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Boneloaf's multiplayer fighting game Gang Beasts is adding a two-on-two soccer mode sometime this year as part of a free update for existing owners of the PC version. Gang Beasts has been in Steam's Early Access program for nearly two years, and when it appears for the first time on PlayStation 4 (perhaps as a launch title for Sony's virtual reality headset?) it will include Boneloaf's new soccer beat-'em-up experience, as well as the existing free-for-all deathmatches that are already available on PC.

Like in the last-man-standing survival modes, your beast can still grab hold of opponents, only now that move's purpose is to keep people from making a play on the ball instead of using it to toss enemies into death traps. A familiar selection of punches, headbutts and kicks can also be used to temporarily knockout the other team's beasts.

You won't have to worry about dribbling since the ball will automatically stick to your feet while you try to walk it into the enemy's goal. Kicking the ball, however, is a much safer method of scoring because the ball will explode into the air after each goal, knocking over anyone who gets caught in its path and preventing enemies from getting the first touch on the new ball once it respawns in the middle of the court.

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