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With four months of MLB The Show 16 now in the books itís time to evaluate just how developer Sony San Diego can improve on an all-around excellent game next year. From gameplay to the big modes (Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, Road to the Show) Press Row Podcast host Bryan Wiedey and panelists Owen Good and T.J. Lauerman go through a great number of personal suggestions and those contributed by the community. A bonus segment follows with Kat Bailey discussing NHL 17online beta impressions and early observations of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

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# 1 bxphenom7 @ 08/07/16 12:19 PM
Personally I wish The Show's player models were more like Pro Yakyuu, along with animations. Maybe I'm reaching, but I always felt like The Show's models were too big which would lead to them covering the field too easily, limiting hit variety. I'm probably reaching since I'm sure proper ratios were accounted for. But through just videos of Pro Yakyuu, you can see runners able to do more on balls hit down the line, and fielders not being able to reach balls that properly drop in front of them. I never played Pro Yakyuu, just seen plenty of videos on youtube, but the ball physics look better. So do the size of the players in relation to the field size. Those hits that take a shortstop into the outfield are there. Animations also see fielders not taking too long to get rid of the ball or freeze for that split second that was needed to get a runner out at first. Stolen bases also look better. It feels like it comes down to space and player size, something I felt MVP Baseball also had down. Maybe I'm reaching?

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