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# 1 Simple Mathematics @ 06/06/16 07:03 PM
I am hoping for roster sharing and a few details about franchise mode.
# 2 Madwolf @ 06/06/16 08:01 PM
GM connected
# 3 KarlWilger @ 06/06/16 08:07 PM
Finally some news in a while..
# 4 miner7g @ 06/06/16 08:16 PM
Don't be surprised if it's a reaffirmation of the features we've already been told about through the survey; franchise mode, improvements to current modes, etc. accompanied by a video that elaborates a little bit. They'll probably get more in-depth later in the dev cycle.
# 5 sooner1074 @ 06/06/16 08:24 PM
New face off system and franchise mode will be welcomed. I wonder what odd unasked feature will be happening this year. Last year we got playoff beards out of blue.
# 6 BearishRiggs @ 06/06/16 08:36 PM
I'm not expecting either of these to be announced tomorrow, or to even be in the game at all, but roster sharing and a completely customizable GM mode option (think Commissioner mode or MyLeague in NBA 2k) would be fantastic.
# 7 kariya05 @ 06/06/16 08:45 PM
Gameplay overhaul.
# 8 csamuelsvt @ 06/06/16 09:19 PM
It's going to be a rehash of what was in the survey which had a bunch of good stuff in it. Just need to see it in action and they need to execute it properly and deliver on everything.
# 9 riichiieriich @ 06/06/16 09:57 PM
More customization for EASHL players and allowing us to make our player the way we want to, instead of predetermined builds.
# 10 ozcore @ 06/06/16 10:01 PM
if roster sharing is not in this year then they can forget about all. mlb the show has had roster sharing for couple years now. i don't see why easports would not. just ridiculous
# 11 strawberryshortcake @ 06/06/16 10:31 PM
Don't know if "Live Puck," "Looser Puck," "More Errant Passes" and "more difficulty in handling and skating with a loose puck" would be considered "features."

As someone who is not really a hockey fan, but have seen an incredibly limited small amount of hockey games (despite not knowing much about the rules and tactics at all), it seems like the passes in EA's NHL is simply too accurate. Every passes seems to have pinpoint accuracy. Plus, one can maneuver the puck around the ice at will with or without defenders in close proximity with practically no consequence for losing or mishandling the puck.

This is what I have observed when watching a real hockey game then watching youtube clips of EA NHL gameplay. EA NHL seems to be missing these elements.
# 12 Moose24x @ 06/06/16 11:09 PM
I'm hoping for a totally revamped, extremely in depth new take on "Live the Life" that is far more akin to NBA 2k's career mode. I would like to not be limited to the traditional BAP camera as well, and be able to play the games traditionally with the "narrative" of the mode simply focusing on the career of one player, in great interactive depth. I've always wanted this mode.
# 13 snc237 @ 06/07/16 02:10 AM
I would love to hear gameface added. Rebuilt/improved A.I. And difference in goalie styles. As long as it's about the gameplay I'm happy
# 14 sir psycho @ 06/07/16 07:24 AM
I'm hoping to get some good info on franchise mode, and hoping that franchise mode is much more in-depth than what we currently have in Be-A-GM
# 15 mikeq672 @ 06/07/16 08:44 AM
Complete overhaul of gameplay, including but not limited to, rewarding teams who pass the puck to set up good chances instead of rewarding 12 year old johnny dangles who bumped into 6 guys, kept the puck and then flicked it short side under my goalies arm on a shot that every goalie would have saved.

GM Connected

More customization in EASHL

Menus that actually work and dont take 20 minutes to navigate would be awesome too.

Its a big year for them, most of my friends have already given up on the game, I stopped playing last years earlier than I ever have before, they need to get this right.
# 16 Instant C1a55ic @ 06/07/16 11:07 AM
Group goal celebrations. This two guy celebration while everyone else skates off is an eye score.

Would also like a more in depth franchise mode, kinda like NBA 2k15-16.

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