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2K has just released a much higher resolution version of the NBA 2K17 screenshot featuring the 2016 USA Basketball Menís National team with Coach K.

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# 1 Strangerstake @ 07/30/16 04:50 PM
High res settles a lot

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# 2 Vitanz @ 07/30/16 04:52 PM
You can definitely see the seam between the neck and the body on almost everyone. It's pretty rough. Let's hope its just an early build
# 3 Futurestyl3 @ 07/30/16 04:54 PM
Nice to see no one's feet is sinking through the floor, solid pic
# 4 Themayorofawsometown @ 07/30/16 04:56 PM
Klay still looks bad to me

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# 5 DIRK41NOWITZKI @ 07/30/16 05:01 PM
The real picture for reference:
# 6 wrestlinggod1 @ 07/30/16 05:05 PM
Those Zoom Soldier 10s on Draymond and Demarcus look GREAT. Nice to see they're not painted on and the straps actually look tangible.
# 7 XxSpiritHunterX @ 07/30/16 05:33 PM
The shoes look great. They're getting better at scanning shoes, so I can hope they keep on scanning older shoes and new shoes. Also, way better pic than the leak, obviously

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# 8 carloskb24 @ 07/30/16 05:39 PM
hopefully not the final version
# 9 SteveQ @ 07/30/16 05:47 PM
Legs look slimmer on pretty much everybody, small detail but noticeable. Faces look good, Kyrie finally looks like Kyrie so I will be playing with him. Can't wait till about mid August so we can get the real info. With that said I like the screenshot.
# 10 carloskb24 @ 07/30/16 05:58 PM
I think they have added a new facial system in the game, the faces have more expression but they look weird.
# 11 JJRuelz @ 07/30/16 06:00 PM
They nailed Klay's awkward smile lol
# 12 Insight23 @ 07/30/16 06:03 PM
Draymond body type looks better. Kyrie looks good, Melo. Klay.
# 13 Oaklandboy @ 07/30/16 06:03 PM
1992 USA Dream Team

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# 14 King_B_Mack @ 07/30/16 06:07 PM
Anta and Adidas not getting any love in the 2K screen either cause of Nike lol. Definitely accurate to the original photo on that one.

This is a thousand times better than the last one. Few things I don't like though.

- Jimmy Butler should be wearing the Jordan XXXI's along with Melo

- An NBA logo on Kyle Lowry's headband doesn't really work here. Very small gripe, but it'd be great if they had Nike or USA headbands for the USA teams.

- Does look like the legs finally received some attention though. KD around the ankle area there looks nice. DeRozen not too bad there either.
# 15 23 @ 07/30/16 06:49 PM
Deandre jordan was the main one in this group with cankles
# 16 dnyce87 @ 07/30/16 06:54 PM
Klay Thompson looks a bit chunky in the face
Kyle Lowrys body too muscular looking
Demarcus Cousins face needs a little more work

Draymond, Harrison Barnes & Kyrie look great
# 17 Junior Moe @ 07/30/16 07:15 PM
Definitely better. I still would like to see the models a little less bulky. Other than that, great. The Dream Team looks good too. Now come on with the meat and potatoes 2K!
# 18 hesko @ 07/30/16 07:29 PM
nice pic. deandre need a face scan though.
# 19 Goffs @ 07/30/16 07:35 PM
Originally Posted by Oaklandboy
1992 USA Dream Team

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I'm so glad they fixed Ewing's face...
# 20 chisportsfan23 @ 07/30/16 08:11 PM
I'm impressed w/ Draymond in this screenshot. Definitely looks on point compared to 2k16. Paul George still has the wrong skin tone and build.

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