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EA Sports has just revealed their NHL 17 features, check them out below.

All-new game modes, new and deeper experiences in fan-favorite modes, and the best on-ice gameplay ever make NHL 17 the most exciting EA SPORTS NHL game to date.

Live out your hockey fantasy in all-new Draft Champions and World Cup of Hockey game modes, own every zone with authentic goaltenders, new Net Battles on offense and defense, and bone-crushing Collision Physics. Take your team to the next level in the most customizable EA SPORTS Hockey League ever and bring your game to life with dozens of thrilling new goal celebrations. No matter how you play the game, NHL 17 lets you shape your legacy on and off the ice.

No matter how you play the game, NHL 17 delivers new modes to connect to your favorite teams and players. Feel the thrill of fantasy draft night with a star power team in Draft Champions, or play for national pride in the World Cup of Hockey. Be a GM fans experience the evolution of team management and take on the entire business in Franchise Mode, where you call the shots from concessions to arena relocation.

For the first time in EA SPORTS NHL history, play for national pride in a full International Tournament Mode. Featuring all of the official World Cup of Hockey teams, players and uniforms, take to the ice on a world stage as your national team and heroes.

The new Draft Champions mode introduces the thrill of the fantasy draft with fast rounds of superstar picks. Each round challenges managers to choose the best players to build a balanced team. Immediately following your draft, take to the ice and fulfill your team’s potential by winning the Draft Championship.

Fan-favorite Be a GM mode expands to complete control of an entire franchise with the addition of unique team owners. Control your favorite team and lead them to Stanley Cup glory by managing the team and the business behind the scenes. Make game-changing decisions from player personnel, ticket prices, marketing, arena upgrades, and even relocation – all from under the watchful eye of a demanding owner with challenging goals.

Take your EA SPORTS Hockey League team to the next level by progressing through ranks to unlock customization items and give your uniform a unique look, or use the all-new Arena Creator to build the home ice you’ve always wanted. Celebrate career defining Moments in Be a Pro and immerse yourself into the most exciting Hockey Ultimate Team ever with the introduction of team Synergy, completely changing the way you build and play your dream team.

Own Every Zone with more end-to-end control with authentic goalies featuring positional awareness and Reactionary Save Intelligence, all-new Net Battles for offensive and defensive zone play, and dozens of thrilling new goal celebrations that capture the excitement of scoring the biggest goals on game night.

With all-new Reactionary Save Intelligence goalies will process their position, angle and the scoring situation before committing to an athletic or technical save. New motion capture replicates the technical movements of goaltenders resulting in true-to-life stances and an ability to use their body to stay big and block versus making a reactionary save.

In hockey, games are won and lost in front of the net. All-new Net Battle physics give you the ability to own that crucial piece of real-estate on offense or defense. Authentic battles, tie-ups, and stick play makes the battle for position in front of the net exciting thrilling and bruising chess match.

After you’ve buried the puck into the back of the net all eyes are on you. Bring glory and emotion to the spotlight and celebrate using dozens of all-new player celebrations that give you a variety of ways to rub that goal into your opponent’s face and bring the crowd to their feet.

Feel complete control over the ice with improved tape-to-tape passing, puck pick-ups, and pivots. Manage your gap on the puck carrier and break up passing plays on defense with more responsive skating and stopping. Enhanced hit mechanics allow you to choose whether you close someone off at the boards, push them off the puck, or deliver a devastating body-check.

Whether you’re competing online for elite status or lacing up the skates for the very first time, the next generation of the critically acclaimed Visual On-Ice Trainer and Coaching Feedback tools return to teach you the skills needed to sharpen your game. Unprecedented control over gameplay settings and sliders give you the tools to go from fast, action-packed gameplay all the way to the most authentic simulation so you can play the style of hockey you love.

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Member Comments
# 1 shogunofharlem3 @ 06/07/16 12:31 PM
Interesting stuff but unfortunately will be a pass for me. Without any way to play coop online with my buddies I will just stick with 16, which I am having fun with. Unless of course the new goalies knock my socks off.
# 2 adayinthelife @ 06/07/16 12:40 PM
Some attention seemingly being paid to offline modes is great news for some of us. Other "features" are mostly re-introductions of old features, but are still welcome I suppose.

The stagnancy of the series has gotten to me however, so I'm not really getting too up or down on anything until we see it/play it. I'm hoping my 2k vacation this year at least makes it feel somewhat fresh this time around.
# 3 sir psycho @ 06/07/16 12:40 PM
The gameplay stuff sounds good. I have to say I'm very disappointed with the franchise info if that's all that's being changed. It sounds like all that's been added are the trivial aspects from Madden's owner mode like setting ticket and hot dog prices. Sure, relocation is a cool feature, but franchise/BaGM has needed so much more than that for so long.
# 4 Dante_X @ 06/07/16 12:56 PM
The ECHL makes its debut in NHL 17, featuring all 27 authentic teams, jerseys, and rosters.

Fun stuff
# 5 bad_philanthropy @ 06/07/16 12:59 PM
Pretty much the same stuff from the survey.

Also, they need to hire some decent writers in marketing to label their features:

"Reactionary Save Intelligence"


"...versus making a reactionary save"

Amusing malapropisms there.
# 6 GrandMaster B @ 06/07/16 12:59 PM
I am glad they are adding more customization to EASHL. Upgrading arenas is cool. They have added a more detailed franchise mode as well. Can't wait.
# 7 bad_philanthropy @ 06/07/16 01:03 PM
Also, this part is very good:

"Whether you’re a seasoned pro or brand new to EA SPORTS NHL, more control over game difficulty settings, rules, and details allow you to create the perfect hockey experience for your playstyle. Go from fast, arcade fun all the way to authentic simulation hockey and everything in between with 100-point sliders that deliver precision control over your hockey experience."
# 8 rjviking11 @ 06/07/16 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by Dante_X
The ECHL makes its debut in NHL 17, featuring all 27 authentic teams, jerseys, and rosters.

Fun stuff
Where do you see this?
# 9 Moose24x @ 06/07/16 01:15 PM
Very disappointing reveal for me. The only part that was remotely interesting was the meager mention of actual gameplay improvements. As if I care about setting ticket and concession prices. Make the trade deadline an actual event. Make free agency actually interesting and exciting. Make the playoffs feel like the playoffs. This is all just window dressing. I'm bummed.

100 point sliders and the mild gameplay mentions, specifically about control all zones (vague) is all that intrigues me.
# 10 Dante_X @ 06/07/16 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by rjviking11
Where do you see this?
Bottom of this page:
# 11 aparks87 @ 06/07/16 01:18 PM
With gameplay improvements...it seems like every year they just re-word things that have been in the game for years and advertise it as something new lol.
# 12 Dazraz @ 06/07/16 01:29 PM
It sounds like Franchise will still be a Single Player Mode so I'll be sticking with the meagre Season Mode to play Offline with friends.
# 13 sooner1074 @ 06/07/16 01:39 PM
Nothing too revolutionary here as we could have picked up on many of the features from the "vision" trailer last month.


+ Franchise and HUT customization
+ New cellys
+ HUT synergy
+ Improved goalie programming and authenticity
+ Battles in front of net
+ Customizable areas


- No mention of ROSTER SHARING (hopefully saving it for E3 announcement)
- No coaches (generic or not)
- No synergy (line chemistry) for Franchise Mode.
- No GM connected or Online Franchise Mode
- Draft champions

I give EA Sports a solid B for their list of features. We got a good portion of what we were hoping for from our wishlists. Still many questions are unanswered. Hopefully we'll get one or two more new features mentioned at E3 like last year.
# 14 sooner1074 @ 06/07/16 02:07 PM
Did anyone notice that the feature list had absolutely NOTHING on presentation - nada, nothing, zip.

Weird? This would be the first time for this generation of consoles to not hype up Doc and the NBC package.
# 15 miner7g @ 06/07/16 02:21 PM
ECHL BABY! I didn't expect there to be so much to process within this release. Improvements to goalies... Stadium customization... Franchise mode... A lot going on. I love it!
# 16 snc237 @ 06/07/16 02:24 PM
To the comment above ^^ how is draft champs a negative thing? Anywho really wanted to hear about A.I. Improvements but doesn't sound like much. Sigh.
# 17 nascar163 @ 06/07/16 02:38 PM
The ECHL has also been added for NHL 17:

# 18 Droned idahoan xb gt @ 06/07/16 02:51 PM
Well, I was holding out hope for 30 user team control in Franchise mode, but I guess that's not happening
# 19 TDKing @ 06/07/16 03:13 PM
No Connected GM and still no option to play shorter seasons in single player franchise, no mention of any online tournments with friends (set up a 7 game series vs an Online friend). Seems like we are still stuck with stock player builds in EASHL. Looks like a skip for me or I'll grab it when it's half price. I will give it try through ea access but as of now nothing I was looking for is in this game.

Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
# 20 HenryClay1844 @ 06/07/16 03:22 PM
Doesn't sound like editing will be that great. Nothing about image importing and probably can't use it to create multiple teams / league.

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