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A couple of times a year, we ask OS'ers if your gaming preferences are changing from online to offline sports gaming.

So here we are again today asking the same question in a new poll: Are you playing this year's sports games online, offline, a bit of both or in modes which do both?

Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know how your gaming is going!

Member Comments
# 1 KennyJ1976 @ 10/17/16 12:35 PM
I mostly play offline, but when I do play online, which is rare, I only play people I know in regular head to head games. No Ultimate Team, no My Park, no team builder modes of any kind. Good old-fashioned head to head.
# 2 PPerfect_CJ @ 10/17/16 12:48 PM
Offline all the way. That will never change for me.
# 3 TheBadazz @ 10/17/16 12:56 PM
Offline. I'll play a friend I know how lives in Florida
# 4 phenom2311 @ 10/17/16 01:39 PM
Offline all day.
# 5 sooperb @ 10/17/16 01:49 PM
Online. The only reason I play offline is because that is the only way to build your MyPlayer to use Online. If there was a way to play in an online MyPlayer mode sort of like being a player in an online Madden Connected Career league, that's all I would play.

Online for me.
# 6 esham313 @ 10/17/16 01:53 PM
Offline, but like stated above, I usually play online against friends only. I did play online on NBA 2k17 against an unknown foe last night and the experience was not good. I won but geez it felt like my players were on ice skates and I had no control over them. Offline has much more natural gameplay.
# 7 boxboy99 @ 10/17/16 02:58 PM
Shocked I'm saying this but I've been playing head to head MUT games this year. The games are pretty fun, there isn't a ton of cheese on Madden 17. Also finished my offline season in The Show. I'm getting the franchise mode football itch but Madden vs CPU gets boring. I miss NCAA so much. Which I could find a decent sim to fill the void.
# 8 GlennN @ 10/17/16 03:12 PM
Originally Posted by PPerfect_CJ
Offline all the way. That will never change for me.
Yes, me too. I have no interest in online gaming.
# 9 juicey79 @ 10/17/16 03:27 PM
I'm an offline guy.
# 10 Aby777 @ 10/17/16 03:34 PM
Offline is so much better online is a mess people play with no basketball knowledge is awful you can't even call a play. Wish we had sim lobbies like back in the days.
# 11 bwright25 @ 10/17/16 03:59 PM
Very interesting results. Must be a lot of the same guys around when I signed up 7 years ago for College football dynasties. But I jumped on the ultimate team bandwagon in 2010 w fifa and never looked back.
# 12 DMorganU44 @ 10/17/16 04:25 PM
Always Offline.
# 13 iceberg760 @ 10/17/16 04:38 PM
i've been playing offline thus far/to get the new nuances down/just delved online once myself..
# 14 baseball_fever @ 10/17/16 05:09 PM
Offline. I don't play any sports games online.
# 15 poloelite @ 10/17/16 05:37 PM
Offline. I wish online was more regulated, but 2k has to make the game more casual friendly. With offline gaming you can tailor the experience and it resembles real basketball with the correct sliders. When I play MyPark, MyTeam or H2H online, I KNOW for a fact that I'm playing a video game every second. It seems like the ranking system favors a ball hog who tries to stack his own stat sheet over smart basketball smh..
# 16 zrtelford @ 10/17/16 05:41 PM
offline. i am 41 tho.
# 17 zrtelford @ 10/17/16 05:42 PM
but wait, I play wow, eve, battlefield, hmmm so maybe ya, just sports games offline.
# 18 BQ32 @ 10/17/16 05:59 PM
can't even fathom why the overwhelming majority play offline only. I find AI to be so predictable and such a bore to play against only testing your skill by using cheap tactics. Why do people want to simulate a competition without competition.

Edit. Wonder how many play offline quick match against friends voted for offline. In my mind I was considering all player vs player online but that is not the case.
# 19 Retropyro @ 10/17/16 06:02 PM
Spent the last 8 years playing Madden, NBA & NCAA (r.i.p) in online leagues. Walked away from it this year and I'm sticking to offline. I find myself actually enjoying myself far more than I have the last few years which honestly felt more like a chore.
# 20 Celtics4Life @ 10/17/16 06:02 PM
I see a lot of commenting on offline play. While there is nothing wrong with that I know the most popular mode is My career. Offline is only fun maybe 1 season or two so without My Park or Pro AM the mode gets dull. I'm glad there is a mix of both for those that like both aspects.

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