NASCAR Heat Evolution News Post

NASCAR Heat Evolution patch #3 is available now for PC and PlayStation 4 and should be released soon for Xbox One. Check out the full details below.

  • Cars ghost out and are not collidable when driving backwards or parked in Normal Lobbies
  • Cars ghost out and are not collidable and then are kicked mid-race when driving backwards or parked in Hosted Lobbies
  • User can create simulation only lobbies with custom setups in Hosted Lobbies
  • In Private Lobbies, users can modify race length and wear factor (Console-only)
  • Track surface improvements at Las Vegas
  • Fence improvements at New Hampshire, Michigan, and Texas
  • Fixed crazy bump at Chicagoland
  • AI Improvements at Dover and Homestead
  • Corrected the qualification rules at Indy, Michigan, and Pocono
  • Superspeedway engine/car tuning (improved the RPM engine curve at superspeedways)
  • Show position/lap in replay
  • Added a screen adjustment feature in Options->Visuals
  • Movie volume is now connected to SFX volume slider
  • User can specify to Always Use Custom Setups in advanced options
Bugs Fixes
  • Improved Yellow Flag sensitivity
  • Fixed ordering of cars when pitting under yellow
  • Fixed tire pressure labels in pitting options (LR and RF were swapped)
  • Fixed bug where you could see “Custom AI level” when closing track settings, even if AI wasn’t set to Custom
  • Fixed rare situation where user could get stuck at race day in multiplayer, without ever entering race
  • Fixed issue that could cause performance hitches when playing spotter sounds
  • Fixed issue where DLC wasn’t loaded if it was installed while the game was suspended
  • The correct pit animation is displayed, taking into account how much fuel was remaining in the car
  • Corrected scaling of damage (improved engine damage)
  • Added 2016 NASCAR Next drivers (only playable in Quick Race mode)
  • Performance enhancements when viewing season standings in UI and post-race
  • Season standings only show the first 40 drivers
  • Clarified that clutch only works with stick shift
  • Speed points count up faster when earning a large number of points
  • Players only get speed points for laps completed
System Specific
  • PS4: Thrustmaster TH8A shifter and clutch pedals now work correctly (shifter must be plugged into wheel to work)
  • PS4: Fixed challenge videos so that they play the correct video
  • Xbox: Added Duel mode with voice chat. (Duel mode is an online two-player quick-race mode. We have no plans to release this feature on other systems.)

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Member Comments
# 1 dodger1010 @ 10/13/16 02:20 PM
Oh hell ya if they fix all that all they need is online chat and this will be a great first build to work off of. Online is where its at nothing beats a good race room.
# 2 mbergh22 @ 10/13/16 03:05 PM
Man with all these fixes is the game worth getting yet?
# 3 goillini03 @ 10/13/16 10:27 PM
I am hoping that it will be by Christmas!
# 4 benton32 @ 10/14/16 06:00 AM
but yet they couldnt add simple stuff like a track map... or maybe show whos leading the race if u are not up in the top 5-7

or maybe at least show who won the race when they cross the line.. geez come one guys,

i like that they are doing more updates then past games.. but wow..

nascar 11 had a good running order layout they could show all drivers.. top 5 or top 10 something like that...

ohh how about when we do career mode or anymode we can use our own name.. like creating a driver allow us to type in a name...

how about show what caused the cautions,
# 5 bravesfan1984 @ 10/14/16 12:27 PM
Won't be able to try the new patch out until the weekend, but curious to see what others are seeing so far. Any improvement?
# 6 JMD @ 10/16/16 06:10 AM
I'm curious why you need a track map for a game that is 98% oval tracks?
# 7 BurghFan @ 10/16/16 09:02 AM
Originally Posted by JMD
I'm curious why you need a track map for a game that is 98% oval tracks?
Gives you a better sense of where you are in relation to other drivers.
# 8 SIR924 @ 10/17/16 10:57 AM
Before the update, I was able to steer with the Dpad buttons, now after the update that's not available. Anyone know if there is a way to get that back?
# 9 brandon27 @ 10/24/16 08:49 PM
7.7 GB update for X1 today.... wow. The entire game was only 9GB.
# 10 themetallikid @ 10/24/16 09:43 PM
I just logged the game on and saw the update as well.... 7.7gb.... Is this the same update or something else?
# 11 BurghFan @ 10/24/16 09:57 PM
Guessing it's the free parts of the October DLC as it's the only thing I can find on their twitter/FB, though that does seem kind of big.

# 12 bravesfan1984 @ 10/25/16 10:07 AM
The Xbox patch was delayed and just released. They had an issue with it. It's the same patch that was released on ps4 a couple weeks back.
# 13 brandon27 @ 10/25/16 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by bravesfan1984
The Xbox patch was delayed and just released. They had an issue with it. It's the same patch that was released on ps4 a couple weeks back.

Do you know how big it was for the PS4?
# 14 themetallikid @ 10/26/16 12:14 PM
So, the update encountered an error...is there a way for me to verify the update did install correctly as when I shut the game down and restarted it did not prompt it to retry.

Anyway, one of the fixes states 'Yellow Flag sensitivity...I just raced Texas, and had a few cars come flying up on my ***, ram into the back of me, give me about a 20mph boost in speed temporarily....they spun out.....this happened 3 times within the first 10 laps....no yellow flags...I've deliberately spun people out in corners, where they got sideways and went across the grass....and no yellow flags.

Just curious if everyone else has that experience. Also that whole rubber banding is so bad when your a lap down....so my car tops out regularly in the 160-170 range depending on tire wear/damage. I get a lap down, there's a yellow flag restart...and my gar (while not going any faster) is able to speed past the race leaders (whose lap times are 2-3 seconds better than mine) and circle the track and catch up to the field.....I don't mind a little rubber banding to keep it competitive a bit...but this example is ridiculously overdone.
# 15 mbergh22 @ 10/26/16 12:48 PM
Tried this game via gamefl and man it sucks. The handling is awful.

Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
# 16 Proof21 @ 10/26/16 01:38 PM
I guess I'm one of the few that is enjoying the game. It isn't perfect and has a lot of room to grow, but I'm enjoying just getting on the track and racing.
# 17 bravesfan1984 @ 10/26/16 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by brandon27
Do you know how big it was for the PS4?
Can't remember off the top of my head, but it was quite large..similar to the Xbox patch. I just remember it taking forever to download ha
# 18 brandon27 @ 10/27/16 08:59 AM
So, post patch. I really don't notice a difference. I've got over 50 races in now, and my initial impressions of this game being an unfinished mess haven't changed post patch, and that's a shame.

Hopefully the next patch has a lot more to improve this game, especially framerate and give the player opportunities to at least customize their experience more so than just "Normal" and "Simulation" mode. If they'd just provide those two physics models, AND give the option to turn auto-braking (not that I'd use it), traction control, stability control and car setups on and off in BOTH Normal, and Sim modes, this would make the game much more playable to me. Add that stuff in to the next patch, and now we're talking about a decent game.
# 19 Turbojugend @ 10/27/16 02:12 PM
IIRC the PS4 patch was around 5gb.

And yeah, I didn't notice much of a difference in the patch either. I see common sense stuff like including a display scaling option if you're going to build buttons 50 pixels away from the screen borders, but the racing feels pretty much the same to me. Oh well. It is what it is.
# 20 themetallikid @ 10/27/16 04:10 PM
Post patch I noticed not much of a difference either. The only thing I noticed was a skipping of audio a few times during the one race I ran. Either the game was freaking out, or the batteries in my controller are getting low enough to start stuttering the audio to my headphones....though I'm not getting a low battery option and they are more full than the ones I had before...with no issues.

So not sure if its update related or battery related.

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