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As much attention as the other end of the Durant to the Warriors signing is getting -- the more intriguing option for NBA 2K GMs may be the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder are stuck in a pretty tough position in that they have to sign Russell Westbrook to a long-term deal to have any shot at contending in the west long-term -- or they face the prospect of a long and lengthy rebuilding process.

There's been a lot of rumors out and about with the Thunder possibly shopping Westbrook for a trade -- but how high is Westbrook's value without any type of long-term deal assurances out there?

And then you have Westbrook himself, who will have plenty of options in free agency after this year which are at least as good as OKC.

And let's face it, in NBA 2K it may be far easier to re-sign Westbrook long-term than it will be in real-life (infinitely so in this guy's opinion). Thus, what would you do as the GM of the Westbrook-led (for a year) Thunder? Do you trade him? Sign him? Lose him?

What pieces do you look for to build the Thunder into perennial contenders? Sound off in the comments!

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# 1 Mauer4MVP @ 07/11/16 02:51 PM
Move them to Seattle.

Seriously, you have to trade Russ this year if you can. Get Russell and Randle or whatever you can get for him. They are unfortunately are going to have to hit on a top lotto pick again.

I don't think we will see a team have such a gold mine like they did of young talent.
# 2 SwedishTouch76 @ 07/11/16 03:04 PM
Agree. But if the Lakers are fairly confident they can sign Westbrook then they don't need to trade Randle and Russell. Could trade Russell elsewhere and hang onto Randle.
# 3 Poppindom @ 07/11/16 03:10 PM
Trade Westbrook asap. You want to avoid any situation such as injuries. Not saying he will, but you never know.
# 4 Cowboyfan_19 @ 07/11/16 03:24 PM
Funny thing is, back in the 2011 Western finals, I was thinking to myself, "This is the Mavs' time, we've been building this team since Dirk got here. OKC will obviously have the brighter future, but lets get 1 this year."

And now 5 years later OKC got to the tanking/rebuilding stage quicker than Dallas.
# 5 jbrew2411 @ 07/11/16 03:42 PM
If we are talking about real life as the GM I think you have trade him but not real sure any team is going to give them a huge package of picks and players. I don't see him staying in OKC but I also don't see teams willing to give up years of future picks for him outside of teams that don't expect to have high picks. A team like the Lakers might be willing to part this Russell but not much else if they feel like they have the chance of signing him.

As for 2k16 I would trade him to a pack that nets me a ton of picks that I know will be lottery picks. I can use them to draft players or as trade bait for players that can help me. I would use all that cap space to target a few mid level free agents that can help win games now while the young guys learn the game. I would target my 3rd season as the one where I try to make a push in the West. The more you lose early only helps you in the long run since you will be drafting higher.
# 6 asu666 @ 07/11/16 10:24 PM
Move them back to Seattle, so free agents want to sign with them.
# 7 redsox4evur @ 07/11/16 10:27 PM
Originally Posted by asu666
Move them back to Seattle, so free agents want to sign with them.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha like being in Seattle with no superstars is going to help them land free agents.

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# 8 sactown_13 @ 07/12/16 01:33 AM
Originally Posted by asu666
Move them back to Seattle, so free agents want to sign with them.
They arent moving back to seattle man. Time to let that one go.

As far rebuild goes you need to see what you have in oladipo and payne. Try to move westbrook for picks and young talent. Boston maybe? Im not sure how many picks they have left but im pretty sure they still have a 1st round from brooklyn. You will never get full value back for westbrook but i think boston can offer them something close. Good news is the thunder have done very well drafting. Their rebuild could be shorter than others
# 9 mvspree8 @ 07/12/16 03:08 AM
Trade him to the Celtics... add Kanter and ask them for Avery Bradley, Brooklyn's 2017, LAC's 2019 and Memphis' 2019 first-rounders. Maybe look at the rights to one of their handful of first-round stashes from this draft.

Boston has to roll the dice on a trade like this sometime... RWB is exactly the kind of guy they should be willing to do it for. If they do this deal they're definitely the 2nd best team in the East.
# 10 Smirkin Dirk @ 07/12/16 04:40 AM
Im not sure you'll get a lot for Westbrook. He's so ball dominant. And he's been injured before you have to wonder how long his prime will be.

I can't see any contenders giving up players for him.
# 11 eye guy @ 07/12/16 05:29 AM
I would move Westbrook asap before his frustrations with the team overshadow his talents.

If LA is truly a preferred destination, i'd try for trades at both clubs. The Lakers have the youth to go along with OKC's and the Clippers have two pieces that could keep OKC in the playoff race, along with the players they already have.

Or, OKC could really throw a spanner in the works and do a deal with Cleveland for Uncle Drew??? Who wouldn't want the chance to see Westbrook vs Durant in the Finals.
# 12 PPerfect_CJ @ 07/12/16 08:28 AM
There's really nothing to "rebuild." They still have a great team and a monster of a superstar in Westbrook. Well, for THIS year, at least.
# 13 Mauer4MVP @ 07/12/16 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by PPerfect_CJ
There's really nothing to "rebuild." They still have a great team and a monster of a superstar in Westbrook. Well, for THIS year, at least.
They really don't have a great team without Durant. They have some solid pieces, but they would need Oladipo to take a McCollum type leap to be more than a 7 or 8 seed.
# 14 omes @ 07/12/16 08:53 AM
I'm not doing anything until the trade deadline. This team is still a championship contender and if not they're only one piece away. Kanter and Adams will have better years now that ibaka's gone, oladipo is capable of a triple double every night and if Westbrook has the MVP caliber season we all know he's capable of they'll be contenders for sure. If iverson could do it with the 01 sixers Westbrook definitely can. They should trade him at the deadline if they aren't top 5 in the west.
# 15 BA2929 @ 07/12/16 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by redsox4evur
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha like being in Seattle with no superstars is going to help them land free agents.
Better than being in OKC with no superstars.

Have you been to Oklahoma City? It's cool if you like to drink downtown, but other than that it's one of the most boring cities I've ever been to. And I'm from Kansas, one of the most boring states. I can only imagine how awful OKC is for NBA players.
# 16 Outkizast @ 07/12/16 03:43 PM
First, I would acquire the team with every intention to move them. I would send emails to the Commissioner stating so. I would tell the public about how proud I was to be in Oklahoma City. How I would do everything I could to keep the team there and help to bring them a championship.

Then, I would trade away any good players in hopes of dropping the interest level as much as I could (Including Westbrook of course). I would continue talking to the Commissioner asking for help in the approval of moving the team in private.

After that, I would come up with bogus arena proposals funded almost entirely by public money. When it looks like the city has too much time left to come up with a deal due to the signed lease I still have with the current arena, especially when we had a budding superstar on our roster now. I would again ask for help from my buddy the commissioner. The Commissioner would then threaten the city that if they did not let me buy out of their lease to move the team, the NBA would never come back to Oklahoma City. The Mayor will not call their bluff, and decide oh snap we better let them leave early before we give ourselves a shot at coming up with a more reasonable arena proposal.

So I then move the team to another city. Probably about 30 spots lower on the list of best markets in the country. We will state over and over in the media about how there wasn't fan support in Oklahoma City. People will misconstrue that as people not going to the games (which would of course be false, it would be about the bogus public funded arena proposal that wasn't supported).

We would eventually fail to win a Championship with tons of talent in the new city. Our top superstar will leave to attempt a shot at winning a championship elsewhere.. Because let's face it, nobody really wants to live in the new city...

I dont know... Just an idea...
# 17 The_Gaming_Disciple @ 07/12/16 05:10 PM
As a GM I would move Westbrook before or at the trade deadline if he is not willing to re-sign or is mum about his intentions to re-sign.

Move Oladipo to the PG position for a trial run.
# 18 jeremym480 @ 07/13/16 05:02 PM
I'd trade Westbrook to Boston for Smart, Jaylen Brown, R.J. Hunter and Brooklyn's 2017 pick.

That gives you a replacement for RWB & KD, plus a young shooter with potential, a top pick in the next years draft and lot's of cap space.

A team of...

Smart, Payne
Olandipo, Robertson, Morrow, Hunter
Brown, Illyasava, Singler
Kanter, Collinson, Sabonis
Adams, McGary

... probably wouldn't be good enough to make the playoffs out West, but as long as Smart and Brown pan out and with two lottery picks they should have a bright future.

Edit: also I would throw the max at Blake Griffin offseason to try to bring him back to Oklahoma
# 19 drewdavi @ 07/20/16 08:34 AM
I would move Westbrook immediately. Waiting until the trade deadline will be a disaster as teams will smell the desperation even more than they do now. Not to mention the disruption to the current roster/season of making the change at that time. It is best for all parties for the Thunder to move Westbrook now, assuming they know he will not resign.

I'd probably try to trade him to a team that can send at least two proven young assets + picks. I think Boston makes the most sense for everyone as they are in a win now mode. I'd take back Brown and Smart plus picks.
# 20 BreakingBad2013 @ 07/20/16 10:02 AM
Adams will get a nice boost for next season, Kanter scoring cheese, Oladipo is well rounded. If you move Russ you'll either get solid players or solid picks. I'd send him to Philly for two of their unprotected picks. Those most likely will get you two top 5 players in the same draft. I don't see many teams letting go of a superstar to get Weatbrook without a contract. Obviously a sign and trade would be required.

Or just keep him, and they're still a playoff team with Dipo, Kanter, and Adams.

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