang us out to dry with both a lack of depth to the initial features as well as what the future of our franchise could hold in the sense of scouting and draft classes. I simply feel like a good majority of madden players are searching for a way to replicate the emotion attached to watching their favorite team's success and failure. I just don't think that you can do that without focusing on realistic intricacies of franchise mode and the future: WE NEED EDITABLE DRAFT CLASSES, A MORE REALISTIC SCOUTING FORMAT. I just want to build and grow a poor team into a powerhouse....is that too much to ask?
# 13 bxphenom7 @ 05/14/16 03:47 PM
I'm interested in seeing how the game moves with the new animation coordinator EA hired. Animation to this day is a sore spot for EA sports games.
# 14 BonesKnows85 @ 05/14/16 10:04 PM
Personally I am interested in franchise improvements. I havent played Madden in 4 years. Until they had the ability to edit or make custom draft classes, Im not interested. Almost every other sports game allows for the complete editing of a player within any mode. I hate the generated names that Madden produces for the draft classes, a lot of times you will see duplicate names and such. Its just time for full control so that the people who want to can make draft classes or at least edit players in classes AFTER they are drafted to real counterparts.

NBA 2k does this perfect. In all reality its time for the NFL to spread their license around to multiple companies and create competition to make a real good NFL game. Im not saying 2k could make the best NFL game, but at least when they were making one, Madden and EA were on its top game. Ever since the exclusive license hit, Madden has just gotten worse and worse. Praying that EA brings Madden back to level of a game I want to play. TWO WORDS EA....TOTAL. CONTROL.
# 15 jmurphy31 @ 05/15/16 07:05 AM
I voted for franchise mode, but presentation was a close second. A little hard to vote since there are no specifics yet on what is actually new.
# 16 jfsolo @ 05/15/16 11:27 AM
I hope they've read the room right as far as understanding what Franchise players want. When you say that the mode has been "completely redone" or "deepest ever", it better be with the "right" things scrapped and redesigned, otherwise the meltdown here will be epic.
# 17 dsk1317 @ 05/15/16 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by BlackJack_Williams
I voted for gameplay improvements. Personally, at the end of the day, that's what decides if I come back or not.
This says it all, gameplay! Run fits and pattern matching are game changers, bottom line. Franchise mode can add to the gaming experience, but not if gameplay has major issues.
# 18 Smallville102001 @ 05/16/16 01:32 AM
I am not sure about this. Gameplay is the most important thing for any video game and for a sports game franchise is very important but we really don't know much detail yet about game play and franchise mode. Franchise mode while it could be better I don't think it is as bad as people say it is and for the first time in like 10 years madden played a good game with madden 16. Was it perfect? No but big improvement from the year before and played a good game over all. For game play I think the biggest thing the game needs is improved line play. If the line play can improve like the WR/DB interactions did in madden 16 the game could go from playing a good game to playing a great game. In madden 16 it was to hard to get a consistent pass rush and also not the right guys would get sacks. Also special teams could use some love.
# 19 GeauxTigers @ 05/16/16 10:16 AM
As someone who plays exclusively within the Franchise mode I'm excited to hear more about it (just finished the 2031 season). Here's some things I'd like to see addressed within the franchise mode:
1) Stop moving teams into "new" stadiums since most are incredibly generic when compared to the stadiums they're replacing. The default setting for this should be off - I'm now playing more than half my season in domes because the Seahawks were moved back into a dome. It also seems silly that a team like Tampa Bay is moved into a new stadium ... yet their original stadium is still good enough to host the Super Bowl.
2) Let me pick opponent uniforms too ... what's the point of giving all these teams throwback uniforms and so forth if the only team in franchise I can pick uniforms for is my team ... I get to play San Diego about once every four season and when I do let me see those powder blue uniforms.
3) Wind direction ... why am I not able to see which direction and the strength of the wind when making a decision such as if I'm going to punt or try a field goal ... or even selecting which direction I want my coverage to lean towards since I might kick to one side or the other based on wind.
4) Contracts ... how about 5th year options for first round picks (you know ... like it is in the NFL) ... would also like to look to extend contracts with two years remaining and not just in the final year ... perhaps EA could work with overthecap.com to add even more realism to managing the cap.
5) Formation assignments ... seems like years ago in Madden I could go into a section and for specific formations assign which WRs I wanted in specific spots ... say I wanted to bring my best WR into the slot for specific formations then I could ... or perhaps I want to assign a TE to the slot for specific formations when the TE isn't otherwise on the field.
6) Better player progression in franchise ... so I'm about to start 2032 and apparently college football can't produce much in the way of WRs or CBs as there's just two WRs with ratings at or above 90 and it's essentially the same for CBs ... I'm not talking about players I develop but around the league. Other positions seem to be okay ... not sure what it is about those two positions.
7) No FAKE stats ... EVERY kicker in the league for as many seasons as I've been paying attention has an average opponent starting position of the 22.3 yard line on kick-offs ... if you're not going to track the real stats from within the franchise then don't list it as it only makes me wonder what other stats are not authentic.
8) Do something ... ANYTHING ... to help out onside kicks ... it sucks when you're in a hard fought game that comes down to the end where an onside kick is in play ... only the camera angle is such that you have no idea how to even try to cover the ball so it feels like you're leaving the game up to some algorithm that's going to decide who recovers the ball.
9) Added bonus would be adding some depth to the player evaluation phase leading up to the draft. Perhaps if you were given a certain number of players you could select and run through various aspect of the Madden Trainer or something that gives you an idea if a RB is your style or whatever.

This list is not meant to imply Madden 16 was horrible ... nothing could be further from the truth for me as I can't recall ever playing this many seasons in any sport (other than perhaps NCAA FB) ... if anything the list and ideas come from having played so many seasons within it.
# 20 Unlucky 13 @ 05/16/16 03:22 PM
Im content with the graphics and gameplay the way that they are already. They've done a really, really good job with those the last few years getting them to be the best they've ever been.

My concerns are entirely on franchise/owner mode. What they've done the last few years just doesn't appeal to me, and I hope that they make it a LOT deeper, as well as taking progression back to a system based more on potential than on production. Without major improvements, I'm taking the year off from Madden, or at least not buying it until it goes half off months later.

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