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Codemasters have released another F1 2016 video, this one featuring a hot lap around Hockenheim, along with quite a few new screenshots.

The next video comes from an article published by Eurogamer, featuring plenty of gameplay impressions.

F1 2016 is scheduled to release on August 19 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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# 1 Earl1963 @ 08/02/16 08:39 AM
Not too big a fan of Codemasters racers but I'm interested in this. Have to see some reviews.

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# 2 brandon27 @ 08/02/16 10:13 AM
Looks great, I expected that though. The others in this series have been pretty awesome. Nice set of improvements for this year as well. Looking forward to picking this up.
# 3 Godgers12 @ 08/05/16 10:54 PM
Never played an F1 game before, but I'm definitely Gameflying this. Anyways, can someone tell me how the handling is? Sim or more on the arcade side?
# 4 Bcolt93 @ 08/06/16 06:40 AM
Originally Posted by Godgers12
Never played an F1 game before, but I'm definitely Gameflying this. Anyways, can someone tell me how the handling is? Sim or more on the arcade side?
trending towards the sim side. Without trying to write you an essay I'll try to go into a lot of detail here, played well over 1000 hours on F1 2015 with no assists and I compete on the best league in their top tier, and expect to do the same on 2016.

The biggest thing with these cars is the torque that these V6 turbo engines produce. Being to aggressive on the exit of corners will send you spinning if you aren't careful. A nice development on the handling side has been the refinement of wet whether driving and the kerbs. They have modelled the tires in the wet now to behave properly, so you have to avoid the racing line and shift up early to kill the wheel spin. The kerbs and grass are more realistic with sausage kerbs unsettling the car and accelerating on the kerbs is now a one-way ticket into the opposite wall. The grass is far less gripy than in previous versions meaning you have to stick to the track.

These cars aren't as efficient in terms of areodynamic downforce as some of their predececors and you can feel that in some of the high speed corners such as Bahrain's T12 or Spa's famous pouhon. On the brakes they have incredible stopping power but are prone to lock up if you like to jump on the brakes. You'll find that trail braking is a skill you need to master to get the most of the car, as lock ups are easily induced and destroy your tires.

Speaking of the tires they are no longer scripted in terms of wear. This was a nice change on 2015 and its carried on to 2016. The easiest way to save some tire life is in qualifying by taking it incredibly easy on the out and in laps to minimize what you take out. In the race, avoiding lockups and not putting too much into the tires through the high speed corners will allow you to go further into your stints, and in some instances if you really look after them you can cut out a pitstop.

New things for this year are the Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car, adding in more strategy elements. Finally formation lap and manual starts are in, meaning you have to get your tires and brakes up to temperature, then figure out the rev range is on your car for the best start before releasing the clutch when the lights go out. The damage model has taken a step up this year in terms of sensitivity but there's not much they can do in terms of damage as FOM (Formula One Management) and the Sponsors of the teams don't like seeing body parts missing or smashed up cars, so the extent of the damage is front wing, wheel punctures, suspension failures and engine failures.

Hope this helps

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