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MotoGP 09/10 Fact Sheet

MotoGP 09/10 takes the series in an exciting new direction rewarding players for their racing style and skill on the track. Gamers will get all the riders, tracks and teams from the official 2009 MotoGP season AND free downloadable content from the 2010 season as it unfolds. The free update means gamers will be able to play the most up to date MotoGP season content earlier than ever before.

MotoGP 09/10 will deliver the most comprehensive Career Mode of any previous MotoGP title. Players take control of their career both on and off the track competing in races and hiring engineers, team managers and press officers to help further their career as a pro and ultimately win the MotoGP World Championship. Demonstrating your riding skills on the track through overtaking, slipstreaming and showboating will be rewarded with Rider Reputation points. Pushing too hard can be detrimental as crashes and collisions will reduce the reputation bonus awarded at the end of each race. The more Rider Reputation points you earn the more attractive you become to other manufacturers, sponsors and employees. Your team will also research upgrades for your existing bike to increase its performance.

Complementing Career mode is an all new 'Arcade' mode which introduces an exciting take on the overall objective. Time bonuses will be awarded for clean sections, sticking to the racing line, slipstreaming and race orientated objectives. The clock is counting down and you must finish before it reaches zero. How far can you get in the season before you run out of lives?

Gamers can compete in a full championship season across all three MotoGP bike classes playing as their heroes or as themselves, and pit their skills against players around the globe. The robust online mode includes spectator mode and game set up options where you can vote on how you would like to customise your racing session.

Key Features:

o Brand new exciting gameplay modes that deliver the ultimate GP racing experience
o 17 official circuits and all the bikes and riders from the 2009 GP season plus the ability to update the game with content from the 2010 championship as the season unfolds
o Gain Rider Reputation points through your achievements on the track and use these to progress your career with new offers of contracts, manufacturers, staff and sponsorship deals
o Dynamic racing objectives challenge riders during racing sessions
o Compete against riders across the globe in online multiplayer mode in races with up to 20 players
o Two player split screen allows you to compete against your friends locally
o Select from 125cc, 250cc and 800cc championships with each class delivering its own exciting and unique bike handling set up.
o Realistic AI which emulates a true racing pack with different rider styles and pace
o Accessible handling for players of all levels to create an enjoyable racing experience

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