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Yesterday we posted a story about a growing fear amongst FUT players that chemistry may be artificially 'nerfing' non day-1 player ratings in Ultimate Team.

There's obviously a lot more which could be said about the story, and we're still following the latest developments ourselves, but we're interested in your reaction to the story. Are you more or less likely to play FUT after reading the story and hearing the news? Is this something you think which needs to be fixed immediately?

Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know in the comments below!

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# 1 SportsGameGod @ 06/28/16 09:23 AM
It's not surprise EA Sports will screw everyone over to take as much money as possible plus they couldn't make an accurate simulation of a sports game if their life depended on it.

They are making money hand over foot with all of the UT modes spread out through different genres.
# 2 ShaiLeGran @ 06/28/16 10:26 AM
If you pay for something and ain't getting what you were promised, it is a scam, so buyers should be compensated for it.
# 3 integer @ 06/28/16 11:49 AM
Don't play don't care.
# 4 BBallcoach @ 06/28/16 08:10 PM
People seriously don't realize what's going on. It's not nerfing non-day 1 cards. It's making it so they aren't using the chem system. So they don't get worse on bad chem but styles cards don't help either. Some report that you can play them in any position and have no issues.

Day 1 cards only go up when there are chem styles applied (The card that gives you the chevrons on the player card). This actually makes the upgraded cards in most part way more powerful.
# 5 DatIsraeliGuy @ 06/28/16 11:49 PM
EA actually limiting performance on UT? Why am I not surprised?
I'll just wait on football/soccer games untill PES is number 1 again.
# 6 JayD @ 07/01/16 10:27 AM
Don't worry, I'm sure they will put some career mode things to the side just so they can focus on fixing this glitch for the FUT fans...............
# 7 BQ32 @ 07/01/16 04:19 PM
The bigger issue is this revelation that game code slanting the game in favor of one player over another at times. This lands a lot of credence to the theories of fifa scripting or NHL ice tilt. Players have sworn this is genuine for years (I am one of them) while the developers have sworn that there is no code in the game causing scripted scenarios. Yet this proves exactly what everyone already expected, there is code written into the game to artificially give one player an advantage over another at certain times. If it is proven to be in one mode then it is not hard to estimate it being in the other modes as well, as keeping the causal fan base involved in the series is much more lucrative then keeping the hardcore fans happy.
This in turn creates a huge moral problem, some fans invest huge amounts of time and energy hoping to be the best at certain games, especially with there being more and more outlets for competitive play, sponsorships, tournaments and money sites. Yet these games can not be trusted and can severely damage certain individuals experiences, or even livelyhoods. If a game promotes itself as an esport then there can absolutely be no room for artificial advantage/disadvantage as it ruins the competitive balance.

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