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Game Informer has posted a new Madden NFL 17 developer Q&A with EA Tiburon's Rex Dickson (creative director), John White (franchise lead designer), and Michael Hoag (presentation designer). The Q&A confirms formation subs will be included in a day one patch. Users will be able to update them from within CFM, including in the menus. Many other items are discussed, so make sure to give it a listen.

Source - The Sports Desk The Madden 17 Developers Answer Your Questions

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# 1 Cowboy008 @ 08/08/16 03:36 PM
Haven't listened to it. Is there any new information in the video? Don't think I want to watch a 46 minute video.
# 2 jpdavis82 @ 08/08/16 03:37 PM
Originally Posted by Cowboy008
Haven't listened to it. Is there any new information in the video? Don't think I want to watch a 46 minute video.

Watching it right now, I'll update

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# 3 StL_RamZ @ 08/08/16 03:39 PM
Was hoping for an article, can someone summarize? Would mean a lot to the members of the community that can't watch
# 4 jpdavis82 @ 08/08/16 04:01 PM
Ok here's what's new to me, so far, about halfway in, this may not be to others.

Contract negotiations, added some new feedback and feel like they laid a good foundation for where they want to go with negotiations and contracts in the future.

Coordinators & Coaching Carousel a high priority they want to get in, want to get the license to have each specific coordinator.

No Lambeau Leap in 17[emoji53]
Halftime remains largely the same, fixed bugs, want to focus on it more possibly in 18, and talked about highlights from other games as possibility. Also want to expand the ticker and talked about having highlights and commentary tied to it as something they want to add in the future.

They have added a new mechanic so you won't accidentally skip halftime, have to hold the A button to skip halftime.

FORMATION SUBS ARE IN, John White announces in this video at 34:30 mark [emoji3][emoji3]

Favorite feature in Madden 17
Michael Hoag Presentation Designer- First interactive experience, no spoilers, proud of what we did with it this year

John White CFM- Gameplanning and the reward for running the plays that you practiced, mentioned specifically when you play someone online who likes to run cover 2 and you call an attack cover 2 play to force him to change strategy.

Rex Dickson Gameplay Lead- Initially felt it was commentary, after more time, still love the commentary, but now feels it is the sum of its parts and feels very proud of what this game delivers and feels like they got Madden gameplay where he wanted it a lot faster than he thought they could and can now go after some of the more bells and whistles type stuff.

What they want to work on next

Michael Hoag- Special Teams was worked on this year but as a former college athlete, would like to see more done there and get to some of the intricacies of it to give the user more control.

John White- player mode definitely want to work on in the future

Rex Dickson- Story Mode and Team Play, feels like these features other sports games already have and we need to have them in our game. Each year it becomes more inexcusable not to have these things. Feels that it's a requirement that you check all these boxes that other sports games have checked in this day and age.

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# 5 kongemeier @ 08/08/16 04:19 PM
Oh, formation subs is in in 1st patch!!
# 6 jfsolo @ 08/08/16 04:29 PM
I know that others have said it, but I'll say it again FORMATION SUBS ARE IN!!!!
# 7 CM Hooe @ 08/08/16 04:37 PM
Updated thread title for visibility.

# 8 T4VERTS @ 08/08/16 04:46 PM
Did they say if it was going to only be for stock playbook? I know they were struggling to get it to work with customs.
# 9 Cowboy008 @ 08/08/16 05:00 PM
So we get formation subs on day 1?
# 10 jpdavis82 @ 08/08/16 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by Cowboy008
So we get formation subs on day 1?


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# 11 Unlucky 13 @ 08/08/16 05:04 PM
WOW! I did not expect to hear that. I may have just gone from on the fence to buying it the first week. That's one of the biggest things to be added back in since it was removed years ago.
# 12 Brightline @ 08/08/16 05:10 PM
Formation subs are a big add. Must give credit for getting this in.
# 13 solmon @ 08/08/16 05:13 PM
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Praise His Name. This, combined with the ability to fully edit, does it for me. Two biggest things.

# 14 solmon @ 08/08/16 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by jpdavis82

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This makes the game immediately so much more immersive - agree?
# 15 edgevoice @ 08/08/16 05:15 PM
Thanks for the info. Since I'm mostly an offline franchise mode geek, Madden 12 was my last purchase as I've felt EA took the game into a direction not geared to my liking. However, with improved game play, graphics that actually look next gen, player editing, custom playbooks and now formation subs back, I guess I got to pony up. lol... Hopefully next year the play calling screen will be addressed so we can set a game plan and have those plays pop up per situation assigned. That was one of the best features of M12. I understand they have a gameplan feature in this year, but I have not seen it show up on the play screen in any videos I've watched. Thanks again for info and link.
# 16 aholbert32 @ 08/08/16 05:15 PM
So happy to see this. Finally back in the game.

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# 17 BleedGreen710 @ 08/08/16 05:22 PM
formation subs and full player editing back in madden what a time to be alive
# 18 NDAlum @ 08/08/16 05:27 PM
Well this made my day!
# 19 jfsolo @ 08/08/16 05:30 PM
I wasn't going to do a 32 team control this year because the issues that made it necessary seemed to have been dealt with, but with formation subs in, I will probably do it so that I can help the CPU teams optimize their personnel usage.

As to some other things in the Q&A:

I know that most of them don't want it, but I feel bad for the rare online competitive player who actually does want penalties and other realistic quirks of the game to be in the game playing experience.

I like seeing Michael Hoag talk about knowing that Special Teams teams still needs a lot of work, and seeing Rex nod in agreement.

I think that John White is right, he doesn't actually say it, but a lot of CFM folks are sleeping on Gameplanning this year. It has excellent functionality now.

People who don't like Beyond Broadcast presentation, sorry, it's clearly a core part of their design philosophy.

Rex didn't come right out and say it, but it seems like M18 begins a new 3 year plan. I wonder if Frostbite makes it in for M18.
# 20 superjames1992 @ 08/08/16 05:32 PM
I mean, we had formation subs in Madden a decade ago two console generations past so I hesitate to get too excited, but I'm glad to see them back in. Very great addition.

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