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Players Confirmed for EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis

We’re less than 2 months until EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis (Wii version) ships to North American retailers!!

Just wanted to update you on the current list of players that will be in the game.  They include:


John McEnroe (USA) - Exclusive to EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis, Johnny Mac is arguably the most recognizable tennis figure in the world.  Winner of seven Grand Slam titles, including three Wimbledon titles, he has hosted his own talk show and published an autobiography which was a NY Times #1 best-seller and a London Times #1 best-seller.  He remains heavily involved in tennis as a commentator for the Grand Slams and a player on seniors tennis tours.  This is the only video game in which you can play as vintage McEnroe from his glory years with the sweatband and signature 1980s big hair.

Bjorn Borg (SWE) – For the first time in a video game, replay the classic 1980 Wimbledon final with Borg and McEnroe.  Perhaps no player was able to dominate the French Open and Wimbledon simultaneously like the stoic Swede.  From 1974 to 1981, Borg ruled Roland Garros with six straight championships. During the same time he also claimed five straight Wimbledon titles, culminating with the epic 1980 final.

Pete Sampras (USA) – Replicate Pistol Pete’s serve in Grand Slam Tennis, the very serve he used to make Wimbledon his personal playground during the 90s, winning 7 titles in all.  No man in tennis history has won more Grand Slam titles than Sampras, who owns the all-time record with 14.  In all he retired with 64 total titles and raked in a staggering $43.3-million in prize money. 

Stefan Edberg (SWE) – Can you embody class and grace in Grand Slam Tennis like Stefan Edberg did?  He treated fans to six Grand Slam titles and ascended to number one in the world in August 1990, becoming one of the only players to hold the number one ranking in both singles and doubles.  Edberg retired in 1996 with 42 total titles.

Boris Becker (GER) – Check out Becker in the game with his classic serve & volley game and signature dives at Wimbledon.   “Boom Boom” exploded to tennis prominence with his stunning Wimbledon victory in 1985 as an unseeded 17-year old.  Becker successfully defended his title the next year and quickly became a household name. 

Current Stars:

Roger Federer (SUI) – Want to own the court like Federer does?  You can play as the man who has dominated like no one else over a 4-5 year period.  Since winning his first Grand Slam title in 2003 at Wimbledon, the Swiss master has won a dozen more, bringing up just one shy of Sampras’ all-time record.  He was the number one in the world for a record 237 consecutive weeks.

Rafael Nadal (ESP) – Fist pump your way to French Open dominance just like current world number one Nadal.  He broke through at the French Open, winning four straight titles since 2005.  But he has also taken his success to Wimbledon and the Australian Open.  Last year he cemented his position in tennis history winning Olympic gold in Beijing.

Andy Roddick (USA) – If you’ve got a wicked forehand and devastating serve, play as Roddick in Grand Slam Tennis.  Roddick won the 2003 U.S. Open and finished the year number one in the world.  Since his breakthrough win, he made two Wimbledon finals and returned to the U.S. Open finals in 2006.

Novak Djokovic (SRB) – Dangerous on all surfaces, Djokovic is a perfect addition to the player line-up for Grand Slam Tennis.  Just like on the ATP World Tour, he’ll be eager to mix up with Federer, Nadal and the other top guys.  Djokovic became the first Serbian player to win a Grand Slam title and he did it at the age of just 20.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA) – Not just one of the rising stars in the sport with a huge game, Tsonga is a character with an exuberant personality.  Last year he broke through with a finals appearance at the Australian Open.

Serena Williams (USA) – The ladies are headlined by Serena Williams, who appears on the North American cover along with McEnroe and Federer.  Serena becomes the first woman to appear on the cover of an EA SPORTS simulation product.  With a solid all-around game and a personality and style all her own, she’ll be a popular figure in this game for the women and men.

Maria Sharapova (RUS) – Grand Slam Tennis won’t be short in style and personality with Maria Sharapova also representing the women in this game.  The Russian is 3-time Grand Slam champion and former world number one. 

Ana Ivanovic (SRB) – Compatriot Novak Djokovic isn’t theonly Serbian star featured in Grand Slam Tennis.  Last year Ivanovic won her first Grand Slam title at the French Open and rose to number one in the world.

That’s it for this round, we will announce the rest of the players next week.  You can find screens, art work and more on the game at www.easports.com/tennis.

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