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Check out the NBA 2K17 screenshot of Paul George (cover athlete) and post your thoughts.

UPDATE: Here is a higher resolution screenshot.

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# 1 2_headedmonster @ 08/15/16 03:04 PM
Paul been getting them gainz.....
# 2 MoneyOvaHuds @ 08/15/16 03:06 PM
Yea looks like it lol
# 3 Goffs @ 08/15/16 03:07 PM
One of many screenshots where it's only the upper half shown.

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# 4 MoneyOvaHuds @ 08/15/16 03:10 PM
Never mind
# 5 oneHova @ 08/15/16 03:12 PM
It looks like PG has a women's chest in this smh

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# 6 2_headedmonster @ 08/15/16 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by oneHova
It looks like PG has a women's chest in this smh

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As thin as he is he shouldn't have a chest protruding at all...
# 7 michaelhawj @ 08/15/16 03:19 PM
wow PG model look amazing, i want see what does Ben Simmon, Ingram look like in NBA 2k17
# 8 hanzsomehanz @ 08/15/16 03:21 PM
Ya this is way too thick.. it's easily noticeable... his forearm alone looks way too bulky

I'll get past it in-game but the screenshot is not appealing.. it's not any type or bait that gets me excited for 17

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# 9 MontanaMan @ 08/15/16 03:21 PM
Dope, but why do they refuse to make the shooting sleeves go to the wrist every year? lol
# 10 The 24th Letter @ 08/15/16 03:22 PM
Looks like they dialed back that red tint from last year, looks a lot better
# 11 stillfeelme @ 08/15/16 03:28 PM
PG looks overly big

This pic is to show off tattoos I guess
# 12 Futurestyl3 @ 08/15/16 03:30 PM

His hairline is impeccable
# 13 Junior Moe @ 08/15/16 03:41 PM
Nice pic. The model is still too bulky but it is what it is. Looks good, though.
# 14 RyanLaFalce @ 08/15/16 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by Ronnie2KThaDevil
Screen Shots are the biggest Scam in the gaming industry...Nice photo shopping skills Ronnie u really are the devil .. Give us game mode news..If 2k dont have myteam draft 2k17 will be a huge disappointment

Ronnie2K has absolutely nothing to do with development.

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# 15 MontanaMan @ 08/15/16 03:50 PM
Dude, that screenname.

# 16 kolanji @ 08/15/16 03:51 PM
Am guessing this is a pc screen....

nonetheless hair looks improved over the spray painted on version we got on consoles in 2k16..
But am still crossing my fingerd hoping consoles get the better hair improvements
# 17 BornIndy @ 08/15/16 04:02 PM
PG looks like he is on steroids

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# 18 cthurt @ 08/15/16 04:05 PM
A bit on the bulky side but that's to be expected with 2k, from the little I see it looks some what like the 2k14 lighting which I have no problem with.
# 19 qjrchris2 @ 08/15/16 04:06 PM
Dare I say it that this screenshot kind of looks like it has 2k14's lighting?
# 20 Halloween @ 08/15/16 04:24 PM
Head and Face A+

Body D-

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