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OOTP Developments Release OOTP9 Patch, Announces Temp. Price Reduction

Hello again from OOTP Developments!

It's time for another newsletter today, as we have two pretty big announcements. First, OOTP Developments is now offering OOTP 9 at a reduced rate as a special, limited-time-only promotion. Second, we have just released the second patch for the game, containing new features, updated rosters and bug fixes!

So, it's the All-Star break. Is your team already out of the running? What better way to enjoy the second half than with OOTP 9. We bet you can prove that you're a better general manager than those real-world guys! To celebrate the mid-point of this season, we have dropped the price of OOTP 9 to $29.99 (€29.99 if you live in Europe)! This special offer lasts for just the remainder of this week, through Sunday the 20th! So, if you haven't purchased yet, or know friends or online leagues that have been holding off, purchase OOTP 9 now and save $10!

for PC / MS Windows

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More download links and mirror servers are listed on our download page.

Our partners at STEAM have dropped the price for OOTP 9 as well, their promotions runs through Wednesday the 16th, so if you prefer ordering through STEAM, please visit Out of the Park Baseball 9 on Steam.

Press News
We've been getting some press lately, with some nice reviews rolling in. Steve Battisti has also been invited to appear on a number of radio broadcasts. We have also released a CafePress store, in case you were craving an OOTP 9 baseball hat! Come check out some of the good news here: OOTP 9 Reviews / Media / CafePress Store
OOTP Patch 3 Released, Version Number 9.1.2
The third patch for OOTP 9 has just been released. It contains more features, updated rosters, tweaks and bug fixes! If a 210 MB download is not a problem for you, we suggest to download the full setup file and simply install the package over your current OOTP 9 installation. You do not need to uninstall your current version of the game. The installer will not overwrite your saved games.

OOTP 9.1.2
for PC / MS Windows

OOTP 9.1.2
for Mac / Mac OS X

If you do not want to download 210 MB you could also update your application file manually. Download links and more information are on our download page.

Note: If you have installed version 9.1.0, please download and install this new patch, it introduces important fixes.

Here is a list of the new features in 9.1.2:

  • Added a Scouting Accuracy global setup option to allow people to globally influence the accuracy of scouts
  • Added a Player Development Report in the Team Reports section
  • Added a new "Copy All Files" option to the Make Backup screen, to allow you to force OOTP do perform a full backup instead of an incremental one
  • Modified the Manager Home portal to include slightly different information
  • Added a download progress meter for Add-Ons Central
  • Sound improved
  • Split minor league promotions/demotions and signings/releasings on Manager Options page
  • Tweaked schedule editor to allow schedule editing after a season has ended
  • Made human-controlled teams display on the top of the list on the Scores & Schedules page
  • Improved sim speed for newly created MLB games
  • General AI improvements
  • General player development improvements
  • Position player fatigue reduced (players no longer tire as quickly)
  • Added "Change facial type" to Picture action menu for Personnel
  • MLB roster now has no ghost players, and very weak fictional players to fill unfilled roster spots, resulting in greatly improved AI roster management    

Those are just the new features! For more information along with a complete list of bug fixes, visit our version page.

Thanks very much for reading our newsletter, and have fun with OOTP 9. We feel this is the best and most stable version of Out of the Park Baseball ever, and definitely the best baseball game available for the PC or Mac!

The OOTP Developments Team

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