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SimFBallCritic has posted a new Madden NFL 17 video featuring the Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers vs. Arizona Cardinals.

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# 1 mrprice33 @ 08/12/16 12:07 PM
That Vikings Stadium looks soooo good you guys
# 2 Turbojugend @ 08/12/16 12:12 PM
I will take the new commentary over Nantz and Simms all day long.
# 3 ratedmoney @ 08/12/16 12:16 PM
Paused the vid at the 5:13 mark. First impressions, graphics are good, commentary although it's a chopped up vid you can tell it's lightyears better. My disappointments are I'm still not seeing pressure from DEs, and QB throwing animations are so far behind all other animations in the game.
# 4 SageInfinite @ 08/12/16 12:18 PM
Looks like a fun game. Like that they fixed the sig QB stances. Also like how Palmer's sig throw triggered almost always. Commentary is a nice fresh change. QB dropbacks from under center have got to be redone, they look awful......
# 5 sir psycho @ 08/12/16 12:22 PM
The lack of pass rush in all of the videos is pretty disappointing. Maybe next year.

As others have pointed out, the commentary is majorly improved. I'm definitely looking forward to getting this game.
# 6 Cowboy008 @ 08/12/16 12:23 PM
That video was good and I liked just about everything I saw. I still think the QB has way too much time to throw the ball.
# 7 RyanLaFalce @ 08/12/16 12:25 PM
I feel like this game looked a bit better in earlier versions. Think I'll wait on a discount for this.

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# 8 rudyjuly2 @ 08/12/16 12:26 PM
RB moves looked powerful. I did see pockets forming but a lot of time to throw. Honestly - I liked both of that. I want the special moves by AP to be dominant and scary. And I need more time to throw it lol. Much like I can't hit a real 100 mph in real life, I can't make decisions in under 3 seconds in Madden. I know some will not agree with that. Graphics looked good.

I also really liked play by play Gaudin. Energetic and very good.
# 9 Millennium @ 08/12/16 12:27 PM
Loved the videos.

Can you imagine if the broadcast cam used at 6:08 was playable? That would be so awesome.
# 10 BleedGreen710 @ 08/12/16 12:28 PM
wow this video blew me away. the most exciting thing i took from it was the CPU running game AI! they were making jukes and spins in the open field like I haven't seen in years. i also saw some really cool new animations. im so pumped for this game!!! the only negative I have is rodgers being like a statue in the pocket. and having too long to throw.
# 11 rudyjuly2 @ 08/12/16 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by Millennium
Loved the videos.

Can you imagine if the broadcast cam used at 6:08 was playable? That would be so awesome.
I've been begging for a horizontal all-22/Tecmo cam the last couple years. They need to add that!
# 12 CM Hooe @ 08/12/16 12:35 PM
The run by CPU Eddie Lacy at 5:06 is a thing of beauty.
# 13 DeuceDouglas @ 08/12/16 12:36 PM
The QB's are complete statues. The one Rodgers scramble looked good but out of the whole video it was the only play where the QB moved more much at all. Would have like to see the Packers DB do something on the TD pass instead of nothing and then diving into the ground. Nice seeing the CPU utilizing the ball carrier moves and zones looked good.
# 14 engrishbwudd @ 08/12/16 12:37 PM
Hoping to see some incomplete passes that aren't a result of the QB getting hit/thrown away. Maybe it's nitpicky, but I don't want to see Geno Smith throwing 80% every game.
# 15 Millennium @ 08/12/16 12:40 PM
Check out the MLB at 7:42 - he actually turns around to mirror the WR running over the middle. Love it!
# 16 Walbeb @ 08/12/16 12:43 PM
Have to agree on the QB pressure(lack of). Really hoping with the ratings changes we would see better pressure but guys are still getting stood up like crazy.

Game looks a lot crisper and the new running is fantastic, hoping we see similar moves for the elusive backs as I feel they have always been much worse than power backs.
# 17 underdog13 @ 08/12/16 12:50 PM
- Graphics look really good
- Cpu RB utilizing jukes,spins, etc.
- Run Blocking, check out the center at 3:27 and how he takes the LB where he wants to go.
- Wr Stalk Blocking looks realistic
- Commentary

- QB pocket AI. Looked really bad in the GB/ARI game. Rodgers never moved and didn't step up into the pocket when their was pressure.
- Lack of pass rush. A lot of hand fighting with little movement with their legs or feet. Doesn't look like the linemen have any power in their legs. More explosiveness is needed.

Sidenote: The Min stadium looks great but I'm gonna really miss having the Vikings play in an outdoor stadium.
# 18 iLLWiLL @ 08/12/16 12:57 PM
Love the new running, cutting animations. Gives the game a sense of gravity & physics, and ultimately a more realistic looking/playing game.
# 19 ForUntoOblivionSoar∞ @ 08/12/16 01:07 PM
Why did you cut it up like that? No way to judge the commentary with this video. Of all the guys to do it, simfootballcritic is the worst because his vids are the best. Oh well. What we CAN see looks really good.

The pocket and pass rush still needs a lot of work though. It's basically a 7 on 7 drill at this point. The way Von Miller rushes in this game is how AVERAGE ends probably should rush, and Von Miller should get to the qb in under 3 seconds on average.
# 20 bucky60 @ 08/12/16 01:26 PM
OL and DL still needs a lot of work. Little pass rush. The QB dropback does not stay inside the pocket, it seems to always be deeper than the pocket. It's disappointing in that this is an area they've been working on for years now. I really thought it would be more advanced than it is.

A realistic pass rush seems like it would help out in almost all other areas of defense.

I plan on getting M17 (for reasons outside of this thread topic -full player editing, formation subs and practice squad).

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