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The Cover Four is a defense your opponent will typically dial up when they are expecting you to try to throw it deep and/or when you have a long way to go to get a first down.

This umbrella coverage, if called correctly by the defense, will typically keep an offense from converting on a 3rd and long scenario (as just one example).

The beautiful thing about football, and Madden, is that every coverage has something which can beat it. The cover four is no different.

You'll want to attack the Cover Four (and Cover Three for that matter) in situations where its appropriate for your opponent to call it. That's usually long yardage situations. Routes like slants and curls are good -- but anything which results in multiple players attacking the intermediate and short areas of the field will result in at least one player being open. Ideally that one player will be your best open field receiver who can run with the ball.

Throwing over the top against a cover four, especially this year, is going to be a bad idea almost always. To convert a long yardage situation against a cover four, you'll want to try to run concepts which results in the intermediate routes being open and having some running room. I've also had some success with screens in these situations.

It goes without saying, but your odds of converting first downs when you face long yardage are long to begin with -- but at least you have a fighting chance versus throwing deep into double coverage.

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# 1 Petty_KneeGrow @ 09/08/16 01:49 PM
If I only still played Madden.... this would be some good info...
# 2 snc237 @ 09/08/16 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by Petty_KneeGrow
If I only still played Madden.... this would be some good info...
Why are you not. This years is a great addition.
# 3 mikejones76 @ 09/09/16 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by Petty_KneeGrow
If I only still played Madden.... this would be some good info...

But you are here..... In a madden forum.
# 4 ggsimmonds @ 09/09/16 11:10 AM
Does anyone have success using the pin concept (Madden calls it mills) vs the cover 4 in this year's Madden?

It has worked for me in the past, but haven't been running it this year.

I do sometimes run the Dagger concept vs a cover 4, and as long as you occupy the lone hook defender the pass should be there (with running room).
# 5 ggsimmonds @ 09/09/16 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by mikejones76
But you are here..... In a madden forum.
Or he commented from the front page article.
# 6 Fear The Clown @ 09/11/16 03:24 PM
The best part about Madden this year? You legitimately need to know and understand football concepts like this this year to win consistently. I've been playing football games for 16 years straight now and have NEVER felt inclined to really need to know what beat what coverages and have had above average success. I've been forced, FORCED, to learn the ins and outs of football this year beyond just hitting the open hole and throwing to the open receiver. Each time I learn something new my game gets better on offense and defense.EA has really made a football sim like no other while maintaining the fun core gameplay that we've all known had this sort of potential for years.
# 7 Bigg Cee @ 09/11/16 03:35 PM
I hate cover 4 for deep passes. Cover 4 up the middle is so easy but the outside can be a bit tricky. Tampa 2 is honestly amazing this year and just good for everything you need done. 3-4 and 4-3 are amazing but dime Tampa 2 doesn't seem to work that good.

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