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3on3 Freestyle, developed by Joycity, is attempting to build an authentic street basketball game experience. PlayStation 4 fans can sign up for closed beta now, at the official site.

According to the blog post on Playstation.com, 3on3 Freestyle will feature courts from cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York.

The game will feature a variety of characters, where no two characters will appear the same, with different playing styles and stories behind each player, along with their own signature moves and tricks.

3on3 Freestyle will support online multiplayer -- but the game will also feature a local co-op multiplayer mode, allowing you to gather with your friends at home and play online multiplayer as a team.

Below are some of the game features:
  • Dive into the massive online community and play real-time 3on3 matches
  • Enjoy the unique art style powered by the Unreal Engine
  • Support for local co-op to challenge players online (up to 3 player locally)
  • Play the easy to pick up and fast paced street ball match with your friends
  • Choose character with different position and different skill set for strategic team combination
  • Initiate co-op skills with your teammates to show off the team work
  • Manage your characters to unlock more skills and features in the game

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Member Comments
# 1 Steve_OS @ 09/26/16 04:47 PM
I signed up, haven't received a code yet. Anyone else have any luck?
# 2 Aby777 @ 09/26/16 06:58 PM
Hope they never bring this to Xbox
# 3 Vic Viper @ 09/26/16 09:00 PM
I registered 2 months ago via invite through PSN. I tried to do it again and it verfied I signed up for beta. I still haven't seen a email yet. I'm going to check my trash Steve. Check yours as well just in case.
# 4 ajs41072 @ 09/26/16 09:56 PM
check your spam folder, that's where mine was. I got it today. I think I signed up a week or so ago.
# 5 Steve_OS @ 09/26/16 10:23 PM
My code just arrived in my inbox. Going to try and download it now. 2.8 GB.
# 6 mcmax3000 @ 09/27/16 11:02 AM
I also got my code last night after signing up yesterday afternoon.
# 7 outkaz79 @ 09/28/16 09:13 AM
It is ok. I wish you could create a character. Tired of seeing the same people all ready
# 8 CEOHaize @ 09/28/16 01:09 PM
Played a few games. It's honestly pretty fun. Tied of the same characters and wish they'd had a better crossover mechanic. But as a just pick up and play a couple of games for fun thing it's nice
# 9 FD247 @ 09/28/16 11:16 PM
I have an extra code whoever wants to try it out - RT29-QFN6-TMPJ
# 10 CMH @ 09/29/16 01:25 PM
I'm a fan of the game play and style.

I don't know for sure if I like the high bounces off the rim. Makes adjusting to rebounding tough for me, and after three games it's easy to see that others are having the same issues. Perhaps in time we will adjust.

I think they need a couple of adjustments to things. Sometimes it's not clear who has the ball. There might be an indicator but amidst all of the bodies, I haven't found reason to look for those indications. I'm just looking for the ball so I can decide if I need to get open or prepare to block a shot.

Subbing seems a bit cumbersome. Would like my previous player to be the default option when Subbing for the second time. Also, maybe a bit more organization by placing similar types together. I hate that I want to be a small point guard and when Subbing out, I need to look for a similar build while trying to play defense.

Post up is ineffective. Can't chain any moves out of it. Not sure the purpose outside of a make shift drop step.

I do like how it works for hands up on defense. Something significant about the player speed and defensive ability that feels very comfortable. I don't get that type of response in 2K or Live.

I wish the shot meter existed in the practice court. Would be a good way to learn different shots outside of when it counts.

It's a simple move set but some differentiation would be nice. The big men/women should have hook shots. I don't mind the crossover mechanics but would be cool if there were different kinds like behind the back or a slight difference in hesitation speed, the animation.

I don't even mind if they just add two more animations and apply them to a couple players. At least a subtle difference. I do notice differences in running and jump shot animations.

Overall I like it. Some slowdown during online play but never disconnected.

I hope they continue to add new characters.
# 11 ODogg @ 09/29/16 03:38 PM
I enjoyed it, if it's a lower priced game I'll buy as it's a fun pick up and play game. As others have said, need a better way to see who has the ball and need to add more characters...only other complaint for me would be to change the controls because it's hard to go from NBA 2K controls to this..
# 12 CMH @ 10/01/16 07:27 PM
Stumbled into a game with two guys that could ball.

Played a couple more games together and blew out teams. Had to make sure we added each other.

Looking forward to this game releasing and having stat tracking for us.

I'm definitely a fan.

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