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Deca Sports Fact Sheet

Game Description

On Your Mark, Tip Off, Serve, & GOAL!
Experience intense multi-sports competition across 10 different sporting events. With its easy-to-pick up and play controls, Deca Sports will make a multi-sport athlete out of everyone in your family. Smash, spike and smoke the competition in events like Badminton, Beach Volleyball, and even Kart Racing. The spirit of competition never felt this good.
Key Features 
  • Multi-Sports Competition – Compete in 10 different sporting events including ones rarely seen in the Video Game Arena like Badminton, Figure Skating, and Curling. 
  • Multiple Gameplay Modes – Face off with the competition in multiple gameplay modes including: Single Tournament, Open Match, and Multiplayer DS Tour. 
  • Multiplayer– Play against up to 4 players to find out who is the greatest multi-sport athlete of all time. 
  • Wii™ Exclusive – Designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii, Deca Sports takes full advantage of the unique physical interactive capabilities of the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™. 
  • Ten Sports featured 
    Basketball 2 players
    Soccer 2 players
    Badminton 2 players
    Archery 4 players
    Kart Racing 4 players
    Motocross 4 players
    Beach Volleyball 4 players
    Figure Skating 4 players
    Curling 4 players
    Snowboarding 4 players

Launch Date:  
Summer 2008
Platforms:   Wii™
RP (E expected)
Hudson Entertainment
Legal Lines:
©2007 HUDSON SOFT. Deca Sports is a trademark of HUDSON SOFT. Published by HudsonEntertainment, Inc. Distributed by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.