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AiiRxJONES has posted another Madden NFL 17 video. This one featuring the New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints in career mode.

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# 1 jpdavis82 @ 08/13/16 12:15 PM
Priority and upset alerts, nice!Not sure if the NFL has "upsets" but definitely like the priority alert on divisional games!!

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# 2 JoshC1977 @ 08/13/16 12:51 PM
GOD....I just love the ticker!! So badly needed for immersion, so happy it is there. Maybe now I can give a crap what is going on in the rest of league instead of feeling like I am playing 16 'play now' games for a season.
# 3 Steve_OS @ 08/13/16 08:20 PM
Sean Payton back.
# 4 sir psycho @ 08/13/16 08:30 PM
I was so pumped when the ticker was announced...and I love that they added upset/divisional game alerts. These things are really going to help make the franchise mode feel more alive.
# 5 SolidSquid @ 08/13/16 10:27 PM
Who calls the plays in player cfm? 1st and goal from the 3 and 3 straight shotgun runs. That's beyond Pete Carroll level.

All these broken tackles make me think something is missing on defense. Defenders getting pulled in to canned "juked" animations is fine but when the ball carrier breaks a tackle there are 2-3 defenders around who all trip over the downed defender while the ball carrier waltzes through the traffic. Defenders need better contextual movements/animations. They should at least put their hands down on the downed guy or be automatically hurdling them. The play at 6:13 is an example
# 6 huskerfan4life @ 08/13/16 10:41 PM
I love the ticker it is going to make the CFM immersion 100% better
# 7 Cowboy008 @ 08/13/16 11:21 PM
The ticker is going to be huge for the immersion for me. Now I just hope when doing 32 team CFM that the scores on the ticker when I'm playing my CFM game will be the same scores I see when I sim the rest of the week.
# 8 bdeezy89 @ 08/14/16 02:19 AM
WTF at 2:53. Harris is just standing there when he's suppose to be blocking. He would've scored if he did
# 9 Americas Team @ 08/14/16 04:20 AM
Nice foot-planting!
# 10 DblocW @ 08/15/16 12:28 PM
Does the ticker also do that for connected franchises with kther users? Still cool tho. Nice vide, made my gmen proper lol

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