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YouTuber SimFBallCritic has a great video up on his channel (you can watch above) breaking down some of the physics in the game and how they caused a fumble on a play in a recent Ultimate Team game.

The physics this year are certainly improved, especially on pass plays where players jostle for position on the ball and it gets knocked free. I have personally seen some tipped balls end up as INTs and also saw plays like the one above where a well placed shot to a ball carrier results in a fumble.

When it comes to the physics in the game, what do you think about this year's Madden? Are you finding they are improved? What's been good? What needs improvement?

Sound off in the comments and show us some examples from your YouTube channel!

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# 1 XxKnicksRules215xX @ 10/11/16 10:59 AM
Jury still out on physics in this game, the Harrison pursuit killed it for me because that happens all the time and I'm more inclined to think that was more animation then physics, video games can only go but so far. Would love to see true organic feel but I know it's still a ways off.
# 2 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 10/11/16 04:16 PM
Ball physics have definitely improved but the player physics have taken a step back. Players are constantly walking through player's bodies, limbs fusing together, body parts going through the field, TE's walking right through the QB when breaking the huddle walking to the line of scrimmage, when 2 players are engaged in a 2 man blocking animation it cannot be interrupted so another player can roll right through their legs as if they're not even there, etc...These are HUGE eyesores & immersion killers. I seriously can't even enjoy the game because of it. I don't understand why this area has taken a step back when it didn't happen in Madden 16. They had it completely cleaned up last year. It's almost as if the ball physics took away from player physics. I really hope EA can clean this up in the next patch. They need to really work on player physics. We shouldn't still be dealing with wonky physics 4 years into the Infinity engine. The physics can look great at times, but they're very inconsistent.
# 3 Black Bruce Wayne @ 10/13/16 12:31 PM
Football is a physical game, so it has to be in there. It has been getting better but it has to continue to improve

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