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Our Team!!! 
Posted on June 23, 2011 at 12:31 AM.
What makes our team so special to sports fans? Sports fans can be crazy, obnoxious, and sometimes be very hard to deal with, but we all have one thing in common we love our team.

There are different types of fans out there. You have the casual fan that enjoys watching their team, but they donít have to watch every second of every game. The casual fans donít talk about their team morning, noon, and night. They just like the sport but they donít know every player on their team. There is also the bandwagon fan. The bandwagon fans are the fans who just like to root for the team that is very successful. Those are the people with zero ties to the team they root for other than the team is very successful. They can be from Miami but they would rather cheer for the Cowboys as opposed to the Dolphins. These fans are fair-weather fans in my opinion. They are number one fans when the team is winning, but if that same team isnít winning you may hear them cheering for another successful team or they may be quite all together. Then you have the hardcore fan. The hardcore fans are the ones that as I stated earlier can be considered crazy at times. They love everything about their team. They feel like their team is the best and will win every game they play. I know a couple of guys like this. Some hardcore fans completely disregard the obvious when talking about their team. If Iím a James Madison fan Iím not thinking national championship, but some of their fans actually think James Madison were a national title caliber team and to their defense they did beat ACC Champion Virginia Tech last season. I consider myself a hardcore Razorback football fan. I have to watch every minute of every game and I feel like our team can beat any team in the country and I feel stronger about my team more every year. You donít necessarily have to be an extreme hardcore fan, but whether youíre a hardcore fan or a casual fan we all love to see our teams succeed.

Well this wraps up my first blog.
# 1 Sanchez_Mareno @ Jun 27
I dont mind what type of fan someone is as long as they arnt fairweather fans who only support winning teams
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