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Yesterday, EA released a plethora of information on important gameplay changes coming to Madden NFL 17.

Among those changes is brand new defensive adjustments, playcalling, assignments, etc. For the first time (in theory) you'll be able to give assignments to players to stop certain plays -- which should even eliminate money plays.

In the past, you called defensive plays like it was an offensive play and then could hot route players to certain assignments. If you were facing an up-tempo team, this was obviously a huge problem. This year you can assign zones to attack certain portions of the field you are getting beat, give defensive players gap responsibilities, and they *should* react to all of this better than they ever have.

It sounds great to us -- but what about you? How do you feel about the new defensive assignment/counters/etc. changes coming to Madden? Sound off by voting in the poll and leave a comment!

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Member Comments
# 1 Don Jon @ 05/19/16 11:11 AM
B all the way, lemme see it before I start getting my hopes up. These gaming companies have shattered my wishes way to many times.
# 2 DefiantJustice @ 05/19/16 11:46 AM
I hope they fix the running. It is not very responsive at all. That should be a priority!
# 3 kbomb1upc @ 05/19/16 12:11 PM
I've been complaining about the defense for years now. I'm so happy they are finally addressing it.
# 4 bwright25 @ 05/19/16 12:28 PM
If this plays out how they want it too, it could be groundbreaker for Madden. The biggest gameplay flaw is people abusing the same "money" plays over and over again. You know exactly what is coming but can only user one guy at a time. If you are able to tell individual players what to expect or do......WOWOWOW
# 5 BezO @ 05/19/16 12:32 PM
Poll needs a "Good but incomplete" option.
# 6 Cowboy008 @ 05/19/16 01:07 PM
Glad they are improving the defense.
# 7 berad88 @ 05/19/16 01:33 PM
I will be interested to see how it all plays. Sounds interesting, but I am not going to get to excited. Last year they said they redid the penalties so that a realistic amount would be called, but didn't and needed slider adjustments. How it plays is more important to me than how they say it will play. I am actually most excited to see the new ball physics in action.
# 8 SIR924 @ 05/19/16 01:44 PM
I need to see how these new features play in the game. If it turns out to be what they say, then I expect this to be a good Madden year.
# 9 DirtyJerz32 @ 05/19/16 07:57 PM
I like what they've shown so far, but I need to see it in action. I do like the direction they're headed though.
# 10 MAGboyswifT27 @ 05/20/16 12:29 PM
I'm excited for the new additions to the game, but as mentioned by some of the members of our community, we'll need to see it first.
# 11 Black Bruce Wayne @ 05/21/16 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by MAGboyswifT27
I'm excited for the new additions to the game, but as mentioned by some of the members of our community, we'll need to see it first.
I feel the same way. I like that they are adding things every year, but i need to see it in action and I need to try it myself. I'm watching them. No excitement. Just watching
# 12 djp73 @ 05/23/16 11:02 AM
lets see how it works
# 13 DaSmerg @ 05/25/16 01:02 AM
Originally Posted by BezO
Poll needs a "Good but incomplete" option.
X's 2

C'mon now, we've already been here several times already. Rex seems real nice but proof is in the puddin'.
# 14 Cubfan @ 05/25/16 05:38 AM
Good, just need to see it in action.

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