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MyCareer is a highly ambitious narrative driven mode in NBA 2K17. Starring yourself as the 'President of Basketball' and Michael B. Jordan as your best pal.

This year's mode features a lot of the same functionality as year's past but with a new narrative.

What do you think of the mode overall? Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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# 1 Finepanther @ 10/03/16 02:33 PM
Love to see a poll that asks how many play both the online and offline portions of this mode, or how many just play their seasons with no Park/Pro-am.
# 2 michaelhawj @ 10/03/16 02:37 PM
it okay, i hate VC points to grind for improve my player rating, buy animations
# 3 fzdoom @ 10/03/16 02:42 PM
Every year I start it and get to about my second NBA game before I lose interest. Just too much of a grind - especially if you refuse to spend more money on VC. Plus, you can't skip the cutscenes which makes it even more laborious. In the end it's designed to require you to spend money on upgrading your attributes, animations and gear. Total cash grab and not fun. I'll stick with PlayNow Online and MyLeague. To each their own though. Thats why i love 2K. There are many ways to enjoy the game.
# 4 CBAT @ 10/03/16 03:07 PM
I only play it so that I can rank up my player for online play. If I didn't need to play it for that reason, I wouldn't.
# 5 swiftkid @ 10/03/16 03:09 PM
I was loving my first season. Story setup better than 2k16 imo, and my only problem was not being able to skip cut scenes....
then the patch hit.... in my 2nd season:
-setting meeting on my phone, and crossing my fingers in hopes it shows up on my schedule
-my phone shows I have 1 unread text that I never see
-5 games into the season, the announcers are talking about me making it into the all star game

and I dare not trade myself off the team without Justice, I've been reading that just confuses 2k and makes things even more confusing.

Dope, but broken is what I'm trying to say...
# 6 mcpats @ 10/03/16 03:29 PM
No ability to sim practices or optional workouts are a drag for gamers with limited time as it prevents you from getting deep into the mode
# 7 Riderfan @ 10/03/16 03:30 PM
"5 games into the season, the announcers are talking about me making it into the all star game"

For me, it was the very first game of the second season where the announcers were discussing that I was going to the all-star game. I have to assume there's some flag set in season one when you go that never gets switched off.
# 8 BSchwartz07 @ 10/03/16 03:36 PM
I love the mode itself, and 2K does a MUCH better job than other sports titles. However, my big complaint last year was that if I simmed through any amount of games it would punish me (I'd lose connections), it is too much to ask someone to play 82 games a year.

This year has gotten worse, now I not only have to play 82 games, but I have to practice twice a day, respond to text messages, and social media? Really?

A few years back they highlighted 15-20 games a year that were "big games" you could play those and the playoffs and get a few years into a career without dedicating your life to NBA2K. Get back to that and I'd be more excited. The story mode, and the endorsements are great, but I know I won't play this past my rookie year.
# 9 SolidSquid @ 10/03/16 05:19 PM
I like their attempt but it's just not for me. I hate being pidgeoned holed into a role/story. If I'm the number one college recruit how can I only be a 55 overall? What if I don't wanna be the "president" and I wanna fly under the radar? If I create a lockdown defender why should I be so highly touted? What if I wanna be the best sixth man then NBA has ever seen and not a superstar like Lebron James.
# 10 wisdom less13 @ 10/03/16 05:55 PM
I just don't like having to play offline, just to play online...
# 11 emelki1968 @ 10/03/16 06:21 PM
I am sorry but for the first time I am out. It requires too much time, and it drags the joy and happiness of the game. It would be better to have certain games each year to play and your player develops depending of how you play those and your practice. 2K can't expect from you to play 10 hours a day considering you are also playing MyGM and maybe online games. Also, enough with the over the top " I am rolling my eyes every minute" script. It is like the writers of the Michael Bay's "Transformers" movies are writing for 2K. Really?
# 12 CC @ 10/03/16 06:45 PM
I started this today. The cutscenes are corny as hell, but that's to be expected from previous entries. I mostly just find it unrealistic that a player who gets selected for the olympics right out of college, is a lottery pick, and is deemed 'The President of Basketball' is 55 overall, while my best bud Michael Jordan who I can only assume was drafted in the second round is 73 overall.

Also, why the hell would the Raptors draft multiple PGs and trade for another journeyman PG?
# 13 Tengo Juego @ 10/03/16 08:04 PM
It's an improvement over 16, story wise. It's not full of intolerable characters. But it's full of unskippable scenes that often seem pointless and not meaningful to anything. Not to mention how tedious it all can be if you're playing a second character. I haven't seen the story through a full season, yet. I am curious if it sort of ends after this initial season like 16 did.

They've done a very good job of not making you choose between off-court activities or improving your abilities & attributes. It's much easier to find a balance. I just wish they would have condensed the training into one event instead of multiple times in a day. There's always 3 practice opportunities, and occasionally a team practice, on top of doing similar drills at your home gym. Loading into those events over and over is a bit excessive for essentially completing the same tasks/goals. And the ability to choose what you work on would greatly improve the experience. Walking into the gym as a C and being asked to practice shooting threes, working a pick and roll drill where you're the ball handler with another C... it's just messy logic and doesn't give you the opportunity to work on the things you should be to develop your particular archetype. Tailoring the workouts per-position should have been a focus with this new system of player builds.
Originally Posted by CC
I started this today. The cutscenes are corny as hell, but that's to be expected from previous entries. I mostly just find it unrealistic that a player who gets selected for the olympics right out of college, is a lottery pick, and is deemed 'The President of Basketball' is 55 overall, while my best bud Michael Jordan who I can only assume was drafted in the second round is 73 overall.

Also, why the hell would the Raptors draft multiple PGs and trade for another journeyman PG?
The draft logic and starting point are also incredibly questionable. I was drafted as a 6'9" Slasher SF to the Bucks. Makes absolutely no sense for me to completely blow up the the entire future of that organization in Giannis.
# 14 Retropyro @ 10/03/16 09:02 PM
Was always my favourite mode, but I can't stand it anymore. If they fix core gameplay and separate Mycareer from MyPark and Pro-AM, then I'll go back.
# 15 gantous @ 10/03/16 11:53 PM
I just hate how the decisions behind the MyCareer mode are completely tied to the MyPark/Pro-Am mode.. They encourage people to pay to have a better overall off the start. 2k's strongest points have always been in simulation in realism in sports gaming, this sort of option isn't available for the single player career. If MyCareer had the same options and customization as MyLeague with no VC tied to stat progression, and the option to pick existing NBA players (and in the meantime add tattoos to CAP) That would be my dream mode as a lifelong 2k player.
# 16 ELPAGA @ 10/04/16 04:14 PM
I am very disappointed in this game mode. It's pretty clear they didn't care for the mode but are more interested in My Park. I can mind the attribute caps and archetypes. But to make us HAVE to play My Park to upgrade our players was the nail in the coffin. Having all these practices in your career kinda defeats the purpose if you can't upgrade your guy. My Park should have no influence of your player in your NBA Career. My Park should stay My Park, something fun for people who do enjoy it. I myself don't play that mode, as I have never cared for it. It almost makes me not want to play the game anymore after what they did with it this year. If I wanted to play NBA Street then I would get my old dusty PS2 and play it. But My Career is the mode I want to play, and enjoy. I can't appreciate the mode anymore because ever since yall brought My Park to the game its gotten worst.
# 17 himynameisao @ 10/05/16 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by SirGaryColeman
It's poorly designed, non-dynamic, and not entertaining at all.

If you trade away from Justice Young, the story breaks... cut scenes continue to feature him on your team, the announcers mention the Juice, and your coach constantly mentions him.

The announcing/commentary is not fit for an 82 game season. You start hearing the same lines 3 games into the thing and will hear them 100s of more times, over, and over, and over.

I would have liked the option of:
Don't ever make a story again, please. Focus on other (more entertaining) features.
yes! Who really sits and lives this mode? why? it's like creating a superstar in an old WWE game. Same storylines, same everything.
# 18 redsfan4life @ 10/06/16 04:51 AM
Originally Posted by SirGaryColeman
If the most requested Patch item is:

"Please, for the love of god let us skip cutscenes!" in a mode where 90% of the "story" takes place in cut scenes, then it is time to scrap the mode.
I agree. 2k has done an AWFUL job with this. Making ppl that buy the game just grind and suffer through horribly acted cutscenes just to make their players better. And I paid 20 extra dollars to max my player..problem is I can't even do that because they're forcing people to play career to unlock more upgrades. Where you literally must practice. I'm sorry but this is a video game, I barely have time to hit the gym in real life with my work schedule, I"ll be damned if I"m gonna be forced to do it in a video game.
# 19 j3nkins29 @ 10/06/16 08:54 AM
To me it is ok this year. I am enjoying it but like others have said, I hate being forced to play a certain role. It is called My Career so why not let us dictate what type of player we want to be. If you are going to make us be "the president of basketball" then why not gives us starting stats that match that. I know they have to pigeon-hole you to fit the story, but I hope in the future they will give us more control over our careers. I would like to make a player that is more of a sixth man or role player, but the past few years the mode has always centered around you being the guy on the team. I think it is improved over last year's my career but they need to actually give us complete control over what type of player we want to become in order for the mode to really grab my complete interest.
# 20 chubbster715 @ 10/06/16 11:09 AM
I'm just trying to finish my first season then I probably will not touch it back, but I have many friends that stopped playing as soon as they got their badges that they needed, and I guess that's what MyCareer is used for today for a lot of people. The grind for badges takes out the excitement from MyCareer because I feel like most online players just want to get through the mode than to actually play it through. I also have friends who could care less about park or pro am, and I see how annoyed they are. The mode itself keeps improving every year compared to 2k12, but I really hope 2k decides to split the modes

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