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Game Informer has posted some NASCAR Heat Evolution career mode details, along with a developer diary video. They also discuss multiplayer, free/paid DLC and much more.

...its career mode is full bodied. You start out at the bottom of the Sprint Cup series with your own team and have to earn contracts and satisfy real sponsors in order to upgrade your organization. If you take Nationwide, for example, both you and Junior would have the sponsor on your cars (with separate paint schemes) even though you're on different teams. You can also keep your sponsorship at any time instead of upgrading, although you'll always make more money even if you decline a new sponsor.

When you start out you pick your car number, manufacturer, and your avatar (including the ability to have a female driver), and at the initial few races you'll be competing to get payouts from secondary sponsors who have various conditions such as finishing in the top 30, for instance. As you progress, separate challenges from drivers will break up the week-to-week schedule. These will be historic situations from the past few seasons.

There is a big board of upgrades you can earn, from buying and expanding your garage space and engine shop to hiring various specialists, and Monster believes your team should take some time to get to the level of the big race teams. Thankfully, there is no limit to how long the career mode goes.

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# 1 ctlgolf21 @ 06/28/16 01:11 AM
Sounds promising...building excitement for me...afraid the game won't play or have the feel I'm hoping for, but I'm hopeful. The wife bought the logitech wheel as a birthday surprise. Hopefully I'll be using it come September.
# 2 jaredsmith83 @ 06/28/16 06:22 AM
I was hoping it would have a "dirt to Daytona" style career mode, but this still sounds fun. I just hope it plays and controls well, and it doesn't have that boxy feel that others have had. So far is leaving a good impression on me.
# 3 brandon27 @ 06/28/16 06:52 AM
Sounds promising!
# 4 franko3219 @ 06/28/16 08:19 AM
I haven't purchased a consol racing game since easports had the license. I've been able to satisfy my racing urge with iracing. However, I may give this a chance depending on the initial reviews that come out. I like what I have heard so far. I just hope that th racing is challenging and not like other ai racing where you are 10 seconds ahead of second place. I also hope that they make the money really mean something and that they don't make it easy to advance your career to become a superstar in one season. In the future, I also think that it would be neat to have a dirt to Daytona career feel to work your way up.
# 5 stocksy @ 06/28/16 08:39 AM
Still sounds like it will not have as much depth as the EA 2009 version.

Why have games lost depth in their move to next gen?!?!? so frustrating.

The PSP version of the EA Nascar had a great career mode. id love something like that on a proper console.
# 6 GrandMaster B @ 06/28/16 12:07 PM
The thing with these NASCAR games is getting the realism down as far as caution flags and pitting. In the past, while you were racing, there would be very little if any wrecks, tires going down, engines blown away from your driver on the other sections of he track. Everything usually happened near you because you caused something to happen. In order to feel immersed, there needs to be things happening around you not under your control.
# 7 brandon27 @ 06/28/16 12:24 PM
Originally Posted by stocksy
Still sounds like it will not have as much depth as the EA 2009 version.

Why have games lost depth in their move to next gen?!?!? so frustrating.

The PSP version of the EA Nascar had a great career mode. id love something like that on a proper console.
Well, for one, this isn't an EA product.

Secondly, this game is brand new, from the ground up. So, it's kind of to be expected a bit.

Third, this is the first time a NASCAR title will appear on this gen's consoles. So, it's really not much of a surprise.

I do agree with your sentiment though that I'd also like to see more depth etc. to it. However, for a first year title, being built from the ground up, not including the Xfinity series, or the Truck series at this point, or even a paint booth, isn't a huge deal. I'd actually think not having a paint booth is more frustrating than no trucks or xfinity at this point.

I get your point though, but to compare it to a 2009 title, that had been through several years of development at that point, to a fresh, new game built from the ground up only Since March (or May?) of 2015, it's not a huge deal I don't think. It sounds like their plan is to evolve to Xfinity and Trucks, but it's going to take some time.
# 8 stocksy @ 06/28/16 02:18 PM
I hear you and agree it was more a general point.

Although since 2009 all the games went backwards again I know they were from a different developer but the hunger should be there to better games that have gone before.

These people still want full price money for their games so it being a first effort or a fifth effort it means nothing to me harsh but true.

I always have a benchmark game in all genres I like and hold them up to comparison possibly just as a dream scenario but still I do it.

I am very sceptical mainly due to the fact that after three years of development the last lot of NASCAR games made little or no progress especially in depth and modes....

Every year I got excited and promises and additions were not delivered

I don't know what the issue is with NASCAR games they seem to have a lot less content than other driving games...
# 9 zello144 @ 06/28/16 04:57 PM
Sounds very similar to Nascar Thunder 2004's career mode and that was a very fun game. I kinda wish that we'd be able to hire real drivers to race for our team and also sign contracts with another racing team if we don't want to be a driver/owner.

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