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With MLB The Show 17 under two weeks away, this week’s Throwback Thursday appropriately focuses on one of the inspirations for Retro Mode, Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.

Before we begin, there is an important distinction that must be made. To avoid confusion, this Throwback Thursday covers the 1998 release on Nintendo 64 titled Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. It is not to be confused with the other Nintendo 64 release Ken Griffey Jr.’s Slugfest nor the similarly-titled (and previously covered) Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball for the Super Nintendo.

Read More - Throwback Thursday: Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. (Written by: Elliott Jenkins)

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# 1 Moose Factory @ 03/17/17 05:55 PM
These throwbacks make me feel old A lot of good times with this game.

I'm not sure if the Retro Mode is quiet what some of us are looking for when it comes to nostalgic woes... though it does look fun. But kind of in a way that NHL 94 anniversary mode looked in the EA series a few years back. In terms of nostalgia I'd like to see a deeper game mode that celebrated the history of the game in a quasi career style mode.

I think back to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 when they featured Legends of the Majors mode, which I thought was an incredible way to salute the past and celebrate its legends. I'd love to see something along those lines with some major milestones as baseballs storied history. I'm pretty sure people bring up a "Cooperstown" mode every year. I'd still love to see something to that effect.

Can't wait to use Griffey in this years Show though!
# 2 noles_fan21 @ 03/17/17 06:43 PM
Wow I missed a gem....
Loved the original on snes
Will look for this one thanks
Love theses tbt
Is it me or games are just not the same
Yea graphics are beautiful
But the old games have the best gameplay
And better modes
# 3 ven0m43 @ 03/17/17 09:56 PM
This was the baseball game that i had the most fun playing. It's the only game that I have played every game multiple full seasons 4+

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