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In Madden NFL 17, the struggle on defense can be real. There are so many play options to choose from that you could find yourself cycling through plays and not having much success despite varied playcalls.

The video above is from Savage Madden on YouTube and shows just how flexible one playcall in Madden can be when trying to stop various offensive attacks. Via the hot route system and taking user control over various players, you can prevent the A.I. weaknesses in the game from being exploited.

The good news for offensive minds as well, there are counters to each of the plays discussed which would result in good, positive yardage each play.

What about you? What kind of defensive scheme do you run? Do you stick to a couple of plays with adjustments within them or do you use a full fledged playbook with several plays?

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Member Comments
# 1 Glenn2000 @ 10/10/16 04:20 PM
I just use Seattle cover 6 all the time
# 2 SportsGameGod @ 10/10/16 07:34 PM
Why does he talk so ridiculous and act so annoying?

It almost masks the intelligent strategy by doing the doofus routine.
# 3 boxboy99 @ 10/10/16 08:40 PM
Yeah good content but hard to listen to him talk without being annoyed. Use an economy of words kid.
# 4 Mike Lowe @ 10/11/16 11:09 AM
I think it's fine. Quit hating on the kid. He's trying to be enunciate/project well,and it's better than someone who's just monotone and mumbling.
# 5 Facts @ 10/12/16 03:30 AM
So I take it that this will be the defense I'll see over and over again online.

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