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With several hands-on impressions coming out about Madden NFL 17, what are your overall thoughts on what you are seeing, reading, and hearing about this year's game?

Let us know how you feel about EA's latest football effort coming out of the bulk of E3 week by voting in our poll!

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# 1 Big_Blue @ 06/15/16 04:59 PM
Still waiting to see gameplay
# 2 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 06/15/16 05:13 PM
I guess I understand why EA doesn't let people record gameplay, but man I miss how E3 used to be. I used to be excited to see raw off camera footage of the game & it almost became like an annual holiday for me each year. I have to say E3 has become underwhelming for me. Madden is the biggest reason I look forward to it but now it's like what's the point? 4 days in & we only have one gameplay vid? I know vids will eventually start to come out soon but it still takes the air out of the excitement having to wait almost a week later to see some gameplay.
# 3 jethrotull @ 06/15/16 05:17 PM
Until we can edit everything like MLB The Show and edit draft classes prior to the draft I am not interested. I am sick that for the 4th year in a row they have reintroduced an old option {editing players} as something new and thrilling. I just do not understand how old options are sold the consumer as new.
# 4 jfsolo @ 06/15/16 05:25 PM
Loved 16, and although there are some omissions that are a punch in the gut for me, 17 looks to be an improvement all across the board, so it's a no brainer purchase for me.
# 5 csulli6 @ 06/15/16 05:27 PM
Yeah it's a little ridiculous to not be able to see any gameplay yet. Name any other game from E3 and you can find gameplay on it but Madden is no where to be found. And it's the one I really care the most about
# 6 michaelhawj @ 06/15/16 05:40 PM
17 look amazing from what i saw in Trailers and gameplay clip from E3 and i like alot thiings what i read from blogs for gameplay, CFM, presentation.. It is definitely day one buy for me plus i already pre-ordered madden 17 last week
# 7 EnigmaNemesis @ 06/15/16 05:48 PM
Have not purchased a Madden at all this gen. This one definitely has my interest, and leaning towards yes.

Besides gameplay improvements, I will be even more excited once they go with Frostbite like FIFA, and also incorporate photogeometry like The Show has been using for stadiums, and what Battlefront and Battlefield 1 use for their world/map building. I would also like to see that extended to the uniform materials so they are more lifelike than ever.
# 8 KennyJ1976 @ 06/15/16 05:49 PM
I skipped Madden last year for the 1st time since the 90's so I guess I'll pick this one up. Looks like they're at least trying to make this game better. FINALLY!!! Plus after all these years, I think I just got burned out on Madden.
# 9 Ghost Of The Year @ 06/15/16 06:00 PM
I really started missing the NCAA series the last couple months, so this is a day one get for me this year.
If I had a college football game for the ps4, that might be a diffferent story.
# 10 RUFFNREADY @ 06/15/16 06:13 PM
I am a long time fan of the series; but I just don't see enough across the board that has changed, for me. It will be a game time decision on if I buy Madden17, or wait for Madden18 and Frostbite to purchase.
# 11 snc237 @ 06/15/16 06:55 PM
Really pumped this year. im mostly excited about the defensive improvements I just wanna see some gameplay.
# 12 PRAY IV M3RCY @ 06/15/16 07:01 PM
I just want to see how player movement has been improved. Off the record did anybody see gameplay on Watch Dogs 2. I noticed how fluid and realistic the running animation looked in live gameplay. That's what I want Madden to look like.
# 13 loadedlux @ 06/15/16 07:06 PM
There needs to be another option in the poll to "Maybe wait until it's on sale". No seriously. Every Madden since the ps3/360 days just leaves a sour taste it in my mouth. Don't get me wrong, there have been major gameplay improvements every year to help inch the series toward a realistic sim style of football. But every time I've played a game in any Madden it still feels a bit arcardish for me. And with the technology we have for powering some of these beautiful and fluid AAA games out in the market, I feel an arcade Madden is unacceptable.

Games mode have been a bit lacking as well, Franchise Mode (connected career or whatever they want to call it these days) has been trash for a long time IMO. What's so difficult about putting in ps2 madden franchise mode in the current gen? I would be content on buying Madden even if they had the worst gameplay of any sports games of all time if they just gave us a proper Franchise mode. Also, what happen to Superstar Mode? Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it EA who came on with that idea first in Madden long before 2k picked it up for basketball?

One way or the other I will get to play Madden, I've played everyone since 01. I got a sister that got Xbox One, 2 brothers with their own ps4s, and my buddy that lives 2 houses down has his own ps4. So one of them will get it lol. But even if I fall in love with it I refuse to get EA sports a full 60 dollars for the game. They have let me down far too many times for me to just up and forgive them and throw my money at them. Maybe Madden 18, if they bring the frostbite engine over, that can change everything....
# 14 miguelitoKache @ 06/15/16 07:58 PM
For the past 5 years i havent buy a madden game and that's because Madden is not a Simulation Football Game and untill they can proof to me other wise.. my feelings towards Madden will not change.. even tho they're making improvements this year it not enough because again Madden its not a Simulation game..
# 15 cmehustle @ 06/15/16 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by miguelitoKache
For the past 5 years i havent buy a madden game and that's because Madden is not a Simulation Football Game and untill they can proof to me other wise.. my feelings towards Madden will not change.. even tho they're making improvements this year it not enough because again Madden its not a Simulation game..
Yea, they have been arcadey for awhile. I like how 2K has worked to force people to play more and more like the NBA. If you play arcade against me I will slaughter you in 2K. Madden is just the opposite. All types of stuff that doesnt ever happen in the league. They need to make it their mission to force people to play real football. Them arcadey dudes still are going to buy the game. They all still buy 2K.
# 16 Cowboy008 @ 06/15/16 08:26 PM
Even though they didn't add everything that I wanted into CFM it's still a definite buy with what they have did with the game play.
# 17 Bull_Dozer @ 06/15/16 08:49 PM
Overall I'm very happy with the feature list. Though there are some things that bother me:

- Why can't we edit draft classes? I'll just have to use the full player edit as a ghetto workaround.

- No injuries for offensive linemen in played games. There is no excuse for this. Such a fundamental part of the game, this needs to be in.
# 18 ianlast @ 06/16/16 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by csulli6
Yeah it's a little ridiculous to not be able to see any gameplay yet. Name any other game from E3 and you can find gameplay on it but Madden is no where to be found. And it's the one I really care the most about
To be honest, I can understand why they didn't show gameplay. One or two guys on the sticks at E3 - usually casuals who don't understand/care about sim ball - with default settings rarely gives a good impression to the hardcore gamers. Given that the M17 dev team seems to be trying to win sim gamers over, it makes sense.

You want them to be transparent, but at the same time, they have more to lose by showing gameplay vids that will be picked apart by the community. At least I hope this is their strategy.
# 19 Lilgoosy @ 06/16/16 02:20 AM
i've been a day one buyer from '09, 40% for the love of Madden and 60% for the love of the game to be honest, and while i found the early games not really good at all, i feel like from Madden 12 they started going in the right direction. While games like The Show or NBA2k were building on solid grounds, Madden devs had to start their job on something that was created with flaws and you can clearly see they are listening and trying to make the game the way everybody want it to be.
I am a huge CFM player, and Madden 17 for me will be a no brainer after the dedication they put into this mode; with madden 16, while playing games in my CFM i had a lot of ideas like :

- Man i hate to cut this player, he is still young and rough but i'd like to keep him with me, how about a Practice squad? CHECK (and in my mind this is a top 3 gamechanger)

- it would be nice to see how teams are doing while i play, it gives you the feeling to be living a real gameday with other games going on. Score ticker CHECK

- I found difficult to simpatize for CPU generated players when you draft, i mean they have their stories during the season showing up, you can scout and stuff but at the end of the day yhey are like robots, it would be nice to edit them with the likenesses of real rookies. CHECK

- BALL PHYSICS : this theme's been around madden forever, will this be the year they effectively deliver? we should see soon but this could be the biggest gamechanger of all.

- Live the moment: not a big fan but maybe during long preseason games it'll be nice to jump to some offensive snaps with your rookie QB avoiding long and useless defensive drives

- last but not least, they are finally building and improving on the good things from past years without erasing some features they made the year before.
So i am definetly buying day 1
# 20 Unlucky 13 @ 06/16/16 06:57 AM
I've played Madden almost every year since 1991 (NES). It got better every single year until the PS3, when it fell off a cliff, and has been slowly crawling its way back. Last year's gameplay was probably the best ever, as are the graphics, and that's great. But as someone who only plays single player offline franchise, I need more than they're offering me. As others have said, I wish that there was a "I'll wait until it goes on sale" choice in the poll. If what they've told us about the franchise mode additions is all that there will be, I'm really let down. I have other games I'll spend my time with in the autumn.

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