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EA Sports has just released a new NHL 17 gameplay video giving fans a first look at what's new in Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT). Watch the video here and get more details in the blog here.

Replacing our previous chemistry system, HUT Synergy is an all new team-building system that challenges you to pair player strengths across your whole lineup. Players are now linked by playing style and can be placed anywhere in your squad, regardless of position. There are two types of Synergies: Player Synergy and Team Synergy.

Our all-new HUT Dynamic Sets mechanic takes collecting to a new level that replicates the biggest real-world hockey moments. Collect and complete Dynamic Sets to unlock rewards, including new and limited time thematic sets, to constantly build and improve your team. Players will no longer receive mini packs for completing collections but will now earn collectibles, coins, packs and elite items depending on which set you complete. Every item has value, so whether or not they slot into your lineup they’ll benefit the long term growth of your team.

Sets in this collection will let you trade in unwanted items (bronze, silver or gold) for upgrades and other collectables. For example, you can complete the ‘Gold Coach Trade In’ set by turning in any 10 Gold Coach items for a Gold Collectible Pack, which contains one gold collectible item. Similar sets are available for jerseys, logos, arenas, players and more. All items that are turned in through Dynamic Sets or the Trading Post will be removed from your collection.

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Member Comments
# 1 Turbojugend @ 07/26/16 11:47 AM
I'm really liking the new card designs and overall layout, everything looks very clean and organized. Looks like the menu is more responsive as well, although it's hard to gauge by watching a video.

Hopefully Synergy means the end of those silly "Change Team" cards.
# 2 unisol_us @ 07/26/16 01:37 PM
I want some more info on these "NHL Points"
# 3 unisol_us @ 07/26/16 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by iam31yearsold
Change team cards are gone. NHL points is microtransactions to buy packs.

Both in the article...reading.
I read that but why? What is the point of the change and why highlight it in the blog? You could buy packs before with real money.
# 4 ericromain @ 07/26/16 05:56 PM
I like that they're shaking up collecting and rewards. The mode is probably going to feel fresh.
Ever since they got rid of the app, I've felt the collecting aspect has been neutered.
# 5 ericromain @ 07/26/16 06:09 PM
I hope these updates to collecting make the non-NHL players relevant. I liked the early years of HUT when the salary cap and finite career length encouraged you to manage your team with some long career/high potential minor league grunts. Even a few years ago, the non-NHLers were at least useful for collecting sets for puck rewards. The last 2 years I feel that they've become filler.
EA NHL has the opportunity to showcase the entire hockey world in this mode, I wish they'd take advantage of it.
# 6 garyjr33 @ 07/26/16 08:13 PM
This looks promising. Hopefully these things can breathe some life into this mode.
# 7 GlennN @ 07/27/16 07:49 AM
And this type of feature will be in BeAGM too, right? Right?

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