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Check out the latest Gran Turismo Sport video footage captured from the Japanese reveal event stream, showing off the live Spectate mode and the esports aspect/commentary (in Japanese) to go along with it for a race on the Nurburgring track.

After watching the videos, make sure you check out some more Gran Turismo Sports details from GTPlanet below.
  • GT Sport Audio Will Be Composed With ‘All New System’

    Audio is important to a racing simulator for many reasons, with the most obvious reason being immersion. When a car feels like the real thing, looks like the real thing, but doesn’t sound like the real thing it can be pretty jarring. The old system in GT was often coined as being ‘vacuum’-like in that it prioritized wind noise and captured the whirring of an engine over the actual ‘grunt’ many of the world’s supercars are known for. Audio also contributes heavily to the feedback sim racers get back from the car, hearing the intricacies of the engine allows drivers to make important gear changes and understand when the car may be struggling in certain ways. The static engine sounds in previous GT titles didn’t really give any proper feedback and players’ could struggle to read their car as a result.
  • This Is What It Feels Like To Play Gran Turismo Sport

    The low speed tyre model issue demonstrated itself when you launched a car from standstill, with no step-out from the rear or torque steer from the front. Now PD did fix this to a degree late in GT6’s life, with step-out occurring in MR models quite well, however it was still far too mild in FR and non-existent in FF.

    Damper modelling has long been a GT area of weakness, particularly with older cars, which remained over-damped (they would settle on the springs far too quickly) and this was to a degree compounded with load transfer that reduced the effect of lift-off oversteer.

    Finally the affect of aero at speed was far, far lower than it should be, as a result racecars on slicks with full aero packages just simply didn’t corner and brake as they should.
  • More Details on GT Sport’s Livery Editor, Photo Scapes, & Customization Options

    Depending on what tools are available for players to create these custom stickers, the livery editor could prove to be a huge boon to designers, as well as those that run dedicated racing leagues. The trailer showcased the recreation of an Audi R8 already present in the game, with elements of its design able to be selected individually and modified. This suggests that players can tailor an existing car to their own preferences – different number plate, different drivers listed – while still keeping an established overall design.

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Gran Turismo Sport Videos
Member Comments
# 1 Syce @ 06/05/16 06:07 AM
the thing that always bugged me about Gran Turismo is there's no damage models.
# 2 Retropyro @ 06/05/16 04:27 PM
Cars look like they are just sliding.
# 3 info0 @ 06/06/16 10:32 AM
Audio wise - cars still sound like vacuum cleaners/lawn mowers.
Graphics wise - is it upscaled PS3 game? Definitely does not look anything like Forza 6 or Apex...
Physics wise - it's not even standing on same ground as PCars or Assetto Corsa...

Yep, GT tries to catch up with Forza, but... It's fruitless effort. Forza is at least few years ahead atm and I am not Forza fan. I am a sim-racing fan.

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