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Some of the things Ronnie mentions are obviously jokes, but it's probably safe to say the following features will be in NBA 2K17.
  • Yeezys are in the game...
  • Timed Locker Codes are coming...
  • Face scan app is coming...
  • Tons of signature animations are in... (Full control of your get back animations, controlling it with the right stick)

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# 1 Jrocc23 @ 06/17/16 09:53 PM
Excited you can actually control your animations.

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# 2 Smirkin Dirk @ 06/17/16 10:01 PM
What's a get back animation?
# 3 DblocW @ 06/17/16 10:11 PM
Hmmm more info...mooore lol...glad for the face scan app
# 4 Hustle Westbrook @ 06/17/16 10:12 PM
Great news about the face scan app. Was planning on getting a Kinect for the face scan next year but now I get to save my money.
# 5 veguss2001 @ 06/17/16 10:28 PM
Glad that they are moving to an app. Hope it works.
# 6 woshihuxingtan @ 06/17/16 10:29 PM
love the full-control celebrate animation and facescan app. I really hope 2K17 can also achieve better lighting, online experience and TNT integrated presentation
# 7 MackZillaTV @ 06/17/16 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by Smirkin Dirk
What's a get back animation?
Shot/Block celebrations, Wes Matthews' arrow, Harden's egg whisk, J.R. Smith's rolling 3's.....
# 8 Futurestyl3 @ 06/17/16 10:57 PM
great news that a face scan app is coming, now I don't have to buy a ps camera
# 9 Mintsa @ 06/17/16 11:06 PM
Really glad they have a face scan app for next year.

Live's worked really well this.
# 10 Macs Power @ 06/17/16 11:28 PM
I was wondering when they'd implement the choice to let us animate whenever a block, steal or basket was made

Wonder if they will let you activate the ability after any play
# 11 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 06/17/16 11:52 PM
I pushed for the face scan app hard last year ! Nice 2k
# 12 DatIsraeliGuy @ 06/18/16 02:22 AM
Face scan app, it's about damn time.
And locker codes are finally back
# 13 Trackball @ 06/18/16 02:24 AM
Aaaand time to sell my PS4 camera.

What a waste of money that thing was.
# 14 Khaos_Kiwi @ 06/18/16 03:32 AM
Originally Posted by Trackball
Aaaand time to sell my PS4 camera.

What a waste of money that thing was.
Ain't that the truth. Bought the PS4 camera for the sole purpose of the face scan.

Didn't even use the face scan in MyCareer since everytime it would turn out hideous.

Waste of money and a ****load of time.
# 15 janmagn @ 06/18/16 04:05 AM
We PC guys finally get our faces scanned!

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# 16 rkocjay @ 06/18/16 06:57 AM
Maybe a long shot but if my gm/league gets year to year saves I'll be very happy
# 17 Goffs @ 06/18/16 07:21 AM
Looks like they added group celebrations for my park. I've asked for this a few wishlists back.

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# 18 Junior Moe @ 06/18/16 08:00 AM
I can't wait to see what they added for signature animations. I do hope though that if we are in control of celebrations then that would allow us to manually cut down on some of those follow through poses. There were just way too many for me in 2K16. I hope that the face scan app is as easy as Lives was. Live knocked that out the park. If it does then I just might put my mug off in this thing. Looking forward to more 2K17 info.
# 19 MarkWilliam @ 06/18/16 08:28 AM
Signature animations sounds interesting. If we're not just talking about celebrations that is. I'm dying for some Russell Westbrook signature stuff.....
# 20 deetoman @ 06/18/16 08:43 AM
I hope they added face scan to CAP this year. It would be an added plus if they had body types in this years game.

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