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In case you hadn't heard, Cleveland has put Robert Griffin III on IR after he suffered a shoulder injury in the Browns week one game against the Eagles.

The Browns lost the game 29-10 -- and the long, sordid history of QB failures in Cleveland seems to be well on its way to continuing with RGIII's IR assignment.

Griffin does stand a chance to return mid-season -- but the earliest possible date he can return is November 10.

So where does this put you if you are a Madden gamer (and also a glutton for punishment) who uses the Browns extensively?

Well, hello there Josh McCown.

Compared to RGIII's 75 overall talent, McCown is a 71 overall -- so the drop off isn't that big. Especially considering RG III's speed and throw power are the two differentiatiors between him and McCown.

McCown actually has advantages in throwing accuracy in short (83 vs. 81), medium (78 vs. 77) and deep (78 vs. 75), so it could be a lot worse -- like being an actual Cleveland Browns quarterback.

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# 1 icicle22 @ 09/12/16 04:03 PM
Don't know why they even went down this path. Should have just started McCown and began grooming a rookie in the first place to be ready when the team starts to gain some traction. Not suggesting they would be good anytime soon but clearly the plan is to build the team from the ground up which explains why they cleaned house and signed almost all of their rookies. They are building for the future. At least "there is always next year" has a real purpose now. Maybe down the road they might actually turn the corner and be relevant again since they are trying to build the team from the foundation up this time.
# 2 azdawgpound @ 09/12/16 04:06 PM
Funny thing is just played a game in my cfm and RG3 was injuried with shoulder tear out 5 weeks.

And far as real life guess we'll just go on sucking like normal with #26 starting qb.
# 3 DBMcGee3 @ 09/12/16 04:38 PM
Wow, I hadn't even heard about that yet. So much for that redemption song, this dude is too fragile for this league.
# 4 Aiq xDoDx @ 09/12/16 04:45 PM
I use Kessler in my online 32man cfm. Younger and fairly similar attributes.
# 5 extremeskins04 @ 09/12/16 04:56 PM
Being that I'm also a Redskins fan cause I'm originally from Washington DC, I tried to warn the Browns about RG3...

..nobody listened.

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