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There have been a few community members that are prominent in the Madden Ultimate Team world asking their Twitter followers for constructive feedback on what they would like to see changed gameplay wise in Madden NFL 18. I'm here asking the same thing, but to the OS crowd.

Two rules - keep it constructive (and in a positive nature) and respect other's feedback (even if they differ from your own).

Other than that no opinion or idea is too big or too small.

Have at it.

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# 1 roadman @ 04/06/17 07:15 PM
Better CPU AI, which means, better play calling in all situations, scrambling QB's that scramble, put my best DB on the opposing teams WR, double teaming the best WR, making sure all shading works, making sure FG's aren't automatic all the time, making sure punting into the wind works, re-working the OL/DL with stunts and better blocking schemes and making sure challenges work once called and to challenge what you can challenge for.

I'm all for separating MUT with FM mode, too instead of stream lining changes that make it easier because of lag online. ie making FG's easier across the board.
# 2 TRWickord96 @ 04/06/17 07:15 PM
I have a few idea soft what I want to see. I want to see Connected Franchise play a little deeper. Have customization options, much like NBA2K. I also want there to be options to change your uniforms if you don't like your current ones. As an avid sports gamer, I love when you have the options to do that.

I also want to see a career mode/story mode. Is that so much to ask for? Make it that a rookie has to deal with things on and off the field, and each decision you make in a way affects your spot on the depth chart, your contract, and whether or not you get traded or released. I believe these two options would make Madden really, really solid, and would bring in a lot more people!
# 3 CM Hooe @ 04/06/17 07:16 PM
I'll name two big gameplay changes I'd like to see, both more strategic in nature:

1 - More specialized personnel deployment. I want to set up my deployed personnel by grouping (and notably not using formation subs). I want to set what three receivers I put on the field in 11 personnel, and also specify who is playing the slot. I want to set the SAM / MIKE / WILL in my base defense. I want to set my nickel back and nickel linebackers.

2 - I want the CPU to exercise some amount of logic in how it deploys personnel to give itself the best chance to win via a more in-depth analysis of the players it has available. The easy example of this is getting the CPU to rotate running backs without shoe-horning the behavior through auto-subs; I want to see Danny Woodhead come into the game on passing downs and leave the game in short yardage situations.

Another example of the above - in my league we are years into our online franchise, and Richard Sherman is still the Seahawks top CB and is still OVR 90+. However, his SPD rating has declined to 84. Every single user player in my league is just putting a fast WR on his side and running go routes, and he obviously can't keep up. I'd like to see the CPU know that Sherman is slow and do some amount of roster juggling to keep him on the field - because he still has great MCV / ZCV / PRS / AWR / PRC - but to put him in better positions to not get exposed. I want to see the CPU slide Sherman to nickel back or safety, and to have Sherman more frequently line up giving his guy a large cushion if he must line up outside. I don't want to see the CPU force Sherman into Cover 1 Press at midfield against a receiver who is obviously going to toast him.
# 4 franchiseplay @ 04/06/17 07:17 PM
I wrote this up a few months ago. Covers a few different areas, but there's a specific segment about gameplay. Here's the link and the relevant segments


Better Awareness For CPU-Controlled Defenders

There are times when CPU-controlled defenders take unrealistically improper angles to the ball carrier. This is most apparent on outside runs. Oftentimes, they don't even appear to be attempting to avoid pulling guards, fullbacks and offensive tackles.

We don't need 100 percent pursuit from mediocre defensive players, but sometimes the angles taken by defenders aren't accurate tendencies for players on a pro level.

Better QB AI

Quarterbacks take off and run more than they have in the past, but still not quite as often as they should. QBs who are known scramblers still seem to leave the pocket only as a last resort.

QBs with strong arms who historically take multiple shots down the field aren't as daring in Madden 17 when under CPU control.

Something needs to be done to better match QBs with their real-life tendencies.

*All-Madden Passing

Playing on All-Madden shouldn't be about faster kick meters and players playing above their ratings. It should be about carrying more responsibility and not being able to depend on CPU assistance as much.

The passing game is a prime example.

Throwing to a spot rather than a receiver could make for a more realistic passing game. This would be a major undertaking that might require a complete rehaul of the passing game, but it could potentially be the most impacting change in Madden's gameplay history.

Players would still pick an intended receiver by pressing the corresponding button, but instead of throwing to the man and having it somewhat follow him like a magnet, the ball would go to a spot.

You'd have a small meter that gauged the height and wideness of the throw. The more accurate the passer, the slower the meters. You could use the triggers or back buttons to control the type of pass (bullet or touch).

Using the left stick would still allow you to throw the ball to the left, right, low or high, but depending on the situation, the window for completion would be smaller, and thus the meter would be more difficult to time.

Also, this entire timing mechanic doesn't take into account the position of a defender. This measurement is solely related to getting the ball to the spot where the receiver is, or should be headed.

User QBs in Madden would have more to think about using All-Madden passing.

Improved Line Play

Most of my gripes are with the run blocking. Sometimes it takes offensive lineman too long to decide who to block when they have what should be a clear assignment. On defense, I still feel as though defenders are sucked into blocks when they are in close proximity with offensive linemen.

This is a very difficult fix, but perhaps inserting an animation that has the blocker extend a hand to make contact with the defender could improve the visual result.

*Injuries Away From the Ball

In real football, every player is susceptible to injury. In Madden, you have to be part of a tackle sequence to get hurt (unless the game is simulated). The reason for this is the lack of off-ball injuries. It's an unfortunate aspect of real-life football, but it should be in Madden.

Better CPU Clock Management

Late in games the CPU's clock management is dreadful. From passing the ball at inopportune times, to prematurely going into run-only mode with a lead, the late-game clock management logic needs to be addressed.

Weather Should Have More Impact on the Gameplay

In rain and snow, we should see more drops, bobbles and even passes that get away from quarterbacks. The wind should affect throws, not just kicks. There should also be a little more slipping on muddy or wet fields.

Make Home-Field Advantage Matter

I like the disruption of passing symbols for QBs who are playing on the road, but a slight bump up in the attributes of players on the home team should give the proper home-field advantage.

Random Follies

Crazy plays happen in football. We need to see the random bad snap, cornerbacks falling down in coverage, personal fouls, muffed punts and other less-than-perfect plays on the gridiron.
# 5 Crunky @ 04/06/17 07:22 PM
Un-tethered passing so all passes thrown aren't exactly between the numbers of the recievers.
# 6 Nlingua @ 04/06/17 07:55 PM
In online franchise mode...the option to choose how much of the game you want to play needs to be removed or have it to where the commissioner controls. Choosing to play offense only needs to be just for offline franchise
# 7 pagkerguy8 @ 04/06/17 09:38 PM
Connected Career (or Franchise) that doesnt freeze after every game would be kinda NEAT
# 8 Sombreromalo @ 04/06/17 10:13 PM
Better route running animations
More receiver/db interaction
Different running styles
Different Release speeds for qb throws
More tackle variety, especially on sacks
Tone down the arm size for certain positions like qb and db
# 9 awffltony77 @ 04/06/17 10:18 PM
Having each skill and each penalty slider work correctly, and with no unintended side effects, would be simply amazing.
# 10 charter04 @ 04/06/17 10:18 PM
I want real physics (think breakbreaker). I want realistic football. AI to be adaptive. Running the same set up and play will cause AI players to recognize it like real players.

Things like the unrealistic nickel blitz to need to work in a real manner instead of being unbelievably OP.

I just want the gameplay to work like real football. That way weather you're sim or free style it won't matter.

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# 11 threattonature @ 04/06/17 10:33 PM
The main two changes I want to see is for QBs ratings to matter more. I want more inaccuracies, mobile QBs to run more ofter, and for gunslingers to take more chances down the field.

I also want teams identities to change over time. I hate playing the Panthers 10 years into the franchise and they have a slow immobile QB still running read options on the regular.
# 12 UE_Studigga @ 04/06/17 11:33 PM
My main thing I would love to see EA do is 1`get rid of MUT. Too much focus has been put into an arcade mode that has no substance. EA needs to work on fixing gameplay issues and other modes that have been problems for years. I have a long list of fixes for Madden 18. I wrote a series of articles talking about some of the things that need fixing in Madden.
# 13 EnglishBull34 @ 04/06/17 11:54 PM
I'll second the QB AI bit. There needs to be better pocket movement and scrambling logic. There needs to be a realistic amount of errant passes. There needs to be a higher level of CPU QB play on AP without creating a Robo-QB situation.

I'll also second the notion that QB play is driven in part by play calling logic, so I'd say that play calling and game planning in general need to be looked at if QB AI is to be improved.

And I'll second the bit about personnel deployment made by CMH.

To that, I'd add that I'd like to see the CPU seem more aware of its personnel in its play calling and substitution packages. It'd be great if the CPU had the ability to dynamically assess its roster in-season by factoring injuries and performance to feature certain players. It'd also be great if the CPU had the ability to put specialty role players in some key formations on its own, such as an edge rusher or an interior rusher.

I think I'd also generally like more player differentiation, at all positions, and I'd like to see this manifest itself through more tiered animations that not every player can access.

I'd like to see the one-gap and two-gap run defense philosophies better implemented into Madden, with the ability to define yourself as primarily a one- or two-gap front and have a playbook with lots of calls that reflect your base philosophy.

I'd like more options for disguising defensive coverages. When you research real NFL defensive coordinator schemes, something that comes up frequently is how well or poorly particular coordinators disguise their coverages. Madden needs to add this element of strategy to the game to make playing defense more immersive.
# 14 roadman @ 04/07/17 12:22 AM
Originally Posted by UE_Studigga
My main thing I would love to see EA do is 1`get rid of MUT. Too much focus has been put into an arcade mode that has no substance. EA needs to work on fixing gameplay issues and other modes that have been problems for years. I have a long list of fixes for Madden 18. I wrote a series of articles talking about some of the things that need fixing in Madden. Check out my Madden 18 wishlist series: https://uegamewire.com/2017/03/20/my...-ratings-more/
MUT isn't going anywhere.

It's a money making machine across all sports game.
# 15 DeuceDouglas @ 04/07/17 12:33 AM
I want to see improved AI over everything and a game that feels more organic rather than tethered.

I'd put QB AI as my number one probably with defensive AI a close second. No more QB's that don't scramble or that throw the ball away for the majority of incompletions. Vastly improved pocket presence. I want playing Russell Wilson to be frustrating because of how evasive he can be. I want Aaron Rodgers to move around the pocket while still looking down field. I want to see QB's showing a concerted effort in avoiding pressure rather than running right into it or ignoring it completely. I want the CPU to feel like they're trying to execute plays rather than just running them if that makes sense. On defense I want to see players reacting to what is going on around them rather than playing strictly to their assignment. What I mean by this is that I've seen numerous times where in Cover 2 both safeties drop in unison to a spot and then just shuffle in place on opposite sides of the field.

+1 on AI playcalling. They HAVE to be able to use more than just 40% of their playbook. I want teams to call plays like their real life counterparts and stop seeing so much slants, curl flats, screens, and four verticals every third down. Same goes for the defense, try to eliminate the CPU from calling Cover 0 so often on 3rd and long and other boneheaded calls.

I'd love to see a complete overhaul to line play both on the ground and in pass protection. RB's are usually either oblivious or heat-seeking missiles. The tethering between the OL-DL makes pass rush feel very washed down rather than organic. More steering to the QB while engaged rather than simple win-loss leading to unabated hits on the QB. Same goes for the run game, more steering and push one way or the other while engaged rather than win-loss sheds and pancakes.

Player Movement. This is also close to my #1 thing. True momentum and acceleration for all players. I don't want to watch Alan Branch running through the secondary stride for stride with receivers or see linebackers covering the entire field because they can plant their foot or swerve while maintaining full speed. Eliminate as much warping as possible where animations trigger when they should be out of range causing that speed boost to match with the ball, one of my biggest pet peeves.

Improved man-to-man coverage. More jostling and hand fighting through routes instead of just simply mirroring. Tighter coverage as a whole with far less separation out of breaks forcing tighter windows to throw into.

Option to turn Tackle Battles off. Far tougher kick meter. False starts and offsides not directly tied to the fake snap mechanic. Show personnel by player number and position on the choose play screen.
# 16 Baebae32 @ 04/07/17 12:40 AM
Instead of having QB inaccuracy showcased by having throws 40 yards in front of the receiver I would like to see a more realistic approach of throws being just a tad bit too low, too high, tad bit too far ahead or behind. This would require the catch radius of receiver to be dramatically reduced

Realistic line play is paramount. The width of the pocket needs to be reduced and also the pocket needs to collapse more often and allow guys to slide slightly out of it or encourage stepping up in the pocket.

This next one is more of me just spitballing an idea....

Would like to see an arm tackle mechanic that factors in weight and momentum. Could even implement an arm tackle rating
# 17 newtay @ 04/07/17 12:42 AM
Realtime-momentum based physics for CPU defenders against would completely revolutionize the game. It would cutting back against the grain and realistic cutbacks a lot more realistic. Fifa added and continues to improve on it like 4 yrs ago. Cpu defenders should have speed/weight to there movements to realistically play tackle angles, and but unfortunetly they are free to attack runners like homing missle. Cpu defenders essentially have no need of strafing when preparing to take down runners...
# 18 jfsolo @ 04/07/17 12:49 AM
First of all, a cosign on everything that has been mentioned about CPU A.I., playcalling and personnel utilization and awareness. Don't shortchange the solo CFM players by neglecting CPU improvements in favor of just focusing on competitive play.

In game oline injuries.

Knowing that deep zones are going to be improved, route running for WRs need to be improved so that receivers are able to "sit down" are find the soft spots in the zone instead of just running a predetermined route right into coverage.

Improved man coverage-It may not be gameplay as much as ratings, in that the man coverage ratings are too low compared to the route running rating. Regardless, back up TEs and number 4 wide-outs should not be getting Jerry Rice like separation on every play.

100% adherence to the laws of physics and inertia for all players. Being slightly off balance or a slight misstep completely alters the outcome of a play in real life. Madden need to reflect that reality.

Exponentially improved sideline awareness. The stumble out of bounds backward animation needs to be gone. Backs and receivers running routes out of bounds or making a poor effort to stay in bounds on a catch 2 or 3 yards from the sideline needs to be reworked as well.

Better targeting for blockers at the second level and when pulling.

The ability to turn off any gameplay boosts that are given to the User controlled player.

More diversity in the dice roll outcomes, i.e. not just all or nothing win/lose animation sequences.
# 19 UE_Studigga @ 04/07/17 01:07 AM
Originally Posted by roadman
MUT isn't going anywhere.

It's a money making machine across all sports game.
Yeah I know lol. Its nice to dream lol. But seriously they have put all the other game modes in the closet for MUT. It sucks. If people wanna play cheesy then bring back NFL Streets or NFL Blitz. I wouldnt be mad if they let MUT cater to those people who play cheesy but let online ranked and franchise for the sim players like it should be. To be the only football game out we as a gaming community need to make EA bring their A game when it comes to Madden. Because they know people will buy it regardless they have gotten lazy. We are suffering because of it.
# 20 DeuceDouglas @ 04/07/17 02:02 AM
Originally Posted by UE_Studigga
Yeah I know lol. Its nice to dream lol. But seriously they have put all the other game modes in the closet for MUT. It sucks. If people wanna play cheesy then bring back NFL Streets or NFL Blitz. I wouldnt be mad if they let MUT cater to those people who play cheesy but let online ranked and franchise for the sim players like it should be. To be the only football game out we as a gaming community need to make EA bring their A game when it comes to Madden. Because they know people will buy it regardless they have gotten lazy. We are suffering because of it.

We're very likely going to have two separate settings this upcoming year like NBA 2K and NHL. Rex seemed to be hinting at it earlier on Twitter so hopefully there will, at the very least, be the tools to tailor the game towards our liking with great freedom. Have to see how it works out though, if they try to build it on top of the current sliders which do not function well, then it could leave a lot to be desired. If they've spent a lot of time tuning and adding other sliders so that they work properly and effectively then it could be an absolutely huge win for everyone.

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