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The following NHL 17 features were mentioned in the latest EA Sports survey. We should hear more specifics on them soon, until then post your thoughts!

More NHL 17 news can be seen here.

Every Moment Built By and For Fans - Every feature and game mode in NHL 17 is developed with direct input and feedback from our fans to create the game that hockey fans want. From all-new game modes, to new experiences and more depth in existing modes, to the best on-ice gameplay in franchise history – NHL 17 is built by and for hockey fans no matter which way you play.

Sharpen Your Game - The next generation of the NHL Visual On Ice Trainer returns in NHL 17 to teach you the skills to succeed at every end of the ice. Whether you’re a pro player looking to elevate your game to elite status, or brand new to the NHL series and lacing up your skates for the very first time, the Visual On-Ice Trainer adapts to your skill level using dynamic feedback and coaching to make you a better hockey player. For every skill level, this is your hockey season.

The Biggest and Most Exciting NHL Ever - From the front office to the faceoff dot, NHL 17 delivers the most authentic and thrilling hockey experience in franchise history. Step into the fast paced action and deliver bone crushing hits with 12 Player NHL® Collision Physics, make a game changing saves with all-new Authentic Goaltending and celebrate your biggest goals with dozens of new goal celebrations – all while surrounded by Living Crowds in true-to-life Authentic Arenas. Off the ice, live out your ultimate hockey fantasy in all-new modes including Draft Champions, The World Cup of Hockey, Franchise Mode and more. Whether you compete online in a bid for glory, or simply lace up the skates and create highlight reel moments, NHL 17 gives you the chance to Shape Your Legacy the way you see fit.

Shape Your Legacy - On the ice, behind the bench, and in the front office - NHL 17 gives you the chance to shape your legacy where it matters to you in the biggest and most exciting hockey game to date. With 3 all-new games modes and more depth in fan favorite modes, NHL 17 lets you call the shots from the front office to the face-off circle and have more control than ever to lead your team to glory.

Take Control of the Ice - Own Every Zone in NHL 17 with more end-to-end gameplay control than ever before. Authentic goalies look and play the part with true-to-life stances, striking emotion and new reaction physics. Net Battles change the game for offensive and defensive zone play, and dozens of thrilling new goal celebrations capture the excitement of scoring the biggest goals on game night.

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Member Comments
# 1 SuperGoalies @ 05/21/16 10:56 AM
yay! the NHL Helper is back yesss!, am so happy now! , and that's interesting about the goalies too , finally realistic goalies
# 2 bigdipper88 @ 05/21/16 02:59 PM
I just want it to be where there is player differential and not every player playing as if they are Gretzky or Super Mario
# 3 Arrowhead21 @ 05/21/16 03:30 PM
while I am admittedly excited to draft a couple times in Draft Champions, it also strikes me as pretty damn lazy that they need to pull more modes from existing games instead of coming up with something unique to NHL.

also, Draft Champions (for both Madden and NHL) needs an offline head to head component where you can draft against your buddy on the couch. Insane that this doesn't exist.
# 4 jack72 @ 05/21/16 04:38 PM
WOW.,,can hardly wait. I am dreaming of all the great features.....
Hope this doesn't turn into socks and underwear when we get the product.
# 5 TDKing @ 05/21/16 05:34 PM
I'm calling it now, socks and underwear not only that wrong size too haha lol. I hope not though, I was ok with 16 but got it later at half price.

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# 6 Simple Mathematics @ 05/21/16 09:31 PM
Franchise mode? I'm intrigued. Tell me more EA.
# 7 Diehardfan @ 05/21/16 10:25 PM
Take everything you read with a grain of salt....I was emailed this survey and I blasted them once again for NHL15 and for the horrible AI that has never been addressed. NEVER BEEN ADDRESSED. In what? 25 years. That statement alone is absolutely astounding. At least they've stopped pumping up their games with the lame promises of "much improved AI". I still buy the damn game almost every year but I'm just tired of the line of BS they feed us.
# 8 snc237 @ 05/21/16 10:52 PM
I did the survey this morning. I love maddens draft champ (as said above there needs to be a vs couch mode) however I don't know how this will translate to NHL. Pick a goalie then draft the best player available due to everyone sorta playes the same way appose to where madden where you will have massive gaps in your team.
# 9 janmagn @ 05/22/16 06:36 AM
Franchise mode... Finally something decent to play for an offline player?

Lähetetty minun LG-H440n laitteesta Tapatalkilla
# 10 ttrobbins84 @ 05/22/16 12:02 PM
Am I the only one that is skeptical? I mean this team has scrapped multiple things at the last minute before. I want to get excited but they've let me down so many times I can't allow myself to do it. I'll believe it all once we get around August and all of what they are saying actually makes it come launch.
# 11 kariya05 @ 05/22/16 12:42 PM
Just based on how broad and filled with bs these feature descriptions are, my hopes the this game are pretty low.
# 12 CubFan23 @ 05/22/16 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by janmagn
Franchise mode... Finally something decent to play for an offline player?

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How would Franchise be different from Be A GM?
# 13 Simple Mathematics @ 05/22/16 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by CubFan23
How would Franchise be different from Be A GM?
That's exactly what I'm wondering and intrigued by.
# 14 JackFr @ 05/22/16 07:07 PM
I'm assuming in franchise mode you create a team from scratch and pick where they're from. As opposed to in Be a GM where you pick an existing team.
# 15 shogunofharlem3 @ 05/22/16 10:05 PM
Originally Posted by CubFan23
How would Franchise be different from Be A GM?
Great question! I'm hoping that Franchise mode will allow for online coop within a season. I have 2 guys that would buy a Xbox One yesterday if we could play coop season online.
# 16 Popadin @ 05/23/16 03:56 AM
Originally Posted by CubFan23
How would Franchise be different from Be A GM?
I`m guessing its going to be like it is in Madden. It will replace Be a GM and Be a Pro as a modes and it will allow you to create player, GM or owner. I just hope this means the return of GMC within this mode since in Madden you can play both offline and online.
# 17 BusterHeimen @ 05/23/16 08:05 AM
Hasn't 12 player physics been in since NHL 15?
# 18 actionhank @ 05/23/16 08:22 AM
At the risk of sounding too negative, this is just the usual NHL press release where everything is new and super hyped, and the details tend to show later that not much is actually that new, and things haven't changed a ton.

I'm looking forward to hearing about NHL17, but I'm definitely not getting hyped until I see some real development, some specific details, and hopefully some gameplay.

They were really good years ago at showing old vs new in terms of actual on-ice gameplay, which they sadly don't seem to do as much anymore. Hopefully they've got some much needed change to back up the excitement in their press release.
# 19 bad_philanthropy @ 05/23/16 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by BusterHeimen
Hasn't 12 player physics been in since NHL 15?
I thought it was NHL 13 or 14!
# 20 BSDShoes @ 05/23/16 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by CubFan23
How would Franchise be different from Be A GM?
Franchise should involve arena costs, ticket/food pricing, team relocation, coach/scouts/training staff hiring/firing, etc etc. Madden had this for quite some time before.

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