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ThatKiddKuda has posted his NBA 2K17 hands-on impressions, going over many topics, including MyGM, MyLEAGUE, player creation, new rules, new modes and much more. Check it out and post your thoughts.

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# 1 jmaj315 @ 08/31/16 09:17 PM
the biggest question i have about myleague online:

What kind of finance info/rules are included?

I've done way too much research about the current CBA (and not enough of my school work) and want as many of the rules included as they can get!
# 2 gantous @ 08/31/16 09:22 PM
This guy is so annoying and also he didn't say anything we dont already know. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME DONT WATCH THIS JOKER!
# 3 Vni @ 08/31/16 09:24 PM
Yeah no. I don't blame them for being hyped up but the first 30 seconds are kinda brutal. I'll wait for better stuff.
# 4 gantous @ 08/31/16 09:25 PM
Also, he said absolutely nothing about player creation
# 5 LorenzoDC @ 08/31/16 09:28 PM
Pretty much the same info as the OS 75 things blog today about MyGM/ML/MLO, but that's fine.
# 6 sactown_13 @ 09/01/16 01:57 AM
Nothing new here. Is this the marketing? Im not sure what 2k is doing here. Give us the write ups from devs.
# 7 malekem @ 09/01/16 02:07 AM
# 8 jk31 @ 09/01/16 03:46 AM
Am I the only one hating videos? I want to read whats new and not watch a 10 minute video of a stupid guy talking to get information, I could've gotten in 2 minutes of reading...
# 9 Dr. Banner @ 09/01/16 05:15 AM
2k literally lets the fanboys play their game early so they can go crazy and act like everything they played so amazing and tell us how different the game is etc. literally every year, and we fall for it. Smart Strategy though.
# 10 CaseIH @ 09/01/16 06:25 AM
Originally Posted by Vni
Yeah no. I don't blame them for being hyped up but the first 30 seconds are kinda brutal. I'll wait for better stuff.

Yeah, me neither, he was a young kid, so I wasnt expecting to hear much of what I really wanted. I would like to know how simulated stats are in My League, and watched the video hoping that I would here something about it. Maybe they dont let them sim thru a season to check stats of players and teams, but if they did allow it, I wish someone there would have check it out, to see if things are closer to being accurate to real life. Oh well, Ive decided after all Im getting it day1, as long as the wife has the money for it, so I will either be surprisingly happy or I will be disappointed once again with sim stats for players and teams being inaccurate in some areas. I guess I gave some hope since there was a improvement in some of the ssim stats in 16 compared to the previous few years.

I do find it funny all these guys hyping up this start today feature like its somehting new, when its not. It was there then they took it out a couple years ago. I hope this time around the awards arent screwed up at season end if you use start today feature, because it was broke the last time it was in the game.
# 11 IAmOmega24 @ 09/02/16 09:13 PM
I couldn't even watch the whole video. Too annoying for my taste. I would rather read an article too.
# 12 kongemeier @ 09/03/16 08:24 AM
I'm getting old...

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