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NASCAR Heat Evolution is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Get in a few laps and post your impressions!

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# 1 Rules @ 09/12/16 04:32 PM
I love Nascar but I am going to wait to see just how bad the bugs are and how quickly they get fixed.
# 2 dave360 @ 09/12/16 06:22 PM
I'm debating taking the 2 hour gamble (refund within 2 hours if you don't care for it)
# 3 goillini03 @ 09/12/16 06:32 PM
I will be waiting on reviews and probably a price drop.
# 4 scoman @ 09/12/16 06:51 PM
I'm chomping at the bit for a quality Nascar game, but Ill be waiting for impressions for sure,based on the past and the $60.00 price point.
# 5 Rules @ 09/12/16 06:52 PM
Originally Posted by dave360
I'm debating taking the 2 hour gamble (refund within 2 hours if you don't care for it)

Same here. You first lol.
# 6 Turbojugend @ 09/12/16 07:52 PM
This dude is posting tons of vids:


I was thinking about picking this up tomorrow after work, but it seems as though my local Best Buy may not even be stocking it. In which case I'll pick up Bioshock Collection and call it a day.
# 7 jway44 @ 09/12/16 09:30 PM
Seems to have a 6 out of 10 rating on Steam. Most are complaining about draw distance and how "arcade" the game is. I was under the impression that it had lots of "simulation" settings that could be tweaked. I guess I'll find out when Amazon delivers tomorrow.

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# 8 Mo @ 09/13/16 12:09 AM
watched someone stream it tonight, it wasnt that bad(low bar).

Had to actually work through the field.

One negative, no AI wrecks. Way too clean.
# 9 JeremyB @ 09/13/16 05:57 AM
I really want a nascar game and am divided on this. There's just too many games right now with madden,nhl,f1 and nba2k coming up.

Like a lot of you guys I think I may wait and see how it shakes out with the guys that ar getting it for sure. I'm trying to find some videos that show cockpit cam. There have been some quick glances but haven't see a video that focuses on just it.
# 10 brandon27 @ 09/13/16 08:37 AM
Alright, I'm going to preface this impression by saying the following. It's in very limited time in the game, maybe only 30 minutes. So it's a very quick impression. It's for XB1, and I managed to get two races (both at Texas), and the Brad K challenge (California) in this morning before work. Basic impression, from basic time, but some issues that were pretty eye opening to me. So, keep in mind.. very limited experience at this point. More time in the game likely will change my opinion.

First race, I ran on "Normal", just to feel the game out. It's not the setting for me. Too, tight, too easy. I smoked the field in that first race and I assume that's because it's using that first race to get your speed rating (I had a 92) so set the adaptive AI.

I then ran the Brad K challenge at Autoclub/Cali. Also still on Normal, because it didn't appear to give me a way to not run the challenge, and you can't change difficulty settings in a session from what I could tell. Finished 1st. Easy.

Second race I switched over to Simulation mode. You can definitely tell the difference in the handling, traction etc. The driving model feels... clunky to me. Maybe I need to play with the steering sensitivity, right? Good luck doing that though... because you can't edit it mid session either apparently. I qualified 11th for this race, the AI definitely was stronger as it adapted to me, and I didn't run very well for my first lap on the "simulation" setting. I didn't get a chance to run the actual race though, I had to leave for work. The car though, still seemed too stuck to the track for my liking. You do feel like you've got a 3400lb stock car under your control, so that's nice, but unless I was accelerating from a dead stop, I didn't feel like I had 700+ horsepower.

So here's my take on the game itself:

Visually: It's not good. It looks.. ok, but It's nowhere near the quality of a Xb1/PS4 game. It's like playing on the previous gen, but with more.. clarity.

Sound: It sounds alright, the engine sounds are good. The spotter audio is spliced together pretty terribly. In my run at Cali, I caused a spin that I drove away from all you here is "There's a crash in.... turn 4" It didn't sound natural at all.

Gameplay: Honestly, I didn't get a chance to run a race in simulation mode. So keep that in mind. My general take on this game though... It was clearly rebuilt from the ground up. The model that Martin and company had from their Eutechnyx efforts sure feels completely gone. I'm not sure I like that. I liked their driving model, it was their AI that stunk. As I said earlier, driving here feels very clunky. could be the controller settings.

That being said, the whole thing feels, and looks very rushed to me. There's not a lot of in game info. Everythign is very basic. Which includes the settings. If you don't like the normal setting, and you find simulation too difficult to control the car, you're done. There's no setting to turn any level of traction control on or off. No stability control. I don't think there was an ABS setting either. Things that have been staples in every single racing game from a difficulty standpoint. Simply don't exist. The only things you can control are brake, acceleration, and steering sensitivity, but I don't think you can do that from within a race session, only at the main menu, which is a head scratcher to me. There is a nice spot to test the settings though with an on screen visualization. It's amazing what little control you have over difficulty, and customizing your driving experience.

Speaking of control.. I hope you like their default controller settings. Because you cant change those either. So, on XB1, accelerate and braking are your triggers obviously, up shift is the RB above the trigger. Downshift is the LB above the trigger. So, if you drive using your index fingers on the gas and brake triggers, have fun figuring out how to shift through your gear box. Sure, on most ovals it wont matter likely as you can swap fingers, but heaven forbid you have to do that urgently, and I can imagine what a nightmare it may be on Watkins Glen or Sonoma.

I didn't get to look at the car setup screens, so I can't provide feedback there.

Once you set some times down, your AI difficult settings become auto, which I assume tunes to your driving experience in the game, or you can go plus, or minus in what appear to be 2 step drops/increases from auto. So you can still tailor it a bit.

The AI, in the Brad challenge, as I was flying through them, did seem to be on different lines, they were a bit strung out, they seemed to want to be aggressive, but I was just flying through the field too fast. Drafting, provides a big boost to speed. You really felt as if you were "sucking up" to the car in front, so that was nice, and I'm sure as the AI adjusts to your driving level it will feel even better.

Camera settings, I think you have just 3. In car, roof, and a chase cam, that for me, is positioned too low. There may have been a fourth from the front bumper, but I can't recall.

Career: Again, no time yet to experiment.

Overall Quick impression: I wish I'd waited for reviews and not pre-ordered. I'm pretty disappointed at this point. Spending more time with this tonight to get used to the driving model, and experiment a bit more so I can get used to it, maybe explore the menu's more to see if some things I noted as missing are there. The visuals don't make you think you're playing X1 or PS4 (I assume), and things seem pretty basic, and pretty... rushed really. As of right now, I'm struggling to see why this game is being sold at the price point it is. More time, especially in career mode, and as I get used to the driving model I think will make me enjoy it more. It looks enjoyable at quick glances, the AI on Normal mode seemed pretty racey even though I was flying by them for the most part, so I think it's going to give some fun racing, and afterall, that's what's really going to matter here.

I think there's a good foundation underneath all this for a first effort, but can't help but feel this could have taken another few months under development and waited until February for a release around the season opener of the real Nascar season. The lack of driving settings, custom controller settings seems a bit, odd to me.

As I run more, I'll provide more feedback. However, my personal opinion at this point... I was on the fence about this, and I wish I would have waited for some reviews, or a better price point. Maybe my opinion will change on that as I spend some more time with it tonight, but that's my initial thought.
# 11 TMaj1972 @ 09/13/16 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by dave360
I'm debating taking the 2 hour gamble (refund within 2 hours if you don't care for it)
What stores offer the 2 hour return policy? Sounds like I need to start shopping there.
# 12 dave360 @ 09/13/16 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by TMaj1972
What stores offer the 2 hour return policy? Sounds like I need to start shopping there.
If you buy from Steam and don't like a game and you've played less than 2 hours,you can request a refund. This is PC only though.
# 13 fearwhatnow @ 09/13/16 10:06 AM
I won't even bother buying and refunding. Back to NR2k3 it is.
# 14 Velocityy @ 09/13/16 10:48 AM
Damn, with the above review and then this one (warning, long and some pretty harsh language): https://pretendracecars.net/2016/09/...eat-evolution/

Looks like this is a must avoid this year. I'm sad about that.
# 15 JeremyB @ 09/13/16 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by Velocityy
Damn, with the above review and then this one (warning, long and some pretty harsh language): https://pretendracecars.net/2016/09/...eat-evolution/

Looks like this is a must avoid this year. I'm sad about that.
Wow, can't race on some tracks until unlock points,recycled engine sounds, physics from old games. I think I'm glad I held back on this one.

Earn points to unlock tracks??

Like being a packers fan and not being able to play at lambeau or a Yankees fan and have to play in other parks before you can have a game at Yankee stadium
# 16 mdiggitydawg @ 09/13/16 11:38 AM
Damn, was really looking forward to a fun racing title...guess I will switch the pre-order over to something else and wait for a price drop
# 17 Turbojugend @ 09/13/16 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by Velocityy
Damn, with the above review and then this one (warning, long and some pretty harsh language): https://pretendracecars.net/2016/09/...eat-evolution/

Looks like this is a must avoid this year. I'm sad about that.
Wow, that was on-point and brutal. And it wasn't just some random online rant, that reviewer obviously has a ton of experience with racing games.

Locking the tracks has to be one of the most seriously WTF decisions I've seen in awhile. One of the first things I like to do in a NASCAR game is check out the track authenticity, now I can't do that when I take the game home? Give us classic paint schemes, drivers, fantasy road courses, etc., as unlockables, but don't put the damn tracks behind a skill/exp wall.

I was seriously considering picking this up after work today -- and I still might only to have a new NASCAR game -- but the above review and Brandon's comments above makes the decision more difficult.
# 18 countryboy @ 09/13/16 12:11 PM
After reading Brandon's post and that review, I think I'll be skipping this year's game. Its a shame to, as I was looking forward to having a NASCAR game on the PS4.
# 19 jway44 @ 09/13/16 12:15 PM
Mine is being delivered in the mail today. I knew about the tracks being locked as it was in all of the preview stories that were done on the game. I wasn't expecting much, and yet I knew I needed a true NASCAR fix. F1 will still be the best console racer of this generation, but hopefully this game can scratch the itch for some turning left. We will see.

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# 20 Thomas Veil @ 09/13/16 12:36 PM
I'm not in the sky is falling mode yet...first of all yeah the linked review sounds like it's for the PC which may be somewhat different for the PS4 etc. He sounds knowledgeable but sometimes the guys that are Mr. Racing are not the best judges of a game for everyone plus he's a little over the top and rambling.

As far as the unlocking thing what's the big deal?...if you get this for $60 or whatever I certainly hope you would put enough time into it to unlock the tracks. Should they have been unlocked...sure...but gheez people it's certainly not a deal breaker or even a blip on the radar.

We'll see but I'm not bumming yet. To be honest going in I knew it's the first edition of the new rebuild. We'll see what they patch in down the line and hopefully the foundation is good.

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