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The unofficial kick-off to the 2016 sports gaming season is approaching!

E3 2016 is just around the corner (literally next week) and we are almost certainly going to learn a load of information about sports games we know about and probably a few we didn't know existed.

With that said, how excited are you about this year's show? Vote in the poll and leave a comment as to what you'd like to see out of this year's show!

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# 1 countryboy @ 06/07/16 10:57 AM
I'm very excited for E3 as I am every year. E3 is like getting the big toy catalog when I was a kid.
# 2 scottyp180 @ 06/07/16 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by countryboy
I'm very excited for E3 as I am every year. E3 is like getting the big toy catalog when I was a kid.
Perfectly said. There is something about the anticipation of announcements that makes me feel like a kid again. There is always bound to be surprises and it is exciting even for the news that is leaked or announced before hand (ex: the rumored new consoles, games that have been announced for e3 already).

One more week and I'll be busy at work not working and constantly refreshing the browser for any new updates.
# 3 Cowboy008 @ 06/07/16 11:16 AM
I'm somewhat excited. I can't wait for more info on Madden 17 and Battlefield 1.
# 4 snc237 @ 06/07/16 11:45 AM
Always always excited. Then depressed after it's over cause then I just have to wait.
# 5 frostbyt @ 06/07/16 11:49 AM
I want to see more on PS4 VR
# 6 Rubio809 @ 06/07/16 12:12 PM
I am now ready for the Red Dead announcement.
# 7 Smallville102001 @ 06/07/16 12:30 PM
I cant wait I am extremely excited for E3 this year! Zelda is my all time favorite franchise and it has been so hard waiting to hear more about it and we are finally going to get more information about the game at E3. Also want to know if the rumors about a excusive Spiderman game on ps4 are true or not. I love Spiderman and if we can get a excusive game a game not by Activision then there is a better chance the game can be good. Also most likely going to get a Injustices 2 game announcement at E3 still need to play more of the first one and I would like a second one. Then you have more about Horizon sucks it is not coming out this year but I cant wait to see more. Also you have The last Guardian and that is suppose to come out this year and we should get more on it at E3. I also found madden 16 to be the first good madden in like 10 years and I am likely what I have heard about 17 so far and am looking forward to seeing it in motion to see how they can build on madden 16 with it being the first good madden in so long. Last there are some rumors about a origins 2 or something with the batman Arkham games and I love the Arkham games they are my second favorite franchise behind only the Zelda games. So really E3 can not get here soon enough!
# 8 Ghost Of The Year @ 06/07/16 06:16 PM
To quote Papi, "Si, si, very intrigue"
# 9 OOMPCAMP404 @ 06/07/16 07:11 PM
I really hope they announce Frostbite for Madden and not just FIFA. I haven't been following too closely but I've only seen information about FIFA running Frostbite. Also can't wait for the Battlefield 1 gameplay. I mean all I play (literally) is Madden and Battlefield.
# 10 GlennN @ 06/08/16 01:27 PM
I am squarely in the "Meh" category. Back in the day, we'd have every sport represented by at least two, if not three, games each. Now, we get EA football and hockey, PS4 baseball and 2K basketball. No baseball, football or hockey at all on PC. Nothing really exciting for me there. No one game pushing the other, like we had back then. While the graphics have grown by leaps and bounds, the bounty of options has dwindled to an unimaginable level.

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