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Dusenberry Martin Racing hosted another NASCAR Heat Evolution Twitch stream earlier this afternoon with Brad Keselowski, TC9700, and Jeff Favignano, as they walked through the game and answered questions.

For those of you that missed it, you can watch the archive here. Unfortunately, the first portion of the stream was cut off.

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# 1 Rules @ 08/14/16 08:32 AM
Looks like bumper cars. I also don't see the A.I. doing anything other than basically driving around in their assigned spot. First year I know but they have a long way to go right now.
# 2 Aggies7 @ 08/15/16 10:06 AM
Reference Rules comment: I couldn't turn volume up to watch so I couldn't hear if they mentioned it.....is this on sim setting.
# 3 Rules @ 08/15/16 12:18 PM
Brad raced with sim and full damage on. When he wrecked it damaged the car but not visually. I'm guessing they were not allowed to show damage visually????

Later Brad changed from sim to normal but don't know what that really is. He also changed to light damage but again, I couldn't tell much difference.
# 4 Aggies7 @ 08/18/16 12:20 AM
Watched a little bit more of it and the Gameplay and AI look pretty good in my opinion. Just need damage model to be there as well
# 5 Rules @ 08/18/16 07:22 AM
I just don't see any life in the A.I.. I hate seeing even on sim how the developer just moves cars out of the way. If he puts the car in small holes the A.I. just moves out of the way. You can't do that in real life!
# 6 JohnDoe8865 @ 08/24/16 02:27 PM
How close are we to sim racing, damage, etc? I had this game on a very short list of games I was looking forward to getting day one. I bought N15 on 360 but I was hoping for MAJOR improvements. Still waiting on more news/reviews I guess for the moment.
# 7 Aggies7 @ 08/25/16 10:34 PM
Honestly, I think we have yet to even see what the Sim Damage Model looks like. Or at least I haven't seen a video of it
# 8 Earl1963 @ 08/26/16 10:20 AM
Doesn't look very fun. But that's NASCAR.

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