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Grey Dog Software Releases Total Extreme Wrestling 2008

Phoenix, AZ June 08, 2008 - Grey Dog Software, a Phoenix based developer of sports management simulation software for personal computers, today releases Total Extreme Wrestling 2008. Total Extreme Wrestling 2008 is a sequel to Adam Ryland's extremely popular Total Extreme Wrestling series, and is available for digital download exclusively through Grey Dog Software for U.S. $34.95.

Total Extreme Wrestling 2008 allows players to take on the role of a wrestling promoter, where it is up to you to try and steer your company to the top of the industry, along the way dealing with prima donna superstars, wars and alliances with other wrestling companies, family feuds, and the demands of TV and PPV corporations!




  • Personality Plus - every single character in TEW08 has their own Personality.  Consisting of 10 traits including; Humble to Egotistical, Generous to Selfish, Dependable to Flaky and many more.
  • Multi-Advance - Optional tool that allows the player to skip through a specified number of days in a row.
  • Larger Game World - The thirty-three region game world that was in TEW07 has been upgraded to become a forty region game world in TEW08.
  • Backstage Environment - An overview of how harmonious your locker room is.  Players can try and balance the backstage environment in a number of ways.
  • Announcer Chemistry - Levels of good chemistry improving their performance, levels of bad chemistry degrading it.
  • TEW07->TEW08 database converter - Plug your favorite TEW07 database in and have it converted in a matter of seconds in to a new TEW08 game.


To purchase Total Extreme Wrestling 2008 or to try out TEW08’s demo version please visit Grey Dog’s official website at http://www.greydogsoftware.com.


To learn more about TEW2008 or check out TEW2008's Developer’s journal, visit our forums at http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/


The Extreme Warfare series of games has been considered the premier brand of wrestling simulators for many years, having built up a huge fan base through word-of-mouth. Since its original release in 1995, including the award-winning Extreme Warfare Revenge title released in 2003, the popular Total Extreme Wrestling series, and the off-shoot games Wrestling Spirit: Rookie to Legend in 2004 and its sequel WreSpi2 in 2006, fans have come to expect the most accurate portrayal of the wrestling world from Adam Ryland games.


About Grey Dog Software

Grey Dog Software, LLC an Arizona based, privately-held company, is a leading developer of sports management simulations for the PC.  Grey Dog Software strives to provide ground-breaking features, enormous depth, and endless replayability with each game.


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