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Game Informer has just posted their interview with MLB The Show 17 game designer, Ramone Russell, giving us 48 more details about the game, including Diamond Dynasty, smarter A.I. (as well as more less-than-perfect-but-realistic), new ball physics, the importance of animations, and much more.

They have also included a couple of screenshots showing off the faces of Max Scherzer and Anthony Rizzo from MLB The Show 16 vs. MLB The Show 17.

We have listed some of the details below. Make sure to read the full article here and post your thoughts.
  • The game has over 1,000 new gameplay animations, including non-perfect/mistake animations, which the game didn't have in the past.
  • Russell estimates that there are somewhere between 25-50 new home run swings.
  • Uniform detail has also improved, including a slider for sleeve length.
  • Russell says the team is doing something for PS4 Pro, but can't talk about it yet.
  • The old 17 heads used through the years are gone and have been replaced by 49 heads based on different archetypes.
  • There are 22 new facial hair sets, including some modeled after players such as Josh Donaldson and Dallas Keuchel.
  • The team is doing different body modeling for the game to represent more body types. This includes a new husky body type and sliders for hips, glutes, shoulders, and spine length in the player creator.

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Member Comments
# 101 Bobhead @ 02/14/17 08:54 PM
Originally Posted by SilverBullet1929
They messed up on Scherzer, once again it looks like he has two different color eyes. Must be the style guide. Damn you SCEA!
I ALMOST fell for this. Almost. Once I read "style guide" I started laughing.
# 102 catswithbats @ 02/14/17 09:31 PM
Originally Posted by MoneyOvaHuds
What's up with max eyes?
He has heterochromia iridium. Check out his goggles.
# 103 dalger21 @ 02/15/17 09:06 AM
The sound clip I noticed while watching Gamespot's interview with Ramone is that it is the one where Dansby Swanson got his first Major League HR on an inside the part HR in DC. That's pretty dope.

Edit: Something else mentioned, you can now choose your HR celebration as in something they do special, i.e. Edwin Encarnacion's parrot thing when he's rounding first base.
# 104 headzapp @ 03/23/17 02:33 AM
Man, I said I was going to skip 17. But they fixed the one thing that was bugging me. The eyes and face detail. I have to get this now! I'm excited. I haven't been gaming for a few months from work and also having people work for me on a few horror books and girls lol, but this game will get me back to gaming form.

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