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Check out the new Madden NFL 17 trailer and post your thoughts!

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# 1 MoneyOvaHuds @ 06/12/16 05:02 PM
# 2 Checmate101 @ 06/12/16 05:23 PM
Noticed Josh Norman has his one arm sleeve to..so I'm guessing one arm sleeves are in

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# 3 Sparkles @ 06/12/16 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by Checmate101
Noticed Josh Norman has his one arm sleeve to..so I'm guessing one arm sleeves are in

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Thats been confirmed for a while now. I think ppl are still salty that theres no arm "basketball" sleeves in the game
# 4 Checmate101 @ 06/12/16 05:26 PM
Oh Damn..my bad

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# 5 Scvllp @ 06/12/16 05:33 PM
Any screen grabs of the trailer out yet?
# 6 markespo @ 06/12/16 08:56 PM
Totally agree its also annoying how during October every player with team color sleeves has pink sleeve. in this picture Alex Smith has pink wristband, which is fine, but not pink sleeves, like the game, seems like it should be an easy fix
Originally Posted by SportsGamer94
Looks like they went overboard with the pink again for breast cancer month. Looks like Ill be using alternate uniforms during that month again. Nothing against the cause, it's just that they over do it in Madden where every player has pink cleats and equipment.
# 7 TheGentlemanGhost @ 06/12/16 09:38 PM
Best trailer they've done in years! Wasn't too over-the-top and showed off a lot of new things we needed to see. I really like the direction the team is going here.
# 8 glenzariczny @ 06/12/16 09:40 PM
Looks like blocks in the kicking game will finally be an element in Madden. I just hope they didn't over correct the issue in typical Madden fashion. I'm already envisioning franchise games with 3 blocked FGs and 2 blocked punts
# 9 Cowboy008 @ 06/12/16 09:42 PM
That was a good trailer
# 10 Jairp23 @ 06/12/16 09:45 PM
DAMN!!! Is it August yet

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# 11 tsbmolina @ 06/12/16 10:00 PM
# 12 roadman @ 06/12/16 10:04 PM
# 13 johnnyg713 @ 06/13/16 01:35 AM
Hmmm. The animations looked good. Little hesitant to believe the special teams play was real footage
# 14 PRAY IV M3RCY @ 06/13/16 01:58 AM
I'd like to believe that Ward running animation as he tilts his body trying to come around the corner isn't a long drawn out animation, but rather an improvement to player movement
# 15 kjcheezhead @ 06/13/16 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by tsbmolina
I agree. It looks good for me until the players interact. The tackles, stiff arms, etc just always look staged. That's how I would describe it. When the rb breaks out of the box tackle for instance, the defender just sort of slides off without a sense of struggle. Classic madden.

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