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This may be one of the funniest mess ups in the history of roster management. The New Orleans Saints were supposed to e-mail the league office to claim Connor Shaw off waivers but instead sent an e-mail to the other 31 franchises in the league.

Of course, to claim a player on waivers you have to contact the league office and not the other 31 franchises -- which is when the Chicago Bears swooped in and picked up their 4th string QB of the future...

"ESPN originally reported that the Saints had landed Shaw one day after the Cleveland Browns placed him on waivers.

But another ESPN report said the Saints mistakenly sent an email to the other 31 teams in the league instead of only to the league office to put in their claim.

Whether that factored in the Bears' acquisition of Shaw before the 3 p.m. CT waiver claiming deadline was not known.

The Bears hold priority over the Saints in the waiver claiming order, and therefore would have landed Shaw with a claim regardless if they knew of the Saints' desire to get the South Carolina product."

Shaw probably won't factor into the Bears' future plans, but it's a funny story of roster mismanagement -- almost you would hear someone doing while playing Madden.

What's your biggest mistake you've ever made while managing your roster in Madden? Any accidental releases? Bad contracts? Over-signed positions? Sound off with your story in the comments below!

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# 1 Godgers12 @ 07/02/16 09:22 AM
In one of my online franchises in M16 during the FA stage I was drunk, and instead of bidding $20M on Zaviar Gooden, I bid $120M over 6 years. There was some consolation in that I usered him to 15 INT and a DPOY award, but damn.
# 2 TheBleedingRed21 @ 07/02/16 09:38 AM
I got one dumb blunder..

SOS two years ago..

Tampa Bay Bucaneers, I needed a solid CB and there was Cortez Allen in free agency..

He was one of the top CBs so I knew I had to pay top dollar.. I misunderstood the way madden offers contracts and offered somewhere in the neighborhood of:

3 years
Total of 96?M

Basically I don't remember exactly, but I landed him so excitingly only to be told how much I accidently offered!

I thought BONUS was part of the PER YEAR!!! Not Seperate. Man did I look crazier than Jerry Jones!

Luckily, now the edit contract feature can fix these blunders lol
# 3 JammerAma @ 07/02/16 12:55 PM
I didn't want to pay Derek Carr 100 mill as I didn't think he deserved it at the time so I traded him to New England for a first round pick. Carr went on to not only win League MVP, but Super Bowl MVP. And the pick I got was at 32nd where I drafted a significantly worse QB. Me and my friend still joke about it.
# 4 reyes the roof @ 07/02/16 01:53 PM
I don't really see the Saints thing as a huge blunder, it's not like they have a history of grabbing QBs off waivers and turning them in to stars so it's not as if they tipped the Bears off in to claiming Shaw
# 5 oneamongthefence @ 07/02/16 04:10 PM
I've made too many blunders to count in Madden during free agency. Seems to happen with wide receivers and corners way too often where I'll see a few top guys and bid on all of them hoping to get one and all of them will accept. I'll then have a stacked position group and not much cap space left for the current and following years. This is where some sort of recruiting system should come in to play and give you an idea how likely some players would come to your team instead of just offering and contract and hoping they sign with you. I feel like its all random sometimes whether a guy sign with you or not and this leads to having try to sign multiple players to fill one spot.

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# 6 OBJ_Catch @ 07/02/16 05:34 PM
Wanted to re-sign A. Luck in the middle of the season once.
I had around 80M$ in cash, so I assumed it was safe to lock him for 5-6 years with a Mega Deal, and go from there once FA period would it at the end of the season.
Well... Offered something along the lines of 23M$/y, maybe a 55M$ bonus, felt pretty good about it. The week after he accepts it, I'm pumped. Then I took a look at my Cash : -60M$. Minus f*in 60M. Didn't save before offering, I was done with that Franchise.

Another one with Seattle, but less staggering : Let go Kearse, kept Baldwin as my n1 WR with a 4y 32M$ deal, drafted a 6"4 WR in the 3rd (thought I'd have to groom him for one year) and another one in the 7th, IIRC. Truth be told, I lost 32M$. Baldwin ending up having the same production as Lockett (~500 yards, 3TDs) and Kearse who signed with the Bengals ended up racking over 1,000 yards and double the TDs, for less money. Fortunately, the 3rd round WR turned out to be a monster like Calvin Johnson. 99 speed, 83 Acceleration. 1,650 yards 16TDs.

Those are the only mistakes I can remember of, I usually took a safe approach when it came to signing players, given the mechanics of the game. Just made sure my starters had a 78+ OVR and were really physical players. I'd rather Draft a guy and make sure he's a blue chip guy or eventually a late round gamble, than break the bank for a 28y old guy that may not produce. I usually sign sure fire young stars who didn't re-sign, or back up veterans who don't ask for too much money.
Maybe (and hopefully) it will change with Madden 17 and the way they changed the Defensive systems, Runners, and Interactions between WRs and DBs.
# 7 Deegeezy @ 07/03/16 08:27 AM
I remember not quite understanding dead money cap hits in the early years of a salary capped franchise mode. I was signing and changing my mind and cutting guys left and right until eventual my roster was significantly depleted to the point where, after injuries, I had to either cut my starting QB or not continue the season. I chose the latter and just started over.
# 8 Deezo @ 07/03/16 10:24 AM
FIFA 15....Thought it would be fun to take a PL2 team to the PL...it was, however....I overpaid for a transfer player by about 90M US....it was in pounds....I didn't know you can switch it....

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