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Virtual Reality is a thing, and becoming a bigger thing.

As the platforms grow in the coming years, it is inevitable more sports centric experiences will become available. Already there are a variety of VR experiences, such as The Golf Club, which are pioneering the effort of sports gaming experiences with the VR headsets.

Will you be interested in playing VR experiences? Have you already played some?

Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments what you are thinking when it comes to VR!

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# 1 howboutdat @ 01/11/17 01:46 PM
i would love this , in all games including sports games. To me the ultimate experience is to be totally immersed in the game to give me the feeling of being in that actual "world" .

For Madden , id love it for numerous reasons.

1- No more of the "normal" view in madden where you as QB see everything. Im sure real NFL qbs would love to play from that view in real life as well. Its not actually "sim" in itself because its an unrealistic view. I get why its there, people dont want hard. But for me , i say , bring on the realness. I want to be limited to my view , i want to make reads like an NFL QB, and play based off that view only . I want that on offense and defense. I want to have a view from on the field. Talk about a NFL Football Experience. To feel like you are actually standing on the field, with the crowd rocking and cheering, on a 4rd down and 4 , in which if you make the stop on defense, sends your team to the playoffs...... talk about intense action. To me this is full immersion and the ultimate experience for a video game to bring.

2-A real test of your skills in that sport . No more unrealistic views to see every hole with a great view. Now , its down to real skill and descesion making , in the heat of the moment, with real like views from a player playing that sport.To me this is just the best .

I think it can really take sports games, and all games to a whole new level. I know Rex has said he has a desire to bring it to Madden at some point, i hope to see that come to fruition. I personally, am eagerly awaiting when alot of games become available for VR . I want to be fully immersed in my games and give me the real feeling of being in those " worlds" and experiencing things in them from a point of view that is life like.

Im sure at first things added to current sports games will probably be "VR experiences " or demos, kinda of like the start of madden the last couple years. A short pre made scenario for you to play out in VR. Kind of like most "games" available for it now, dont seem to be full games. I would def try them out , and look forward to full games with VR as option of a way to play them.
# 2 sydrogerdavid @ 01/11/17 02:13 PM
I'm interested in VR -- more for games like FSX or American Truck Simulator -- but I'd still use it if it worked well in sports games.
# 3 GlennN @ 01/11/17 02:13 PM
I voted "very interested" in VR, though just plain old "interested" would probably cover it better. Who wouldn't be interested in the concept? Whether it is actually fun, well, that will be the question. I am interested if they ever get to a level that it is fun to play. Early attempts make that day seem pretty far away.
# 4 Toastandtoaster @ 01/11/17 03:28 PM
VR NFL 2k5 first person mode. Why yes, yes I would.

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# 5 drewst18 @ 01/11/17 03:54 PM
I would if it was done properly, would need all of the following;
1) Sim over arcade
2) Backed by a big time developer (EA/2K)
3) Would need to be the whole game, not a gimmick. For them to do it right it would have to be 100% focus

That being said this isnt a reality because it will cut off such a huge amount of customers, no studio would want to do this. So ultimately what we get is indie titles that are poorly designed aiming at casual fans (if that) and I imagine down the line we will get gimmicks in the big titles but nothing worth playing more than a couple times.
# 6 Swole Cuz @ 01/11/17 04:54 PM
Yes! Would be dope!
# 7 DocHolliday @ 01/11/17 05:14 PM
If your talking about Joe Montana 16, than thats a strong "no".
# 8 bubba4 @ 01/11/17 10:21 PM
I too would be very interested, but the hardware surely needs to get better. Motion sickness is a very real thing with VR. I rarely use my Oculus DK2 because of it. Trying to play middle linebacker in VR sounds compelling. But trying to play pass defense while puking... doesn't sound like much fun.
# 9 Unlucky 13 @ 01/12/17 08:19 AM
The options weren't strong enough, lol. I would have voted VERY not interested. Part of that is just that I'm set in my ways, and enjoy using the Dual Shock controller (I'm 39). Part of it is that I have poor eyesight, can't see anything without my glasses, and have trouble even seeing screens on phones or tablets unless the brightness is jacked up to the maximum. I've also had a few really terrible experiences with 3D movies (they just don't work for my eyes/brain), and VR seems even more to the extreme.
# 10 Eyeman79 @ 01/12/17 11:28 AM
As it stands right now I'm not interested. I guess I'm old school I don't even care much for mobile sports games. I guess I need my controller and my couch. Besides isn't a VR sports game the same as actually playing the sport?
# 11 jb12780 @ 01/12/17 11:44 AM
Not interested.

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# 12 zacification1 @ 01/12/17 03:05 PM
No, I'll just get my buddies and go outside.

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# 13 TreJayMMA @ 01/12/17 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by DocHolliday
If your talking about Joe Montana 16, than thats a strong "no".
lol i completely forgot about that game.
# 14 Candyman5 @ 01/12/17 08:02 PM
People forget that the VR isnt the Kinect or Wii. Its an Add on that allows you to still use your controller.

Hell just in the replies on this thread it seems people forget that.

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# 15 Perfect23 @ 01/12/17 10:43 PM
I am currently a Brand Ambassador for Oculus Rift and I love VR! Everyday I introduce people to this new medium (No pun intended, lol) and they are blown away. As a sports gamer, I'm extremely excited about the possibilities for VR. I get a lot of input from customers daily about what they like as well as what they would like to see offered by Oculus. If I can be of any assistance in anyway, please let me know.
# 16 Kanobi @ 01/13/17 01:33 AM
I was a HUGE fan of NFL 2k5's First Person Mode...so much so that it became the only I played the game. But of course it was too ambitious for the time and limited without a true VR peripheral. Would love to see another attempt at it with today's VR technology.
# 17 BQ32 @ 01/13/17 01:13 PM
VR racing already exists and is awesome. Riggs for the PSVR is a sports game and is fantastic. My dream is a full body tracking VR boxing sim. They have some really cool looking sword fighting tech demos for the vive which inwould love to try. Being able to exercise and get in shape while doing something very entertaining like playing a sport would be awesome. Somone needs to bring back that ps move ping pong game and add in VR with online mp, that game was sic but big mistake with no mp.
# 18 Vazione @ 01/13/17 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by Toastandtoaster
VR NFL 2k5 first person mode. Why yes, yes I would.

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It exists. Played it.
# 19 MetsFan16 @ 01/13/17 06:52 PM
Not very interested. Obviously it would have it's prime for the first month of so of people playing it throughout various sports game. But then most people will resort to the ole sitting in a chair with a controller way of playing.

The next generation will be the one who enjoy VR as their primary way of playing.
# 20 mcdowell31 @ 01/13/17 07:02 PM
Originally Posted by SirGaryColeman
It can't be the VR "Experience" nonsense (SEE: NBA 2K VR).

I think First Person Sports is a long ways off... makes more sense for vehicle games that let you sit down. Not sure how you'd move around in a sports game.

What I would hope to see right away is a "God Mode" VR where I'm just observing all the little players from an omniscient Camera Angle. I could look around 360 and see the crowd, the roof etc. That seems like they could do that right now.

They already have "Theater Mode" - if they can just make that a full 360 view - I'm sold.
Going by forum discussions about simulation and AI, I agree that sports VR is way in the distance. This would be another factor or subsystem that would further complicate Madden and NBA 2K, thus frustrating end-users when things do not happen as they do in reality. I've played first-person on NFL 2K5 and had fun though. Developers on this console generation should study/experiment, but I would not be an early adopter. I would say master the current juggling act before adding another ball.

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