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PlayStation.Blog posted an image of the NBA 2K17 cover athlete on their PlayStation Store update page (which has been taken down already). We managed to grab a screenshot, before it was removed.

While no official news will be revealed until tomorrow, during the Road To The Finals championship game, it looks like a good bet Paul George is the man. There could also be multiple cover athletes, so we will just have to wait and see.

Announced in April, Kobe Bryant is the cover athlete for the Legend Edition of NBA 2K17, check out those details here.

Let us know your thoughts!

Source - @ExtremeGamer

As noted in the comments, Paul George is wearing the Team USA jersey in the background, possibly hinting at the Olympics being involved in the game this year.

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Member Comments
# 1 jeremym480 @ 05/31/16 04:58 PM
Olympics confirmed.
# 2 jfsolo @ 05/31/16 05:03 PM
Who is on the cover doesn't matter to me at all, but I will say that this is an unexpected choice.
# 3 Junior Moe @ 05/31/16 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by jeremym480
Olympics confirmed.
Really? What exactly gave you that idea?

Nevermind, I see it now.
# 4 LO6IX @ 05/31/16 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by Junior Moe
Really? What exactly gave you that idea?

Nevermind, I see it now.
He's wearing a Team USA jersey in the background
# 5 LO6IX @ 05/31/16 05:27 PM
I hope they're replacing Euroleague teams with Olympic teams. I hope there's no more "Be The Story" and I can make a Canadian born player to play for Team Canada in MyCareer. That's all if the Olympics is actually going to be in the game though lol.
# 6 tbennett54 @ 05/31/16 05:31 PM
I hope the Olympics isn't only available in myPlayer
# 7 eaterofworlds888 @ 05/31/16 05:32 PM
Seems like kind of an odd choice
# 8 Crunky @ 05/31/16 05:32 PM
I'm hoping Olympics made it but I won't get hyped up until its made official and I'm happy for Paul George because he deserves the cover.
# 9 wallofhate @ 05/31/16 06:16 PM
Wait what??? Completely caught off guard
# 10 MoneyOvaHuds @ 05/31/16 06:18 PM
PG was on the 2k app cover last year so I'm not surprised . He prob been do a cover
# 11 NINJAK2 @ 05/31/16 06:39 PM
Wish they put a coach on the cover as that would give me hope that coach mode is returning
# 12 ksuttonjr76 @ 05/31/16 06:45 PM
Hell yes! Hopefully that means the Paul George gets the cover boy treatment [emoji2] .
# 13 Junior Moe @ 05/31/16 06:45 PM
Originally Posted by LO6IX
He's wearing a Team USA jersey in the background
Yeah, I didn't see it until I blew the cover photo up. I disagree about the Euroleague, though. I hope they keep them. 2K just needs to flesh it out more. Put more effort into the teams and players. Incorporate them into ML, MGM and MC. Same with the classic teams and arenas and stuff. Feature wise I think NBA 2K is deep enough. Stop adding stuff and continue to refine what we have already.

I liked MyCareer this year too. Though I get why people were turned off by it. It wasn't really your career. More like NBA: The Life. But I think that's cool, too. They just need to have an option to have most of what was previously in MyCareer without all the story stuff. Because honestly, no "story" is gonna please everyone and 2K isn't gonna go all TellTale Walking Dead with the decisions. I'm excited to hear more about 2K17 though.
# 14 Breakstarter @ 05/31/16 06:48 PM
I'm so disappointed...... As much as this guy made an impact in the past year, I thought for sure he would've gotten the cover this year.

# 15 Bolt957 @ 05/31/16 06:49 PM
Paul George is a great choice. Definitely a player that plays 2K very frequently, and he's deserving of it, considering the injury he had to comeback from.
# 16 myathebee @ 05/31/16 06:50 PM
Didn't see this coming...At all..
# 17 TheVinylHippo @ 05/31/16 07:01 PM
I'm happy for Paul George. He had an outstanding year after coming off one of the most horrific injuries I've ever seen, and he's a true fan of the games. He earned it.
# 18 Daddy123 @ 05/31/16 07:05 PM
He was my 2nd option after Curry. He has worked with 2K a lot in the past, even got on their mobile cover, + he has a great redemption story. I really thought they were gonna go Curry though because he and his team had an incredible year and 2K might want to hop on the bandwagon.
# 19 Crunky @ 05/31/16 07:12 PM
I hope Paul George put his imprint and input into making this game as well because I heard he plays 2k. The more basketball people dropping knowledge on 2k the better the game will be.
# 20 countryboy @ 05/31/16 07:19 PM

Nice to see some Pacer love.

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