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It's time to take a pulse of where everyone is in Madden NFL 17!

What mode is getting the most playtime for you thus far? Is it Franchise? Ultimate Team/Draft Champions? Online Versus Modes? Something else?

Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know what you are playing most in the comments!

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# 1 malky @ 09/07/16 12:41 PM
Franchise ALL DAY!!!!
# 2 rkocjay @ 09/07/16 12:44 PM
Only franchise Nothing else needs to be played
# 3 cmehustle @ 09/07/16 01:07 PM
Unfortunatley Im in Afghanistan right now and cant do the online CFM like I would love to. So for the time being, getting it in with the solo CFM
# 4 Toupal @ 09/07/16 02:13 PM
Franchise mode is, and always will be the most played game mode in madden...

I am hopeful that they continue to improve and step their game up with this mode!
# 5 Vikes1 @ 09/07/16 02:17 PM
Off-line franchise. Enjoying 17 a bunch.
# 6 Izzy Snow @ 09/07/16 02:22 PM
I'm surprisingly hooked on MUT solos this year. I have a 83 ovr team no money spent.
# 7 dsnyder336 @ 09/07/16 02:58 PM
I play online.. Head to Head. I also play Draft Champions.. I can not remember the last Madden I played a Franchise on.
# 8 snc237 @ 09/07/16 03:17 PM
Draft champs baby. Best way to play with friends! Franchise is starting soon as well
# 9 PatriotsNation617 @ 09/07/16 03:18 PM
Offline CFM
# 10 booker21 @ 09/07/16 04:30 PM
Offline CFM!
# 11 boxboy99 @ 09/07/16 04:42 PM
I'm mostly playing MUT/DC right now. There are pro's and con's for me to each mode but I'm usually a franchise guy.

- Offline CFM (Playing the CPU gets boring).

- Online CFM (I'm old enough and have enough going on that scheduling games is a pain. Otherwise this is my favorite way to play.)

- MUT (I like they are going quasi-competitive with this mode however it is built for micro transactions. The situational solos are fun but I don't find grinding solo's for coin's fun or productive and I'm not paying real money. Salary cap is a step forward but again you need to pay coins to play the mode which is a killer.)

- DC(Would be better if they added more players. Too many event tickets to play ranked, so you are forcing people into MUT).

Both MUT and DC I miss the stats aspect of the game. Also, I liked the old season format where you could move up or down levels. Now my rating goes up or down during the season and seems like I can be matched up with anyone random. So there doesn't feel like as much to play for, maybe that changes in the ranked modes?
# 12 PredatorKingdom @ 09/07/16 04:43 PM
Franchise for sure especially when I first get the game, I usually play online head-to-head when I get back to Madden during the summertime.

I've never tried Draft Champions before, may have to try it one day.

I really want to get back playing online franchises and a good one at that but they're harder to find these days.
# 13 steeldee7 @ 09/07/16 07:06 PM
On and Offline CFM
# 14 Atax1s @ 09/07/16 07:51 PM
CFM for sure. I dabble in MUT but I have a 4 man online CFM in which we have a team in each NFC division represented. Just about to hit the playoffs and all 4 of us are in.
# 15 Herky @ 09/07/16 08:30 PM
Franchise it's all I ever play. The other modes do not interest me at all even though I've tried them out short term.
# 16 Tybudd @ 09/07/16 09:13 PM
How can I have more than 1 Franchise mode save, it always loads up my original save, I'd like to be the Coach, the Player, and 1 as the owner.
# 17 Ruben2424 @ 09/07/16 09:53 PM
Franchise Mode.
# 18 Cowboy008 @ 09/07/16 11:08 PM
Franchise mode
# 19 Northernwolf @ 09/08/16 07:54 AM
Franchise! always Franchise. both off and online Franchise. It is really good this year!
# 20 sir psycho @ 09/08/16 09:33 AM
Offline franchise is all that I play

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