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UFL WEEK 9 Power Rankings 
Posted on September 23, 2012 at 11:12 AM.
Official UFL Power Ranking (WK9)
RK (LW)TeamRecordNext Game
1 (1) Philadelphia Eagles8-0The Eagles are the real deal they are averaging nearly 40 points a game! There schedule is favoritable for them to run the table.
2 (2) New York Jets7-0I'm still not sold on this team. They have only played 1 quality opponent (49ers) and won by only 3. Maybe I'll be convinced after the play the Seahawks in week 10.
3 (3) Tennessee Titans8-1Tipp seems to be back to his old self again. Playing solid and smart football. His only lost came to the Bills which I think is because Sway threated him with a league ban.
4 (4) Seattle Seahawks7-1This team will fall i'm afraid. Wilson needs more development. He is not ready to carry this team. I see at least 2 more losses (Jets & 49ers)
5 (5) San Francisco 49ers6-249ers are solid and and I believe they will be in the Conference championship game. I'm calling it Eagles - 49ers NFC Championship game (unless my Lions make it into the playoffs muahaha)
6 (7) Denver Broncos5-2How long can this teams defense hold? The Broncos have sweaked by in most of there games winning by an average of 7 points
7 (8) Tampa Bay Buccaneers5-2Lock seems to have hit his stride winning his last 4
8 (9) Chicago Bears5-3It is hard to guage frank one minute the Bears are dominating then they just disappear
9 (6) Carolina Panthers4-3Biz has been playing well in Carolina. He lost 2 games he shouldn't have
10 (13) Dallas Cowboys5-3Jerz has had some questionable play but all in all has been solid with Cowboys. He seems to have gotten back on track after a 2 game slide
11 (11) Buffalo Bills4-3Sway "Trapgame"Godeus that is your new name. You seem to always get the wins you should not get and lose the ones you should have won! So if you have to play Sway and it is for a playoff spot or Championship forget it!
12 (10) Jacksonville Jaguars4-4nrenard Gabbert is going to be the death of you if you don't use some XP on his passing acc. He is having to many bad passes
13 (16) Kansas City Chiefs4-3Alec has a nice duel threat at receiver in Baldwin and Bowe. He seems to spread the ball around nicely. I can see him making a playoff push
14 (20) Green Bay Packers4-5It looked as if Rory had found his stride then guess what he did....he lost to the Cardinals! I knew you were a seller Dweller
15 (23) Cleveland Browns4-4Pound and the Browns are average at best right now. Trent is doing all he can but they have got get weeden more consistant.
16 (12) Detroit Lions4-4Got to get more consistant play together. Only had one game where both defense and offense clicked on all cylinders
17 (25) Pittsburgh Steelers3-4Bombs may be turning the corner here. He has won 2 straight
18 (18) Baltimore Ravens3-4Darn are the wheels falling off over there?? You lost to the Texans...the previously 0-6 Texans
19 (21) Cincinnati Bengals3-4I honestly believe $ is not trying and does not really care. Money has always been one of the top contenders. Maybe he will make a push towards playoff time.
20 (14) Atlanta Falcons3-5Finz, you have lost 5 in a row??? What is going on in Atlanta?
21 (17) San Diego Chargers3-4KingJu's season has been up and down as well he hit a skid of 3 games then picked it back up winning 2 straight . He should be .500 right now going into week 9
22 (15) Miami Dolphins3-4INAG what is going on man?? You have hit a 3 game skid and one was to the Rams??
23 (28) St. Louis Rams3-5I forgot this team had an owner. I really don't know what to make of the Rams
24 (22) New England Patriots3-5I don't know what is going on in New England. You created a little buzz and that is all it was a little buzz. Your offense is predictable. You gotta get a running game my man
25 (19) Washington Redskins3-5Steven's biggest margin of loss has been 7 points. He is a total of 19 points from being undefeated
26 (24) Indianapolis Colts2-5I think once JP gets the right players in this system he will turn it around
27 (26) Arizona mean HelpCards...what is up with this team? You need help everywhere maybe you should trade Fitz for more draft picks
28 (27) Minnesota Vikings2-6Slusha.....really?? really?? Your offense is none existant and your defense has given up 103 points in 2 weeks! o_0
29 (29) New Orleans Saints1-6Another team that was run by a jackass. Glad he is gone. Welcome in Whos "never around" Giggn. Hopefully he can right this ship
30 (30) Oakland Raiders1-6Well I'm believing that the reason the Raiders are so bad is because Foed had a lot of stuff going on outside of the league. He is better than what this record shows. Good luck Foed hope you can make it back
31 (31) New York Giants1-7Frank!?!? What is going on in NY my friend?? You were 1 point from being 0-8
32 (32) Houston Texans1-6All That Talent and they are the worst team in the league

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